Thursday, June 12, 2014

Erica found a great story!

Her words;

"Antennas Direct delivered a cake to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts to congratulate him on Comcast being named The Worst Company in America."

Here's the link! - What Happens When You Congratulate the Worst Company in America

Cheers Erica!


Monday, April 21, 2014

I upgraded to 50mbps blast, its been... A total FUCKIN blast!!!

So let me start by saying to the audience that I'm sorry to leave you for such long periods of time, I need to post more, but I'm thrilled to get back in touch with you on this day of 4/21/14, but obviously the topic is painful. So just last week my 25mbps service went all the way up to 75$ a month, that's about 45$ more than century link currently offers for a competitive speed and less retarded customer service! So, as any comcast customer has to do all the time for the rest of their time using comcast services, I threatened to cancel. Then they offered me 50mbps for 55$ a month, that's a solid speed and a half decent price, good thing I had to threaten them first to get it! It's like threatening your spouse to take you on vacation or do some random expensive thing (money or emotional) for them, or its divorce time, that's always rewarding right? Feels good right? You know what's even better? The 50$ price they give new customers, but screw me I'm just a loyal customer, why would I want that, please take my money comcast, because I love and adore you! But it gets better, bare with me.

Let's begin through the events I have experienced over the weekend. So I buy a docsis 3.0 modem (which in layman terms allows me to get download speeds in the 250mbps range according to Wikipedia to my knowledge, plenty of speed), I then spend the next 2 hours chatting with comcast technicians to 1. get the modem added to my account, and 2. getting a comcast sales rep to upgrade me to blast.  So the sales rep told me that my service has now been upgraded to blast (50mbps), and that the speed would kick in after 1 hour. Great!

So I wait an hour and a half just to be safe, and come to my desktop excitedly to see if the speeds would be in the range of 50mbps. I tried speakeasy and comcast speed tests, and both showed absolutely no difference in my speed. So I have a beer, and relax for a few hours (actually a took a nap, but whatever man). So now its 4 hours later, and I try again, giving comcast (what?), the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough, the speeds are the same as before, my comcastic , xfinity,  shitfinity whatever the fuck experience has not improved. So what do I do?

Naturally I get back on comcast chat, giving the customer service person my router model, serial number, make, and mac address and account information. The rep can't do anything, and directs me to another sales rep I got the pleasure of chatting with 45 minutes later! The new sales rep asks me all the same information again, which they also ask you when you start the comcast chat, wow comcast how efficient of you, that must make most customers really happy to provide information 3 fucking times! The rep informs me that I don't have blast internet, that basically the transaction that took place earlier in the day never happened, even though I gave him the confirmation number from that transaction and the previous sales rep's name, uh oh. Now I'm seething in my chair, the fury of hells fire burning in my eyes and my asshole as I want to slap this comcast SOB.  But wait, its gets better.

Whets next you ask, there's more? LOL. So this new rep is quite happy to add blast to my account, great! And he even tells me that the previous rep actually added blast to my account (what?). So I already had it I ask? Yes he replies and apologizes that they updated my billing info to get the new amount of cash from me each month, but neglected to actually update my services so I could actually recieve the internet speeds I'm paying for, brilliant! So what do you think happens next? You probably assume that he makes it correct and saves face for the company don't  you? LOL.

Next the sales rep proceeds to tell me that he has "Great Offers" for me, oh boy aren't you excited too, I'm whistling zippy-doo-da in my asshole as I write this. So please note that he has already told me that he has updated the settings of my account, therefore I already have blast! So you know what his "Great Offer" was? It was 3 months of blast for free! That's great right? But the catch is, I'm already paying 5$ a month on top of 50$ to get blast internet, while getting 3 months free and then paying 10$ a month is the deal I get? I then proceed to walk down the street until I find a competent looking 2 year old to do the math for me, as the young kid shits his pants he informs me that the "Great Offer" is a worse offer than what I originally had, so naturally I rush back home and tell the sales rep that his deal sounds pretty awesome, if a 2 year old wasn't so smart..

Here is an actual snippet of our conversation (the names have been replaced to protect the innocent);

Comcast Rep: Would you like to make changes in your account.
Me: for a worse price?
Me: so I can have 3 months free?
Me: am I mistaken here?
Comcast Rep: Yes, you'll get Blast speed tier free for three months.
Comcast Rep: If you don't want to make changes in your account then no issues with that.
Me: you are offering 3 months of free blast, and then 10$ a month? and now it's 5$ a month correct?
Comcast Rep: Yes, you are correct.
Me: if I wasn't educated that would sound great!

That 2 year old advised me right! He now does my taxes too as well as gives me advice on my golf swing. So I reject his "Great Offer" and keep the offer that I was already paying for but not getting before! Sweet man! He now assures me that I will have 50mbps speeds in the next 45 minutes, that's faster than the last sales rep said! Also keep note that all the reps on comcast love to use the terminology of "Don't worry, Rest assured", while I like to use the terminology of "go fuck yourself", and "bullshit". So within the hour, my tests showed 57mbps download and 11mbps upload, sweet! Book closed.

So you think the story if over don't you? LOL. So being a non trusting comcast user, today, the very next day mind you, I do another round of speed tests with the same speakeasy and comcast speed tests. Do I get the same speeds as the day before? NOPE. I get 34mbps download and 5mbps upload! Wow, barely half of what I'm paying for. So now I must contact them again, fuck my life, let me take that back, life is a blessing, fuck you comcast!

So again I reach comcast customer service online, and this time it takes over 2 hours. The service rep again asks me for all my information, my modem's make, serial, mac address, my account number, my phone number, (she asks me for that again 3 more times, fuck  yeah!). So she starts asking me what I've done to try to troubleshoot the issue, I respond "I got on comcast customer support chat, and I'm now talking to you, that's what I did". She proceeds to have me restart my modem, no luck, unplug from the wall and replug in, no luck, reset the modem, no luck, restart my computer, no luck, etc, etc, etc. She asks me to run a speed test after every dumb shit suggestion she has suggested. Lastly she asks me to check if my cords are plugged in all the way, you know what I say, if my cords weren't completely plugged in, there would be no connection. NO CONNECTION AT ALL. 

Now after 2 hours it seems finally apparent to her that my issue is not  with plugging things in, restarting nonsense, cache, or any other out of the book bullshit excuse comcast has, and I'm not buying a single excuse, NOT ONE. Now she proceeds to ask me when a technician can come to my house and check it, after about 20 minutes we decide on a day, sweet!. Can some schmuck plug shit in better than me, maybe, but let me go ask the 2 year old if he thinks that's the case, he's my personal mentor and advisor on all matters comcast, and he's always right. In the meantime, 

So what can we take away from this? Horrible customer service that makes me so mad I made this fucking blog?  Can we take away that it takes nearly an entire days work to get what you pay for from comcast if they can even fix their shit? Can we take away they attempt to give you "Great Offers" that are actually more expensive because they think you are that f'ng stupid?

Cheers and Goodnight.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AI says comcast not so fly!

So I moved to the philly area in August 2011.  Signed up with some double play bundle at 69.99/month for first 6 months including HBO (thought it was supposed to be a year for the 69.99 rate and free HBO for 6 months).

6 months later I find that my rate went up to 79.99/month.  I chatted with a rep and they told me that my 69.99/month "promotional" period was for 6 months.  So I thought to myself that maybe it was my mistake and overlooked something earlier, ok, it happens, whatever.  Another 6 months later, August 2012, I find that my rate had gone up again, this time to 94.99, WTF!  I chatted with another rep and he asked me if I was aware that I was on a "promotional" thing and to verify that by looking at my statements which indeed did say "promotional"  How the hell can you call it a promo if the rate keeps going up every six months.  He gave me some copy and paste answer along the lines of, "well comcast offers discounts to entice customers...blah, blah, blah...something about providing great value".

 Really, you call that giving me a discount, and that's how comcast "entices" customers, how the hell do you entice customers by raising their rates, oh yea it's a discount.  I then asked him what my "promotional" rate would be in another 6 months and he told me it would be 109.99.  Seriously, this is how we do business these days.  I was already going to cancel my cable services with them and just keep the internet, now I am looking for alternatives in the area.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yo Comcast, William just wants some service!

My wife and I have been trying to get service for over a month and a half. We have called the new customer number where the reps stated that our house was unserviceable. I talked to two different reps who said they would put in a case to look into it. Never heard back. My wife called twice and got the same response. She finally got the local number and went down to that office last Tuesday (talked with Beulah). Turns out the house, which is 6 years old, never had service. So she got a setup time for today (Tuesday) to get the service installed between 1 and 3. On Friday she got an email stating she needed to call the installation office which she did. She talked with Mary who again confirmed the install for today.

Today between 1 and 3, no one shows up. She called Comcast and talked with Stephanie who said we were supposed to do a self install. After explaining that we did not have cable running from the box in our lawn to our house, she passed us on to J. R. Turney (regional sales supervisor). My wife went through the whole story again and he apologized for the problem. He said he would take care of it and to call him back in an hour if she did not hear from him. So an hour later she calls and leaves a message. It is now 2.5 hours later and nothing.

She did get a call back today from one of the other reps she spoke to 3 weeks ago (Tanisha) who said our house was now serviceable. She also said that our install is set for July 15 (which is a Sunday?).

I work in the electric utility business and I would get fired for this type of performance. Frankly, the only reason we are going to Comcast is because our AT&T service is pitiful. It is extremely sad and disappointing that a person has to through all of this hassle just to become a customer.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kelly found the street where Comcast first started!

My husband and I were relocating. I ordered Comcast online on June 13. I received an offer of 12 months of Internet & TV for 69.95/month plus 6 months free Showtime. On the website it said that the self-installation fee was $20. When I check out online, I'm forced to chat with an agent and the self-installation goes to $35, which, of course, I balk at. She says that it varies by area. Okay, so if it varies by area, why do they say $20 on the website? She has no explanation but refuses to honor the $20 which was clearly stated on the website and claims that the $35 is actually the cost of shipping the equipment. Personally, I think $20 is already overpriced and I'm fairly annoyed by now, so I ask her if I can pick up the equipment. She says that there are no Comcast stores in my area. I ask to cancel the order. Miraculously, the $35 fee is waived. The whole process of setting up a new account takes about 45 minutes. Yes, by now I feel like I live in a third world country but it only gets better.

Prior to moving, I check our account online. It turns out they have already billed me and charged me $35 for installation. I called the company 4 different times. On each occasion (during business hours mind you) I am disconnected from my electronic operator with a pleasant "sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later." I go back to the chat and after another 30 minutes I am able to get the fee waived...again.

I've saved every chat transcript with this company and just let me say that by "excellent customer service" Comcast means that they train their agents to utter phrases like "I'll do everything in my power to provide you the best service today!" or "I understand that you're having trouble with your services, I myself would feel the same way. I will get on it and I can assure you that it will be resolved right away" but apparently lies and cheating are acceptable.

June 25 - yes, 12 days later - my equipment arrives. Keep in mind that I've been billed since the day they claim the equipment shipped - nearly two weeks prior. (Class action suit anyone?) Despite being told that I would receive a cable router, they only send a modem because, you know, this is 2000 and no one really uses wireless, right? Fortunately, I have a spare. The set up process takes an hour and my TV still doesn't work. I call and they send me a signal, which doesn't work. I call Comcast yet again and this time I manage to speak to a person. This time the signal works.

I have a TIVO Premiere and can use it as a tuner (saving $7 a month in equipment fees). I call about getting a cable card and am told that I need a technician to install it and they will, of course, charge a fee. I tell them that I am perfectly capable of sliding a card into a slot and to just mail me the card. Guess what? Still a fee. But then the agent asks if I am willing to pick up the card. What? I thought there were no Comcast stores in my area, at least that's what I was told at setup. Oh no, there are four! Yes, I waited 12 days and was charged $35 for equipment I could have picked up after I arrived in my new city.

By this time, needless to say, I hate Comcast. But it's not over yet.

After browsing through my channels, I notice that I don't have Showtime. Not that I really want it, but the promotion I signed up under offered it free for 6 months. Another phone call. They fill out a form and tell me to call back if I don't have it in 24 hours. Guess what? I don't have it 24 hours later. I try Comcast's online chat this time. After more wonderful flourishes of how much they want to help me and value me as a customer, they offer me 3 months of Showtime for free. Uh, no! I was supposed to get 6 months! The agent says that offer is unavailable. Well, it sure was available two weeks ago when I ordered this service (every moment of which I now regret) and I have the screen shot to prove it.

As of right now I am seriously considering cancelling the service prior to the 30 days. I can't believe that a company that is run so poorly is still in business.

Finally, I resolve to try one more phone call before mailing Comcast all of its equipment. I would rather have DSL than deal with this company any longer. I call and get a live person fairly quickly. She is unable to resolve the problem, no surprise there. But, unlike all of my other interactions, she sends me to customer retention. I speak with a person there who sets up Showtime for me in about 5 seconds. Unbelievable! If it was so easy, why wasn’t it done in my first two interactions for this issue?

Let me say that every time I actually spoke to a real person at Comcast, they were pleasant and tried to help but were unable to resolve my problem. Also, every interaction, with the exception of the last one, took a minimum of 30 minutes – far too long.

I’m still considering mailing the equipment back, mainly because my promotion requires a 2-year contract and the idea of dealing with Comcast for two years makes me physically ill.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nick's experience wasn't so comcastic!

What’s up? Nick here

So my cable goes out Monday and I call and wait til Tuesday. Guy comes and talks to my wife and he’s yelling at the operator because they scheduled him during a meeting. So he says there’s no connection coming in the house and says he’ll be back after work. He comes back at 2pm and says it’s the main box and he has to call maintenance for them to fix the box. So I call Comcast support and they guarantee it’s fixed by 8pm.

7:30pm rolls around and I call 8 different numbers and get referred to tons of departments and I proceed to tell them “It’s now 7:45 and I was promised internet, so where is it?” And they say they want to schedule someone to come out quickly, so I’m pissed now and I say let me talk to a supervisor because this is tiring and here’s the best part.

I wait 20 minutes for someone to get on the line and lol, he says “We can get someone out on Friday ( Today is Wednesday ).” I say “ You have got to be kidding me, I want someone out tomorrow” and he says, it’s laughable he thinks this is reasoning with me “ It’s like if you ordered a pest control and the next day you find a bug, so you start all over. So let’s get them to come Friday”. So I call at&t and they’re coming Friday, but they want 249 for install and router. Not sure what I’m going to do, but the nerve of the supervisor to think he’s intelligent. I think that analogy made me more angry that calm.

So yeah ComCast sucks, but at&t is worse. Have no clue who now.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Matt moved, Comcast botched it again

Here's the story Matt sent in, he tells it well;

"XFINITY Mover's Edge" my ass‏

For a company with a fucking COPYWRITE on a phrase that implies transferring servicesis easy, Comcast goes above and beyond to ensure ineptitude at every turn.

Like many people, my wife and I moved on the first of this month. Two weeks before, we called Comcast to set up a transfer of services. We also downgraded our services a little; however, the basic package was the same. Since I've been a "loyal" (read: obedient) Comcast for 6 years in the Atlanta area, I know the drill... even though it makes NO sense whatsoever, I've gotten a new account number every time I've moved. Not surprisingly, this happened again, but everything was generally smooth, and our first bill was half as much as we were paying previously.

I have automatic payments set up (note: never again), and when I checked the "Recent Activity" on my credit card statement, I noticed that I was charged the old monthly bill from my old account. I go online to check my old statements (I use EcoBill), and to my surprise, there's NO FUCKING WAY TO ACCESS THEM. So now when I call Comcast and slog through the requisite 45 minutes with someone who has no idea what I'm talking about, I have no data to help counter their bullshit. They literally erased my ability to figure out how much they're screwing me over. The little dude on the phone was talking about
"creating a ticket" so that the "investigation team" can figure out what's going on and and that they'll "give me a call" when they've got everything sorted out... but in the meantime, he wants me to fax over
my credit card statements showing the erroneous charge. Fuck. That. And what's his advice when I say I don't feel like faxing a credit card statement to literally the least ethical company on the planet?
"Oh, well you can go to one of our customer service centers." Sorry guy, I'd rather be punched in the face and balls simultaneously than deal with that hell hole you call a customer service center.

Here's how simple this whole process needs to be:
- Pull up my account
- Change my address (don't change my account number, you ass)
- Hit "delete" on about 5 of my services
- Say thank you and hang up

Done. God, Comcast sucks some huge balls.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


What is an NBAnopoly you ask? That's a good question, I couldn't have come up with a better one myself. Is it David Stern ruling the nba for decades with many questionable calls along the way including looking the other way as the Sonics were moved from Seattle to OKC? No, not in this post. Could it be David Hunter head of the NBPA laundering the association's money in the name of his children? Not today. Maybe its the teams that spend the most money end up with the most success? Not the case for my Lakers (and yes Fuck You OKC, but that's another story). No to all of the above.

NBAnopoly is what I see comcast and NBA league pass as being. You are thinking to yourself "wait a second, aren't they basically the same thing? how could they be a monopoly?". Well I always wondered that too, I always had cable and never NBA league pass so I never understood, until now!

For the past NBA season I got nba league pass for a little under 200 bucks, and I got comcast cable tv with digital hd and extra channels so I could get espn and tnt hd. I could watch all games with NBA league pass, but they were almost entirely in sdef! The hottest games usually where on tnt or espn hd during the week, so basically having NBA league pass in addition to comcast tv meant I could watch the less popular games, or games at all (all in sdef) while tnt or espn wasn't rocking the hot games in hd minus Charles Barkley and the TNT crew. This pissed me off during the season...

Then the playoffs came and I realized that nba league pass is worthless in the playoffs, you still need regular cable to watch a lot if not all of the games (in hd). NBA league pass is basically all the games of the regular season in standard blurry definition, cable is basically only some of the hottest games of the regular season a few times a week in hd. Can't one have both for the regular season? Oh but don't forget local games..

Local games for me, a team a state away are blacked out by NBA league pass for me, cause you know its 300 FUCKING MILES AWAY! Well espn and tnt never show their games cause they aren't one of the hot shit teams at the moment, but comcast will let me watch their games for 20$ extra a month!

So if I want the ability to watch the hot games in hd during the regular season, the rest in sdef on shity NBA league pass, plus the closest local team I need to pay 20$ a month for the local team, nearly 200$ once for the nba league pass and 10$ bucks a month for the hd tv box, plus and extra 10-20 for digital cable prefered plus 30-55 bucks for hd cable (depending on what bullshit offer you end up with from comcast from one given moment in time to the next). So I'm spending upwards of 5 to 8 bills over 6 months of the regular season just to watch all the games, and get some actual half decent quality on the games I want to watch. But what about the playoffs?

In the playoffs, nba league pass is mostly completely worthless, but you will need cable tv to see the games on espn and tnt hd (while to my knowledge they aren't even offered on nba league pass). So another 1.5 months roughly go by of you paying out the asshole and the NBA finals come about. The finals are on ABC for free, so now you cancel your cable as you are furious! Me, check, next. Next I write this fucking post about how its such fucking bullshit that an NBA fan has to buy NBA league pass and have cable tv to watch all the games, especially the playoffs. This is an NBAnopoly man.

I just passed go and got charged 200$, WTF!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I've Determino'd the Germino

Oh Germino;


His internet always works. Do you think he's ever called 1-800-Comcast in his life? Has he ever had to call customer support with someone who speaks terrible English and can't help for a damn with his jacked up internet or non working sports package on his tv? They make sure his shit works.

Now you wonder, why does his shit always work? Well you aren't a big shot at comcast are you? By the way your promotional period just ended, so that's 60$ more a month now.

That guy above, he's the senior vice president of customer operations, he must be tired of people getting pissed about their promotional periods expiring wouldn't you think. Why is that? Maybe cause comcast has a monopoly on the cable lines and if they just raised their prices to their non promotional period prices they would alienate their entire customer base who would flee to solutions as slow as even clear wire to save cash. But instead they get you for 6 months on a cheaper deal, knowing if you are like most people, you will just accept that higher price at the time. Then they charge you full price. After this point its harder to get a promotional deal again. So comcast will make you suffer if you ever pay full price. This is their customer model, think about it please, just for a bit. The outspoken man gets the deal and the quiet one gets shafted? Do you know any other big company that does business this way? Cmon? Any? Nope?

Food for thoughts,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Comcast, check out your gift! Also read Ken D's personal story!

This is Ken D from Houston.  I am 55, own a business, and pay all legitimate bills on time.  The arrogant idiots at Comcast pushed me too far, as the attached 3+ page, single spaced, complaint letter demonstrates.  They never replied to me, or to the other hand written notes I sent them in my attempt to fix their mistakes.  The letter chronicals a remarkable series of incompetence, surpassed only by their disdain and ambivalence.  At the end of the letter, I told them I would pay only for services I received, and warned them not to annoy me further.  Myopically unable to follow my simple directions, they persistently over charged me.  I short payed the last invoice to what I calculated was the correct amount.  They have now hired a collection agency for a measly $49.  Better yet, those fools are pursuing my ex wife, who moved out 3 years ago and has nothing to do with this dispute.  True to my promise, there is a serious ethical problem at Comcast that I warned would go public, if they annoyed me further.  I think sending a credit agency after my ex qualifies (we are divorced, but remain cordial friends and parents of 2 children) as more than an annoyance.  It is a declaration of war.  So, it's time to go public.  I thank you for setting up this site and hope you find the attached letter worthy of it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comcast Moving Fiasco‏, the Story Brandy from Cali sent my way...

Here is Brandy's Story, I'm not surprised, but in pain from having read the troubles that she's had. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Mark Casem shamelessly here to help! Don Don Don!

So, I recently moved and transferred my Comcast services to my new address. Here's my list of grievances with the process:
1. The tech called me two hours before our scheduled appointment and asked if he could come then. He was grouchy because we weren't available to move our appointment to make it more convenient for him.
2. After he set everything up in our bedroom, because apparently he couldn't get the right signal in the living room?, he showed us a paper to confirm our account and phone number. The number was wrong. He laughed and said, "Well, this is your number now."
3. When the tech tested the phone though, our old phone number did work. So, we assumed someone just put the wrong number on the order . .
4. After he left, we tried to access the internet and couldn't. We just got this error message that said "SOS - call Comcast".
5. After 3 calls, 5 transfers and 2 wasted hours of my life, someone figured out how to make it work.
6. A few days later the phone stopped working. We couldn't call out and when we dialed our number we got the number is no longer in service message.
7. I contacted customer support via chat to inquire . . . Surprise! When I logged into my account, my bill had a weird line item: Balance Transferred To: XXXXXXXXXX (some acct # I had never seen).
8. After a 40 minute chat, the customer service person discovered that I was given a new account number and phone number . . . Obviously! But, it still took "Tessie" ages to figure this out.
9. There was still no explanation as to why the phone wasn't working. But, Tessie said she filed the order to have our number switched back to the original one.
10. And, then she offered to transfer my old login info to my new account, as if that was going to make up for this ridiculousness.
11. We closed the chat with Tessie's apologies, and my mini tirade about poor business practices and subpar service, and I still don't have a working house phone . . . I wonder how many times I'm going to have to call or chat to get it working again. I'd go without, but cell reception in the East Bay is unbelievably spotty no matter your carrier.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Heavens have spoken...

And they have spoken directly to you comcast!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read the story that Chris M sent my way

After checking out your website I had to tell you about my ongoing problem with Comcast.  For the past two days I have been trying to get a cablecard in my TiVo box properly activated.  There are some channels that say I am not authorized to view them even though they worked perfectly fine with my HD DVR from Comcast.  After speaking and live chatting with at least 15 different people the issue is still not resolved.  I keep getting different stories on what the issue is from there is something that needs to be changed on my account to numerous refresh signals that don't ever work to the most asinine question ever "Are you sure you installed it properly?" ( No, actually it is not installed properly that's why all my other channels work but just the handful decided I did something wrong and revolted)  On top of all that they want $30 to send a technician to my place to see if he can correct the problem.  When I explain to them I should not have to pay since it is an issue on their end not properly activating my cablecard since evrything was fine minutes before I hooked up my TiVo, they got nasty and starting yelling at me.  If it wasn't for the fact I can't get DIRECTV where I live Comcast would have lost a customer today.  I'm glad I had an outlet to vent.  Thank You COMCASTSUCKSBALL!



Chris M.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Check out the story Wes Sent me!

Love your website. After searching the net (not really searching)  I came across 100's of pages and posts about the shitty customer service, poor cable and internet service, and price fixing/hidden fees etc...

I am not sure where to start. I run a property management firm with over 80 Comcast accounts, my own personal accounts and a business account to boot. You would think Comcast would treat such a valuable customer better. I have a monthly battle with Comcast over equipment, digital  upgrades, unjustifiable fees, service etc... They have promised me several times for perks and adjusted fees but I have yet to receive any. 3 weeks with no internet for my business because some "tech" disconnected a line. I had to pay for those weeks and they didn't  deliver the free hbo etc...

I moved my personal residence and it took them a week to find it on the computer systems...after several calls and hours of being routed to different people they finally found a spelling mistake in their computer system and got it connected. Again, I had to pay for the week of no service. I've had many service issues for my management firm and when I call to resolve the issue the damn 1-800 number hangs up. It was like for several days, you can imagine a vacation rental that advertises internet with angry tenants that have no internet and I can't even talk to any one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here is the story Jamie sent me...

Comcast Sucks Balls. Really. Big fat sweaty bull balls.‏

We live in an apartment where the Home Owner's Association has a contract with Comcast. We never used the HOA provided, and instead signed up for our own Comcast contract, as the only other provider here is AT&T, and we all know how good they are . . .

So in January of this year, the HOA cancelled their contract with Comcast. Comcast proceeded to make a very large error, which is expected of a company run by monkeys and hyenas. They made the mistake of cancelling our contract as well. After a few days of wondering why we had no internet or television, we finally called the Comcrap Customer Headache Service. They told us the HOA cancelled our contract, so we told them we were not part of the HOA contract. They politely, but in a somewhat confusing way, that they will fix it, and we will have our Comcrapola service back within a half hour. 

Here is where Comcast scores their single point, we got the service back in about 10 minutes. But when we got our bill, we had 4 "Change of Service" and cancellation charges, with two of them being refunded. So our bill was drastically high, despite us having anything to do with the HOA contract and anything else getting cancelled. Tried calling, after several operators that barely understand English, even though you could tell they were Americans, I gave up on contacting them. We had no choice but to fork over the money to this company that makes Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

So the next month comes, and our bill is $50 more than we should be paying. Finally, and this came as a surprise and even a bit of relief, I got hold of a literate customer service rep. Explained the situation, and asked why the bill is so much. They politely told me that when we cancelled our contract, and then reinstated it, it voided our promotion price, and we must pay the normal, Day to Day price. The politeness ended after I reinformed them that we never in fact cancelled, and they made the mistake. After a few minutes of a sermon from the no-longer-polite customer service rep, I proceeded to use a very bad word, for only the second time this year, and ask her if she knew when FIOS is coming to the area, and hung up. Ended up paying the bill today.
So on to next month, and another phone call to the Comcast Hyenas when the bill comes in.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Email me your stories!

Greetings! To all my fellow comcast hating friends, please email me your stories! If they are good, they will get posted on this blog!

Send them over!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I pushed a van by the river, by a little tent. Oh and just like the river, I've been running ever since!

This picture paints a thousand words, those words are represented so purely by Sam Cooke. Don't get the reference with the title, then listen to some soul music motherfucker. What you've never heard of bit-torrent, lol, thats right Mark Cassem of Comcast Customer Service. But anyways, I've missed being on this site and giving more people the satisfaction and emotional gratification that they aren't the only ones feeling "it". Maybe you have followed this site in the past, and I thank you for it, and I won't keep you waiting so long for the next post this time I promise. Or its possible you are brand new here, in that case, you are wondering what "it" is.

If you take the blue pill, you might have a painful erection for 4 hours. If you take the red pill, well fuck it, just read more. So "its" the feeling after coming home after a hard days work, opening up that comcast bill and seeing that it doubled since the last time you payed it. That your 6 month promotional period where you got to wear an imaginary chastity belt that protected you from comcast's financial anal rape has dissolved like a love letter in a monopolistic septic tank. The sweet melody of the once beautiful words that once used to the grace the paper like wiping your ass with an angel's silk blouse have now dissolved amist the logs and dumps of days passed.

My comcast bill doubled this past week, and its pretty sickening. You think that's the only issue, I just found out that the comcast "blast" internet (their fastest shit they have) is faster than the modem I rented from them previously, and the one I purchased and replaced it with. Couldn't they let me know I'm not getting what I payed for when I was at least using their rented modem that I paid for every single damn month? I'm pretty tech savy and admit to my ignorance, but how many comcast users are screwed on this fact right now? Imagine 10 bucks extra charges for blast internet going to millions of comcast users that are renting their piece of shit  2.0 modems and don't even realize they aren't getting the speed they pay for? That's a lot of money now isn't it? Why would they want to tell you this, well its all about the dollars not the customer? Look up your modem and your service, 2.0 modems can't do greater than 20mbs. The chances are you are getting screwed too, makes my rage hotter than a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire.

Comcast, you can't stop this blog, I just shat in your intertubes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 6th, its been awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted something, I haven't meant to keep people waiting, so here is my latest story. Everyone knows that comcast has 6 month promotional periods, after which you are expected to pay full price. So this past month my comcast bill has gone to a buck and change to 150$, oh that's expected with comcast. You know what we call this, premeditated anal rape.

Sign up for comcast, they'll give you 6 months for X amount! What a deal! But you know what happens after the first day of the 7th month? Its premeditated financial rape, comcast was aiming for your butt since you signed up.

How do you defend against the comcast anal rape banana of financial monopolies? You complain. You tell them that your internet has only been half as fast as they promised (for me thats the truth), that their tv pricing is F'd (another truth), and that they suck balls (check). Then they start to be reasonable.

I told my story to a comcast employee in north seattle and he told me to complain so I could get my bill lowered, he said he used to do that before he was a comcast customer. I told him thanks for solidifying the truth I already knew.

Another day, another story. Comcast sucks balls.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my comcast modem died, fuckers

So the past month or so my internet has been so slow I have been dreaming of the good old days of 56k modems and aol. Its been a big ol bunch of horse cock, so comcast gives me a new modem that actually works, actually I had to drive there to get a replacement so they wouldn't charge me to come bring me a replacement for the faulty piece of shit they gave me in the first place. So after getting home and installing my new modem I find that it won't connect, I end up having to be on the phone with a comcast technician for over an hour before he was able to get rid of the "security locks" placed on the modem. Nice of the people at the comcast store to not tell me anything about this "lock" or even to possibly remove it before handing me the new modem, thats pretty shitty on their part. How stupid is that.

Basically my internet has not worked for a whole month and I get nothing in return for it. Thanks comcast you dirt bag bastards.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Xfinity is a dirty piece of shit!

Xfinity sounds like a xxx porn streaming service brought to you by comcast, the company that accidentally broadcast porn to thousands of people during the superbowl. What a crappy product name, what a shity company, what a mockery.