Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey Comcast, I just want to apologize for slamming you so much in this blog, I hope we can make up and be friends now =)


  1. It’s ok. I just wanted to know if there is anything I can help with. You can contact us at the email below.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    1. You can't help anybody even if your life depended on it. You're either a scammer or some grunt that is ordered to look for people that rebel against this shitty "ISP" or whatever you may call it. I call it a monopoly. You try to control your customers by enticing them with a cheaper price for the first 6 months and you have a faulty slogan that newcomers will believe. The internet and phone service has a consistency of a Rosie O'Donnell going up a staircase. Back to customer service, I have a theory that Comcast has such shitty customer service because they want you to struggle really hard to the point that it's virtually impossible to fix your issues temporarily unless you're willing to spend some more cash for a goon to come over your house and fix the fake issue that will reoccur within the next month. Yeah, I'd rather switch to a more reliable source for my internet, phone and cable. I'm currently looking under Fios. You can contact me at the email below.

      The Comcast Fucker
      FC HQ
      Fucking Comcast Operations

  2. Comcast has spent the last week screwing up my request for service and after 2 scheduled appointments (comcast guy bailed on the first one, then his supervisor had to come to our place after the other guy blew us off again), and we still don't have most of the services that we ordered...I'd love to help out on your crusade against comcast, how do i get in touch with the admin of the blog?

  3. Deck-it's best to stick with Comcast. Direct-TV actaully scammed my brother out of a "free DVD player";they lied to him about sending the DVD player. He switched to Comcast and actaully saved money!

    A freind signed up with Dish Network and they never helped him with ANY of the problems he had. He finally gave up and switched to Comcast,and has no more problems.

    Another freind with 2 young kids signed up with Fios because she really believed that it was better than Comcast. What she got was only snail slow internet,shitty phone service and shitty TV service. She tried contacting Fios several times,only to have rude employees blow her off and ignore her. She finally switched to Comcast and is enjoying lightning fast internet,crystal clear phone servie,AND tv entertainment that blows movie theater entertainment out of the water. Her ex-husband is currently helping her get a lawyer so they can take legal action against Fios;she also has reported Fios to the Better Business Bureau.

    Work with Comcast and always be polite and mature-don't stoop to the preschool level of the childish admin who snivels about comcast and generally acts like his dipaers are always full of shit.

  4. Just get hulu and netflix. No need for shady old comcast. Revolt!

  5. Comcast also has some misleading information. I have Comcast but I am going to drop them shortly. The main reason I am switching is that there TV everywhere is not TV everywhere at all. When I got the service I tired looking up some Android apps that would let the watch from my smart phone there was not one, then I called the said it will work only in the iPad. So I said ok it worked on the iPad but I could not take it out of my house for it to work, where’s the TV everywhere coming from. This goes with out saying but I was very up set so I went to work and played around with are equipment to see if it was the same thing and it was not. DISH HD DVR receiver box does have to be connected to a Sling adapter and we offer a free app the called DISH Remote access so that you can watch it on your mobile device and you have the option of downloading the Sling player mobile app for $29.99 and you can take your mobile device everywhere.

  6. My name is Rah, I don't have Comcast any longer I guess it was for the best. As a consumer and employee of DISH I was more than thankful to switch over. I love having my Google TV and my HD is Free! I have no problems with DISH and no what my bill is every month.

  7. it seems that the comments on this site have actually devolved (yeah, that's right). We have gone from people pissed about comcast sucking, to a bunch of consumer/advertizers. Based on the trends of nobody being even remotely capable of writing out a brief comment that is at all legible, I have determined that it is simply a demographic problem. Either TV really does make people stupid, or the people that are willing to actually pay for the scam of 60/40 programming to advertising are just brainwashed to begin with. Even Hulu is a joke these days, having gone from tolerable to nearly the same as 'cable' in its ad delivery. Perhaps I should start a sister site called to talk about how much advertising has fucked up nearly everything that was good about the world we live in today.
    I still have beef with comcast though. Why? because I shell out $100/mo for internet. Apparently the fact that I get basic cable (though I resolutely do not want it, and comcast refuses to not factor that) mandates that I pay a rediculous amount of money to allow me to rent a pitiful amount of bandwitdth on comcast's infrastructure. Which is bullshit also because the great majority of my data transfer occurs well beyond the realms of comcasts wires (contrary to what seems like popular belief, the internet is not inside comcasts wires.) Fuck you comcast. Fuck your business model. Fuck your blatant exploitation of every kind-hearted 'consumer' that opts to add some meager entertainment to their rat race lives and only gets fucked by you in return because they have no other choice. I hope someone crashes a plane into your shiny new corporate HQ that cost more to build than the GDP of some small African countries. I hate you and everything you stand for and represent you bloated, selfish, morally devoid, physical manifestation of corruption and evil. FUCK YOU!

  8. I love how you rank so high in google. Smash them they are garbage

  9. @NoBot: If you read any advertised internet speeds they always say 'up to **'. The reason is there are many factors that are beyond a single companies control. The speed of the server that the web site you are visiting is stored, how many server hops have to be made for your data to reach a server that you web site is hosted on, the actual speed of your cpu etc etc etc...

    If you are paying $100 for your internet service from Comcast then something is wrong. Either you are lying, paying for a commercial account or a extreme speed tier. A 12 Meg service with no promotional pricing is around $50.

    At the Dish guys posting. I've worked for your company. Was a Echostar employee for over 4 years doing Dish Network installs. Quit lying. They are not #1 in customer satisfaction. Verizon FIOS is #1 followed by AT&T U-Verse... Dish has it's own set of issues just as all service companies do.

  10. As a DISH Network customer and employee I wanted to come back and make sure you got this new link…Check it out here www.BestTVForMe

  11. June 22 I call Comcast and order their new highly promoted Xfinity internet service. I agree to rent the required modem and to self-install with a kit they'll mail along with the modem free of charge. I decide on self-install cuz I can handle it no problem and I've heard their customer service really sucks and they miss apointment after apointment. Wanting to avoid that hassle I think 'I'll do it myself - this will be a breeze and avoid all hassles.' (I was so naive.)

    Around June 28 I call to find out why I still have not received the modem and self-install kit. I'm told that it's on record that I ordered all this but someone failed to put in the actual order to have the modem and self-install kit mailed. Apologizing they tell me they'll mail it right away.

    Friday, July 1 I receive a self-install kit with two cables and some clips to nail them in place but no modem. I call and ask what's up with that? Will it come seperately? The rep apologizes and tells me they'll mail a modem overnight delivery but it's Friday before Independence Day weekend so I probably won't receive it until Tuesday.

    Tuesday, July 5 I still have no modem so I call again. Again the rep apologizes and I'm told they will mail a modem with overnight delivery.

  12. Wednesday, July 6 I receive two modems. I refuse delivery on one and accept one. Apparently only the second one was actually sent overnight delivery as was promised in both cases. Shivering with worry now and hoping like hell the modem is actually in the box this time, I open it to find that it is.

    I set it all up but cannot get the service to do it's activation thing so I call on Saturday, July 9 to get help activating it. A tech support person who sounds bored and hostile puts me on hold, coming back every few minutes to say he's still looking into it but doesn't give any details. After quite a long time of this and a particularly long hold without his bothering to return again to reassure me, I give up and hang up and call again for another tech.

    This tech support person quickly figures out that the person who had service at this address before me had not paid his bill and so they have physically put some kind of block on the line and have to send someone out to remove it and because of all the delays getting me hooked up she promises me they'll have someone here within 60 minutes. Wow! 90 minutes later, being a person who has something to do with her life other than sit and wait for Comcast, I give up and take off for the day.

    I come home in the evening and find I still don't have internet service and call Comcast again. The tech support person tells me that a service person is coming by 11:59 pm to fix it. I tell him that the person this morning said it would be 60 minutes from when I spoke with her and, because I think he'll think I'm lieing, I tell him I'm not lieing, she really said 60 minutes - clearly. He tells me he believes me no problem which just tells me that he finds it easy to believe one of the techs in his department would tell me this lie!

    He then asks if he can transfer me to the billing department to get credit and I tell him not to transfer me because 'why do I need credit for a service I don't even have yet and so won't have any bill for?' He ignores me and transfers me anyway telling me as he does that I really should speak with billing....

    I eventually get a recording informing me I owe $60 some odd dollars. Great. No problems setting up billing but can't set up the actual service. Why is there never any problems with getting billing done - unless it's to overcharge or charge, as in this case, for services not given? Apparently this tech support person knew I was not done being screwed and thought I should know about it....sneaky fella - thank you! Am thinking the reps are not necessarily the problem....

  13. I call again, losing patience now, really pissed off. I get a tech support person and I tell her I want a supervisor and no one else. Of course she puts me through some bullshit explaining she can't give me a supervisor until she knows the whole problem. Eventually losing the arguement, I explain and then insist on a supervisor. Eventually, after being on hold yet again, I get a supervisor. I tell him I want to make a formal complaint and summerise for him all the fun his techs have been having at my expense and how long this should-be-simple process has taken so far.

    He tells me he'll try to figure out what's going on and after a few short seconds comes back and gives me some uninformed patronizing answer about the jack and cables in my apartment maybe needing repair. I tell him the real answer - there's a block on the line. He looks into it and sees a gorilla is scheduled to come out sometime before midnight. Doh!

    I inform him that it will be useless to send a gorilla this late at night as the cables he will need to get at are in a locked room in my apartment building maintenance area and only management can let him in and they won't be here again until Monday. Had the tech support person this morning told me the truth - that it would be done sometime before midnight rather than in 60 minutes, I could have informed her of the need to arrive before 5pm.

    The supervisor insists the cables are outside the building. I inform him that I know for a fact they are inside and exactly where they are and what has to be done to get at them. Afterall, I've lived here for 13 years and I pay attention to letting cable guys in the building for other residents and helping them find management... He reschedules me for Monday - two more days to wait....should have let the gorilla come and waste his time trying to find the cables....hell, should have kept the second modem and made them send someone to come get it....or better yet sold it on Craig's list to cover the charges I'm now sure they are going to sock me with for nothing....time to stop being considerate and give them their own treatment....won't be helpful next time I have a chance....

    He also tells me I have to call billing to straighten out the billing for the $60 some odd dollars myself. I tell him I have called enough times, been on hold enough times, and gone through enough and now I want HIM to call billing and tell them that I have not received service yet and so shouldn't be being billed yet.

    You know and I know he COULD do it if he cared. He's a supervisor of the tech support department (unless that was a lie - and it may very well have been I'm now thinking.) They've put me through mountains of shit. Calling billing for a pissed off customer may not be in his job description but assisting frustrated disappointed customers is, as is making sure the staff in his department act responsibly and ethically (I would think but, who am I?) It is the least he CAN do. But, it's, of course he refuses and he tells me it's my problem. Of course, my 'formal complaint' falls on numb ears and he doesn't care any more than most of the other employees at Comcast and I'm sure it was just more of my time wasted.

    Will I have service by Monday? If I do get service someday, will I have the energy left in me to call about how to set up my second computer? Will a decent competitor ever arrive in my neighborhood in my lifetime? If it never gets hooked up will the bills keep coming forever? Will they try to sue me if I ignore the bills? What would happen if I let them take me into court? What if they try to ruin my credit record? Would I get damages in that case? The saga continues.....

  14. Did a little research and found this amusing little tidbit - the Comcast technical service rep job despcription. Here's the first two requirements:

    Core Responsibilities

    - Demonstrates increased proficiency with customer interactions. Troubleshoots and resolves technical problems over the phone in a single customer interaction to maximize the customer experience, with demonstrated ability to articulate relevant information and directions in a prompt, efficient and professional manner.

    - Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with customers. Effectively gains the customers cooperation to work through the troubleshooting process, delivering the Comcast Quality Experience (CQE), and avoiding a truck roll.

    Ummmmm, yeah! So, what happened? The benefits are awesome and the pay isn't exactly horrible by the way....

    July 10 wrote this little summary and found your blog and read every word of it. Disgusted, I decide to give up on Comcast. Called them to cancel my request for their services but the tech tells me he can only cancel the appointment with the gorilla for tomorrow but says I'll have to call (slipping, saying 'customer retention department' and corrects himself - lol - good luck with that!) again tomorrow to cancel the service request itself. I expect they will try to hold me to my 'two-year agreement' despite my never receiving service but, we will see tomorrow....won't we?

  15. I know there hasn't been a lot of activity on this site but I've decided to join and vent my hatred for comcast.

    Not only has the internet not been up to par and I'm constantly getting a slow feed or getting kicked out of games but I'm official done with their cable.

    When we first got the cable the started off with not giving me the right channels. Then we get that situated and we abruptly loose all our channels and find out no one in comcast told us we need to eventually get a cable box. -_- with our schedules trying to go to the place and wait in line to get to their rude customer reps was hard enough. so we didn't have tv for half the month.

    then we get the cable box and we have our channels for two weeks before they disappear again. then we find out our package changed without our knowledge and or permission. like seriously I'm about to just fucking tell them to go play in traffic. its just not worth the bullshit. and i already wish i hadn't even bothered. they are so incompetent

  16. As a Comcast customer I have been nothing but hostel about the service and fees. I do admit that a large part of it is the simple fact that I do not have a choice. It is the only adequate internet service in my area. Honestly that is not saying much. My only other choice is DSL.
    The newest reason they suck. You can no longer watch TV shows on the internet without signing into your Comcast account. Basically you must have Cable TV with internet to watch a program you missed.
    Here is the kicker even I dropped the TV access and just sign up for internet service it's ten dollars more per month. "Yes really for less service it's more".
    Loath, Hate, distain, This MONOPOLY !
    Here is what I really need to express. Write to the FCC, BBB, Congressman etc... Bitching here will not get change. They need to be dismantled, Deconstructed. ASAP!

  17. Comcast sucks big time. AVOID Comcast like the plague! Seriously. My wife just waited on line for 1 1/2 hours to get refurbished setup boxes due to "cable upgrade". Boxes were all refurbs, scratched up & no instructions. Per office employee "connect the main setup box then call to activate". Which is what I did. Only to find out that I had to have all the other adapters connected also (4 more). Mind you they had me on hold for some time to tell me this. I then went around the house connected everything. To find out that one of their refurbs won't even turn on with power. I then called again. And they initially tell me that I have to go back to the office (wait on line yet again) to swap it. Mind you with out with no guarantee that I'm not going to get another refurb d.o.a. P.O.S. Now is when I blow my top, so I then asked for a "supervisor" named Franco Helio (#49678). Most likely not even his real name or number. I told him of my issue. But what I want is to just have my kids watch tv. So first I told him to activate all the working boxes. I went around all the boxes calling out serial numbers. And after a while it looks like they might be working. Then with the last non functional box, I told him there is no way I'm going to wait on line again to possibly get another piece of crap of an adapter. So he told me to wait on hold while he contacted the tech department to setup a time for them to swap out the bad device. While on hold, I then get a lady come on saying, "Welcome to Comcast, how can I help you today". I'm like what, where's Franco, is this the tech department. She said no this is "Comcast how can I help you". I then started to laugh on how pathetic Comcast really is. That Franco guy must of just handed me off to another rep. I then gave her the whole story, and told her that all I wanted was a working device and I wasn't going to wait on line for another refurb. She then claimed that she could ship me out another device and to swap it out with the bad one. I then thanked her, I told her how much I appreciated that she did her job and gave the customer what I wanted. And that is a resolution to this mess. Now let's see if I actually get a new box. Hopefully I will receive it in a couple of days. Truth be told, I was going to buy Comcast stock because of their media business. But now I wouldn't touch them if they gave me the stock. I can't see how they are going to be in business for long. Now I understand why people are cutting their cable in such large numbers. I would too if it were not for my wife and kids.

  18. i have comcast internet, i put a cable into my tv and got all the stations i wanted and only paying for internet, well here in vt(comcast is the only provider) they switched to some digital format that you have to have there converbox, it would have cost me another 45 bucks, no way, i bought a roku today and am thrilled, i feel like i beat cancer, keep up the good fight they need to be defeated

  19. You all are idiots. You don't own the boxes, YOU RENT THEM!!!! Do you rent a brand new anything all the time? NO you don't. And Comcasts service is only as good as the lines in your house. And guess who is responsible for them???? THE F+++ING person who owns the house. Comcast is only responsible to the house. And everytime you stupid idiots splice the cable you degrade the service. Things are different since things went digital. You always want something for free, and you don't deserve it. The Comcast service works great at my house and every place I've lived because I make sure the lines are good, NOT BOUGHT AT WAL+MART OR RADIO SHACK OR THE SPLITTERS TOO> Those gold ones are shit. Gold doesn't conduct the signal better then copper, it's still "low level electrical signal" I don't feel sorry for any of you. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with your stupid asses.

    1. Nice work comcast employee.. Doesn't excuse the bulk of crap they do.

  20. @ Anonymous, WHY U MAD BRO? LOL!

  21. Ha ha! Just found this old post of mine above! Forgot all about this rant. Happy to say that I still don't have comshit and I don't miss it one bit. I have a wireless internet service that has given me not one single problem and via the internet and netflix I get all the tv entertainment my lil heart desires. I dumped their sorry asses and haven't looked back once! As for Mister Employee above....if my wiring was the problem, I never got to find out cuz they never even came close to getting that far. I can't wait until more and more people come to realize that cable tv is overated, overpriced hogwash!


  23. Thanks for sharing. I currently have Comcast Internet in Washington, DC and can't complain! Sorry to the rest of you.