Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Worst Customer Service in America!!!

2015 worst customer service polls are now out, and guess who's number 1? Is it taco bell? Nope, they might give customers a 92% chance of the shits, but they deliver the beefy melty cheesy goodness, every time. You obviously don't need to guess, its.... Comcast!

Yeeehaaaaah! 28.3% of Comcast customers consider their customer service poor, while 54.4% consider their customer service experiences negative. That's pretty awesome! Does this come as a surprise to me, the author of this blog? To you, the consumers of the blog that share the same feelings, or to you comcast cares1, who no longer try to save face on this site and don't leave comments like you used to? I miss you comcast cares1, cmon, comment again like the old days please?

So now we can safely say in 2015;


You can read the original story from yahoo right here, its a good read, so check it out;

But hey Comcast, at least you can claim you are only roughly 7% shittier than the second shittiest right! That's the moto of a monopoly, they have no other options, so "fuck em"!

It's been a pleasure as usual =)

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Cough" or "Sneeze" blamed for comcast driver smashing through a mailbox and into his house

So this dude in Ross Township of Pennsylvania is watching jeopardy on tv, likely on comcast's network when a comcast van plows through his neighbors mailbox and then into his house. In other news Alex Trebek immediately switches to Fios.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Comcast getting down in Phily

This fall, here in downtown Philadelphia, I was out for a leisurely Bourgeoise stroll through the city with my girlfriend. Walking along a central, upscale street by the park we turned the corner to see countless police and emergency vehicles blocking the street. This was a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful  late summer day. Hordes of people were out at this particular shopping district. Parked at the intersection of the wealthiest neighborhood in the city was the absolutely largest crane I have ever seen. This crane is of the scale where a meager "normal" crane is on-site to construct the "Mamma" crane. It's big, big.  Dozens of people are scattered around staring up at the sky. Dozens of police and emergency peoples were scattered around. Workers galore. Hard hats and the works for a construction project of the commercial kind.

When we asked a cop what the hell this thing was doing at this location, in the middle of the streets, on a beautiful Saturday, the answer was that windows were being replaced in a penthouse condo. We watched crates of glass windows being raised into the sky.

Further inquiry revealed that this was the residence of the billionaire CEO of Comcast and he did not like the views afforded in the standard Penthouse.

This crane window thing went on for the afternoon with one crane operator confiding to us that this whole scenario was costing $1,000,000. A million bucks with staff, insurance, install, etc,etc.

Penthouse windows aside, because a billionaire can spend his bucks however he/she chooses, down here in serf land I write this as my girlfriend is back on the phone for the fifth time wondering why our service continues being cut off -even though we have a nearly $300 credit!!!

Over 'n Out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

comcast asks for your last 4 social security digits on a page without ssl

Only the last 4?
Well sure, they say some can predict them anyways. But who really wants to increase their chances of identity theft? I don't. It seems comcast did oopsies and doesn't mind if your social is compromised, until they do. This should be encrypted.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Comcast Seeks Mentally Handicapped status‏

This fall, here in downtown Philadelphia, I was out for a leisurely Bourgeoise stroll through the city with my girlfriend. Walking along a central, upscale street by the park we turned the corner to see countless police and emergency vehicles blocking the street. This was a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful  late summer day. Hordes of people were out at this particular shopping district. Parked at the intersection of the wealthiest neighborhood in the city was the absolutely largest crane I have ever seen. This crane is of the scale where a meager "normal" crane is on-site to construct the "Mamma" crane. It's big, big.  Dozens of people are scattered around staring up at the sky. Dozens of police and emergency peoples were scattered around. Workers galore. Hard hats and the Here's my CumCrust horror story.

Background: I've been a faithful CumCrust internet subscriber for over 15 years. I've had Blast 105 for the last 5 or so, so I'm not just buying the cheapest service they offer.

I moved at the start of last month to a brand new apartment in which I was the first tenant. This is really, really simple stuff; they need to take the old address' network node ID and dis-associate it with my modem and replace it with the node ID of my new address. A toddler could do it.

Three weeks before my move date, I used the XfuckMeUp service relocation web page to set up the move. I was very careful to specify both my old and new addresses. I completed all the steps and the next day, someone called me to set up the installation appointment. So far so good, right?

The day I move in, one of the first things I do is plug in my modem and router. Lo and behold, I'm connected! Yeah! Same IP address as I had at my last address, not that it really mattered. Speed test showed I was getting good bandwidth. So when the tech called to say he was about to arrive, I thought I'd do the decent thing and tell him that everything was working great and there was nothing for him to do. This was a mistake that would prove impossible to un-fuck.

Nine days later, no service. Nothing. I can get an IP address and ping internet hosts, but no traffic of any sort will go through. So I call, and I'm told that there are no services set up at my new address, and my old account has been closed. What? For fuck's sake, I'm trying to continue to give you money, and you arbitrarily dump me by the side of the road? I explain over and over that I've been connected for the last 9 days, and the little sales twit replies every time with "No you weren't." Clearly they have no handle at all on their physical infrastructure. He wants to charge me a $250 installation fee because they need to "verify that the line can deliver your guaranteed speed." I remind him that they don't guarantee speeds, so you'll have to try that bullshit excuse on somebody else; and I've already tested the bandwidth and it's working fine. Just flip the fucking switch back on, okay? Nope, the little nitwit says he can't do that. He tries to sell me some other package that he claims won't need an installation visit. I tell him to cram it and just give me what I had at my previous address. He insists that they have to set up an installation, and that I can plead my case with the billing department as to the installation fee.

So I say fine, I'm the biggest chump in the history of the human race and I love nothing more than sucking rich corporate monopolist dick so please set up another installation appointment several decades from now, and whatever you do please bill the fuck out of me in the meantime while I sit here with no service. So when the second appointment time rolls around...nothing. Nobody shows, nobody calls. Three days later, someone leaves me a voicemail stating that "You cancelled an appointment, would you like to re-schedule?" I'd rather eat the assholes out of a thousand dead skunks than give CumCrust another dime. Case closed.for a construction project of the commercial kind.

When we asked a cop what the hell this thing was doing at this location, in the middle of the streets, on a beautiful Saturday, the answer was that windows were being replaced in a penthouse condo. We watched crates of glass windows being raised into the sky.

Further inquiry revealed that this was the residence of the billionaire CEO of Comcast and he did not like the views afforded in the standard Penthouse.

This crane window thing went on for the afternoon with one crane operator confiding to us that this whole scenario was costing $1,000,000. A million bucks with staff, insurance, install, etc,etc.

Penthouse windows aside, because a billionaire can spend his bucks however he/she chooses, down here in serf land I write this as my girlfriend is back on the phone for the fifth time wondering why our service continues being cut off -even though we have a nearly $300 credit!!!

Over 'n Out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fuck you comcast‏

Okay so for about 6 months i had comcast and comcast internet so for the first about 4 months was me calling customer support tying to get the cable box to work which they continuosly said should be working but never did. My internet did the same but then i finnaly got someone who helped me with my internet turned out i mearly had a few cables wrong on my modem. So i keep calling customer support getting no help then i find out that the "technician" never installed the right card in the system since the nearest comcast store i could find was about 2 hours away they wanted to charge me to send a technician to give me the right card. I said no mail it to me. When i finnaly got the damn thing to work after about 2 months my bill jumped from 50$ to 109$. So i called them and asked them why it was so high they told me the promotion i had ended even though i couldnt even use the cable box after going back and forth with this call which lasted about a hour and a half he said "have a nice day" and hung up. I called back ironicaly got the same guy told him to go fuck off if he wants to HANG UP on me and then asked him to cancel my cable box with comcast which he finnaly did. Being without tv i went to my local store and bought a 30$ tv antenne and to this day the only thing i have to worry about with my tv service is if my antenne is pointed right


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Philippines comcast customer service - James has had Enough

So, now I have cooled down a bit! called Comcast at 1:00 pm, lady in the Philapine's asked for phone number and last four of SS# and the problem after about 15 mins she could not help me, lady 2 asked phone number and last four of SS#, THIS HAPPENED 5 TIMES SO AT 2:30 I had had enough and hung up on them. I went to the Comcast office it was packed I saw they were on number 37 I took my number F--ck 62 so I waited for over an hour. The guy also could not help me and told me to call Tech Services I told him I am not calling the Philapines AGAIN!!! and asked him for the Tech services in Lynwood he gave the number to me Yay!!. Came home and called the number and guess what I was back in the Philapine's AGAIN I just hung up, so that is how I spent a wasted afternoon

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paying Comcast to return equipment Erich doesn't even want

Comcast, agh, gotta love'm ! …..  I experience an internet outage last spring. I call customer support. Instead of sending a reset signal, they send me a modem/router I didn't ask for and don't want and they charge me $9.95 for the privilege. Meanwhile my old equipment resets and is working fine, so I put the new equipment on the shelf and decide to deal with it later. A few months on they send a letter telling me they are going to charge me more if I keep the new equipment I never asked for.... but—and this is the really fun part— I have to pay THEM to return it ... or drive half way across town... even though I have been paying them a monthly modem rental fee.

I then spent an hour and half on the phone with Customer Service trying to get this straightened out, and they can't seem to get this straight with no luck. They just seem to be extracting the maximum advantage from their monopoly position. And now they want to merge with Time-Warner and form an even bigger monopoly? If you consider how much we all spend per month, these guys make Standard Oil look like child's play. What happened to our anti-trust laws? I am all for free markets, but since when did free markets mean only freedom for corporate extraction? I am about ready to unplug and find a new way to connect to the internet.  These guys are making AT&
T look good.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I hate these asshats with a passion!‏

So here's my "Comcast Saga".

Living in a medium-sized city in the South, my options for connectivity to mass media are limited. Basically, for video service I have a choice between satellite (sorry, I like to watch tv, even when it rains) or, due to the monopoly set up by corrupt city politicians, Comcrap. For internet service, I'm limited to, again, Comcrap, or the ploddingly slow DSL provided by the almost-equally-moronic idiots from CenturyLink.

Tired of not even being able to watch a movie on Netflix without the inevitable stutters and freeze-ups, and also sick of my landline phone service breaking down every few months, followed by the usual crack team of inbreeds arriving a week or so later to spray paint my yard, change out wires, and leave said wires draped across the lawn unburied for 3 months thereafter I decided to cancel CenturyLink service. Hell, no one but telemarketer maggots ever call the landline anyway.

So I switched the security system to a mobile-based monitor and decided to go with Comcrap for internet service. I also had an issue with a hinky-acting older model DVR so I unhooked everything and tossed it in a box and headed to Comcrap to replace it and sign up for their "blazingly fast" internet service at 8am on a Saturday morning.

Now, I thought I was in for long lines and rude employees but I will admit, Comcrap has made some progress in the service quality of their local offices. There was a line at the door, but once everyone was let in, I was able to get to a window right away. They've remodeled into sort of an open plan lobby where you can log in on an iPad and get called up when your number and name comes up on a screen. Since there where about 8 customer service reps, waiting time was minimal. The reps were friendly and tried to be helpful.

There. That's it. The only good thing I have to say about Comcrap.

So I got my shiny new DVR box and my new modem/router and headed home to hook everything up and get the devices started, buoyed by my unexpectedly positive experience at the local office. "I'll be up and running in minutes!" I thought. Here is where the Comcrap of old reared its ugly head.

I got everything connected and decided to call and activate the internet service first, then call again to activate the new DVR. So I called, got the usual recording, entered my account phone number, "yes" to "activate new equipment," "yes" to "internet service". Then, I got "We're sorry, due to temporary service issues in your area, we cannot activate new equipment at this time." Wtf? I'm sitting here watching the tv in my bedroom and every channel is fine. So I called back, went through the prompts and this time was transferred to one of the inevitable Hindu "service techs". As I tried to decipher her song-song English-like patois, I did as she suggested, tried hooking up to various outlets, double-checking connections, etc. Though I was able to set up wifi, I could not get an internet connection no matter what I did. Finally, Raj's sister from Big Bang Theory gave up and set up a service appointment at my house for the following week. I was perturbed but she insisted "Nearest time for appointment I can give." (I'm guessing, hearing this, that despite my positive experience at the Comcrap store, things haven't really changed that much after all. I'm also surprised to learn that apparently Yoda was from India.)

Well okay, I'm stuck without internet for a week, I'll still get the new DVR box up and running! Bzzzz! WRONG!

So I called the setup number again. Went through the prompts. Same deal. Some sort of mythical problem prevented them sending a signal to boot up the DVR as well. I called three more times. Same answer. (Remember: all this time during a supposed "outage" my other cable box is working just fine.)

Finally, failing to get a tech, I called Comcrap's main number. I get a tech after about some time and go through everything again, checking connections, turning the box on and off, the usual rigmarole. Still nothing but digital snow. Finally the tech says there's an outage in my area. I told her I knew that but asked why my other tv and box were working fine. Ignoring me completely she said the outage had been going on since the 24th. I told her that was three days ago and asked when it was due to be fixed. Ignoring the fact that it had been three days without the supposed "outage" being fixed, she told me it would definitely be up-and-running by 3 pm that afternoon (about 1 1/2 hours hence). So I decided to try again later.

So an hour and a half later, you can guess what happened. Still no fucking service, of course. This time I was offered a recorded option of getting a callback when the "outage" was rectified so I could continue activating my new devices. The rub? They only call back during "normal business hours"! That's right! They only "callback" 9-to-5 on weekdays!! So their whole "24 hour service promise" is also a lie! Figures.

So after several more calls to recordings I again call the main number and got a tech who had some kind of undefined Spanish accent. Or something. Again I went through the whole run-through. Again was told about the fantasy "outage". But this time, he managed to send a signal through. He told me to wait 45 minutes, then turn the box off and on, and it should be working. Uh huh. And I got a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy on eBay. Of course it wasn't working.

Furious, I called again and was told the phantasmagorical, magical mystery "outage" should be resolved by 4:30pm. On subsequent calls I was told 8:30pm, followed by 10pm and finally 11am the next day. So I waited until the following day and was still unable to have my new service activated. Keep in mind this supposed "outage" doesn't actually exist, as my other box is getting a signal just fine, and has now been supposedly continuing for almost a week!

So now I'm waiting for a tech to come out to my house in a week and expecting the same level of nonexistent service and complete technical ignorance I spent an entire day and a half dealing with already! In the meantime, an acquaintance at work told me they had the same problem connecting a Comcrap internet device a few years ago. It seems that Comcrap's cables are in the same shoddy condition as their garbage, rebuilt in-home equipment and they don't want to spend the exorbitant funds it'd take to lay new cable in all areas. They're using the "outage" story as cover, hoping people in certain areas just give up and never notice the supposed "outage" is never rectified. This friend ended up having to cancel Comcrap and return to DSL service. Nice. This is just a story from an acquaintance, but knowing Comcrap, it's just gotta be true.


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Saturday, May 9, 2015

The worst service in my life!‏

We were moving, called them one week before to change our address and get service in the building.... One week later they didn't do shit so they had to do it again and send a technician. The appointment was for sunday, but he never came. I spoke to about 3 representatives and they all confirmed the appointment, but that day nothing was on their system. Same happened on monday. They finally scheduled one for next monday which meant 2 weeks without internet which means i can't do my homework. The same thing will probably happen. I hope their company goes to shit and they all become unemployed.


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Mark explanins - without service for over one-month‏


Thanks for offering to publish these stories. Dealing with Comcast has been the most primitive experience I have ever had with any company ever. 

We have been with out service for over one month and have been lied to about appointments that they have not come to although we have stayed home and have had our phones next to us constantly. My partner has kept a detailed log of every single contact with these clowns:

6/12-Internet out

6/14-Called com-cast, arranged for check-out service

6/14-tech arrived-explained wire stripped-told repair would be completed 7/3-specifically asked if any permission needed to be obtained from complex-advised nothing needed to be obtained to complete the needed repair

6/28-called to see if earlier appointment was available and if we needed to do anything for repairs to be completed-advised no earlier appointment available and no action required by us.

7/3 4pm-called to confirm appointment and to ask if anything was needed from us-advised appointment on track and advised nothing needed

7/3 7pm-technician arrives and explains that a "Letter of Permission" needs to be obtained and no repair can be completed. No one ever told us we needed to obtain this although we asked multiple times. Leasing office closed. Called comcast placed on hold for 55 minutes then spoke to LELA (operator ID given U7-) LELA promises that this is rescheduled for July 5th

7/5-8am-called to confirm appointment scheduled for 7/5. Told by AURORA (operator ID given R+P) that the appointment is scheduled for July 30th. After pressing that this was unacceptable and that we where just promised 7/5 she hung up the call

7/5-8.45am-called back and spoke to JUSTIN (operator ID given 94232). Told that appointment was for 7/5 and we would receive a call from a technician by 9.30am and a supervisor would call about complaint. Call never received

7/5 -9.40am one of us drive down to the XFINITY store in Voss and Westheimer in Houston while the other stayed at home waiting and told by person in store that the appointment was indeed for July 5th and they would be there that day. We stayed home all day on July 5th and no one ever called or came.

7/7 wrote detailed e-mail and received call from ASHLEY at corporate office who told us they would come that Monday or Tuesday. Provided both of our phone numbers and she promised we would get a 45 minute advance call. 

7/8 and 7/9--no technician called, came or otherwise manifested himself. Called ASHLEY back at corporate office and told that the Monday or Tuesday appointment was probably canceled because "we did not answer the phone and they do not leave voicemails" No one ever called either one of us. ASHLEY then told us the appointment scheduled for 7/12. Both my partner and I change our voicemails to say ""if this is COMCAST please leave a message of when you will be arriving and do not cancel our appointment"", and also tape a sign to our door that say "COMCAST : please knock we are here" plus both of our numbers. 

This company and the people that work for it are the most wretched we have come across. The people in their foreign call center clearly not only make up fake English-sounding names, but they also make up fictitious operator id's and appointments that will never happen. The corporate office people, instead of prioritizing us due to their gross incompetence and lack of communication instead implied that because we failed to answer out phone on the first or second ring we are responsible for the an appointment being canceled.
How hard if it to send a standard notice by mail or phone or e mail to all clients that say "if you live in an apartment you must obtain a letter of permission"??-instead we asked and asked and where told we needed to do nothing, and then given false appointments repeatedly. 

Thanks for taking this e-mail

Thursday, April 30, 2015 purposefully throttle sports streaming, Net Neutrality anyone?

So this week I had my friend over who is a customer of comcast xfinity tv, meaning that he is able to stream some of the content available to him through an internet connection,  which includes some sports. When I say "some", I mean that a fraction of the sports he can watch at his house via a coaxial cable are available to him via the magnificence of the intertubes we call the internet.  We hung out at my place and to our surprise, an nba playoff game was available to us after we logged in using his account. Glorious indeed.

After the buffering completed,  we were treated to something in the range of 480p resolution (realize I have greater than 50mb down and 25mb up on average). This was not great but hey, we could watch some bball this way, and it's the playoffs right! A few minutes later, granted this is just slightly after the second half began, the quality began to drop. Worse than 480p? LOL.

So now it's a few minutes into the 3rd quarter and the quality turns into what I described as a postage stamp resolution. It looked like a 2009 ipod playing a movie the size of a thumb stamp on a 40+ inch 1080p screen. What happens next you'd never expect right , HA.

Next thing we know it just freezes and won't play the game at all, complete garbage. Must be my internet right? Shucks. Oh wait the commercials are displaying in perfect 720p, isn't that weird? It's almost like comcast xfinity tv doesn't want me to watch the game in quality, but fuck yeah they want me to enjoy fast food commercials in their full resolution and glory.

This is called throttling my friends, it's called bull shit. Net Neutrality, it's really a thing. Does comcast abide? No. Do they have politicians in their hands? Yes. Will things get worse before they get better? I don't know. Let's keep the knowledge coming, sharing our stories, and informing the masses. I thank you for an audience, we are all of us.

Please keep sending me stories and I will post them.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Here's Byron's story from Salt Lake City

I have a new found appreciation for Direct TV after spending the last week trying to augment Direct TV with Comcast Internet.
First off the late installers on July 3rd decide after spending 5 minutes at my house that it was not convenient for them to run one line from the box to my wall so they simply took off when I was not looking and left.

The second appointment on July 5th didn’t call or show at all. Incredible! Then trying to figure out how to cancel is also a joke. The customer reps either are from India or Alabama which is basically the same level of capabaility.

I feel like I am stepping out of a minefield early with all limbs attached while I can. What a JOKE of a company. Byron in Salt Lake City.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Erica found a great story!

Her words;

"Antennas Direct delivered a cake to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts to congratulate him on Comcast being named The Worst Company in America."

Here's the link! - What Happens When You Congratulate the Worst Company in America

Cheers Erica!


Monday, April 21, 2014

I upgraded to 50mbps blast, its been... A total FUCKIN blast!!!

So let me start by saying to the audience that I'm sorry to leave you for such long periods of time, I need to post more, but I'm thrilled to get back in touch with you on this day of 4/21/14, but obviously the topic is painful. So just last week my 25mbps service went all the way up to 75$ a month, that's about 45$ more than century link currently offers for a competitive speed and less retarded customer service! So, as any comcast customer has to do all the time for the rest of their time using comcast services, I threatened to cancel. Then they offered me 50mbps for 55$ a month, that's a solid speed and a half decent price, good thing I had to threaten them first to get it! It's like threatening your spouse to take you on vacation or do some random expensive thing (money or emotional) for them, or its divorce time, that's always rewarding right? Feels good right? You know what's even better? The 50$ price they give new customers, but screw me I'm just a loyal customer, why would I want that, please take my money comcast, because I love and adore you! But it gets better, bare with me.

Let's begin through the events I have experienced over the weekend. So I buy a docsis 3.0 modem (which in layman terms allows me to get download speeds in the 250mbps range according to Wikipedia to my knowledge, plenty of speed), I then spend the next 2 hours chatting with comcast technicians to 1. get the modem added to my account, and 2. getting a comcast sales rep to upgrade me to blast.  So the sales rep told me that my service has now been upgraded to blast (50mbps), and that the speed would kick in after 1 hour. Great!

So I wait an hour and a half just to be safe, and come to my desktop excitedly to see if the speeds would be in the range of 50mbps. I tried speakeasy and comcast speed tests, and both showed absolutely no difference in my speed. So I have a beer, and relax for a few hours (actually a took a nap, but whatever man). So now its 4 hours later, and I try again, giving comcast (what?), the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough, the speeds are the same as before, my comcastic , xfinity,  shitfinity whatever the fuck experience has not improved. So what do I do?

Naturally I get back on comcast chat, giving the customer service person my router model, serial number, make, and mac address and account information. The rep can't do anything, and directs me to another sales rep I got the pleasure of chatting with 45 minutes later! The new sales rep asks me all the same information again, which they also ask you when you start the comcast chat, wow comcast how efficient of you, that must make most customers really happy to provide information 3 fucking times! The rep informs me that I don't have blast internet, that basically the transaction that took place earlier in the day never happened, even though I gave him the confirmation number from that transaction and the previous sales rep's name, uh oh. Now I'm seething in my chair, the fury of hells fire burning in my eyes and my asshole as I want to slap this comcast SOB.  But wait, its gets better.

Whets next you ask, there's more? LOL. So this new rep is quite happy to add blast to my account, great! And he even tells me that the previous rep actually added blast to my account (what?). So I already had it I ask? Yes he replies and apologizes that they updated my billing info to get the new amount of cash from me each month, but neglected to actually update my services so I could actually recieve the internet speeds I'm paying for, brilliant! So what do you think happens next? You probably assume that he makes it correct and saves face for the company don't  you? LOL.

Next the sales rep proceeds to tell me that he has "Great Offers" for me, oh boy aren't you excited too, I'm whistling zippy-doo-da in my asshole as I write this. So please note that he has already told me that he has updated the settings of my account, therefore I already have blast! So you know what his "Great Offer" was? It was 3 months of blast for free! That's great right? But the catch is, I'm already paying 5$ a month on top of 50$ to get blast internet, while getting 3 months free and then paying 10$ a month is the deal I get? I then proceed to walk down the street until I find a competent looking 2 year old to do the math for me, as the young kid shits his pants he informs me that the "Great Offer" is a worse offer than what I originally had, so naturally I rush back home and tell the sales rep that his deal sounds pretty awesome, if a 2 year old wasn't so smart..

Here is an actual snippet of our conversation (the names have been replaced to protect the innocent);

Comcast Rep: Would you like to make changes in your account.
Me: for a worse price?
Me: so I can have 3 months free?
Me: am I mistaken here?
Comcast Rep: Yes, you'll get Blast speed tier free for three months.
Comcast Rep: If you don't want to make changes in your account then no issues with that.
Me: you are offering 3 months of free blast, and then 10$ a month? and now it's 5$ a month correct?
Comcast Rep: Yes, you are correct.
Me: if I wasn't educated that would sound great!

That 2 year old advised me right! He now does my taxes too as well as gives me advice on my golf swing. So I reject his "Great Offer" and keep the offer that I was already paying for but not getting before! Sweet man! He now assures me that I will have 50mbps speeds in the next 45 minutes, that's faster than the last sales rep said! Also keep note that all the reps on comcast love to use the terminology of "Don't worry, Rest assured", while I like to use the terminology of "go fuck yourself", and "bullshit". So within the hour, my tests showed 57mbps download and 11mbps upload, sweet! Book closed.

So you think the story if over don't you? LOL. So being a non trusting comcast user, today, the very next day mind you, I do another round of speed tests with the same speakeasy and comcast speed tests. Do I get the same speeds as the day before? NOPE. I get 34mbps download and 5mbps upload! Wow, barely half of what I'm paying for. So now I must contact them again, fuck my life, let me take that back, life is a blessing, fuck you comcast!

So again I reach comcast customer service online, and this time it takes over 2 hours. The service rep again asks me for all my information, my modem's make, serial, mac address, my account number, my phone number, (she asks me for that again 3 more times, fuck  yeah!). So she starts asking me what I've done to try to troubleshoot the issue, I respond "I got on comcast customer support chat, and I'm now talking to you, that's what I did". She proceeds to have me restart my modem, no luck, unplug from the wall and replug in, no luck, reset the modem, no luck, restart my computer, no luck, etc, etc, etc. She asks me to run a speed test after every dumb shit suggestion she has suggested. Lastly she asks me to check if my cords are plugged in all the way, you know what I say, if my cords weren't completely plugged in, there would be no connection. NO CONNECTION AT ALL. 

Now after 2 hours it seems finally apparent to her that my issue is not  with plugging things in, restarting nonsense, cache, or any other out of the book bullshit excuse comcast has, and I'm not buying a single excuse, NOT ONE. Now she proceeds to ask me when a technician can come to my house and check it, after about 20 minutes we decide on a day, sweet!. Can some schmuck plug shit in better than me, maybe, but let me go ask the 2 year old if he thinks that's the case, he's my personal mentor and advisor on all matters comcast, and he's always right. In the meantime, 

So what can we take away from this? Horrible customer service that makes me so mad I made this fucking blog?  Can we take away that it takes nearly an entire days work to get what you pay for from comcast if they can even fix their shit? Can we take away they attempt to give you "Great Offers" that are actually more expensive because they think you are that f'ng stupid?

Cheers and Goodnight.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AI says comcast not so fly!

So I moved to the philly area in August 2011.  Signed up with some double play bundle at 69.99/month for first 6 months including HBO (thought it was supposed to be a year for the 69.99 rate and free HBO for 6 months).

6 months later I find that my rate went up to 79.99/month.  I chatted with a rep and they told me that my 69.99/month "promotional" period was for 6 months.  So I thought to myself that maybe it was my mistake and overlooked something earlier, ok, it happens, whatever.  Another 6 months later, August 2012, I find that my rate had gone up again, this time to 94.99, WTF!  I chatted with another rep and he asked me if I was aware that I was on a "promotional" thing and to verify that by looking at my statements which indeed did say "promotional"  How the hell can you call it a promo if the rate keeps going up every six months.  He gave me some copy and paste answer along the lines of, "well comcast offers discounts to entice customers...blah, blah, blah...something about providing great value".

 Really, you call that giving me a discount, and that's how comcast "entices" customers, how the hell do you entice customers by raising their rates, oh yea it's a discount.  I then asked him what my "promotional" rate would be in another 6 months and he told me it would be 109.99.  Seriously, this is how we do business these days.  I was already going to cancel my cable services with them and just keep the internet, now I am looking for alternatives in the area.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yo Comcast, William just wants some service!

My wife and I have been trying to get service for over a month and a half. We have called the new customer number where the reps stated that our house was unserviceable. I talked to two different reps who said they would put in a case to look into it. Never heard back. My wife called twice and got the same response. She finally got the local number and went down to that office last Tuesday (talked with Beulah). Turns out the house, which is 6 years old, never had service. So she got a setup time for today (Tuesday) to get the service installed between 1 and 3. On Friday she got an email stating she needed to call the installation office which she did. She talked with Mary who again confirmed the install for today.

Today between 1 and 3, no one shows up. She called Comcast and talked with Stephanie who said we were supposed to do a self install. After explaining that we did not have cable running from the box in our lawn to our house, she passed us on to J. R. Turney (regional sales supervisor). My wife went through the whole story again and he apologized for the problem. He said he would take care of it and to call him back in an hour if she did not hear from him. So an hour later she calls and leaves a message. It is now 2.5 hours later and nothing.

She did get a call back today from one of the other reps she spoke to 3 weeks ago (Tanisha) who said our house was now serviceable. She also said that our install is set for July 15 (which is a Sunday?).

I work in the electric utility business and I would get fired for this type of performance. Frankly, the only reason we are going to Comcast is because our AT&T service is pitiful. It is extremely sad and disappointing that a person has to through all of this hassle just to become a customer.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Kelly found the street where Comcast first started!

My husband and I were relocating. I ordered Comcast online on June 13. I received an offer of 12 months of Internet & TV for 69.95/month plus 6 months free Showtime. On the website it said that the self-installation fee was $20. When I check out online, I'm forced to chat with an agent and the self-installation goes to $35, which, of course, I balk at. She says that it varies by area. Okay, so if it varies by area, why do they say $20 on the website? She has no explanation but refuses to honor the $20 which was clearly stated on the website and claims that the $35 is actually the cost of shipping the equipment. Personally, I think $20 is already overpriced and I'm fairly annoyed by now, so I ask her if I can pick up the equipment. She says that there are no Comcast stores in my area. I ask to cancel the order. Miraculously, the $35 fee is waived. The whole process of setting up a new account takes about 45 minutes. Yes, by now I feel like I live in a third world country but it only gets better.

Prior to moving, I check our account online. It turns out they have already billed me and charged me $35 for installation. I called the company 4 different times. On each occasion (during business hours mind you) I am disconnected from my electronic operator with a pleasant "sorry for the inconvenience, please try again later." I go back to the chat and after another 30 minutes I am able to get the fee waived...again.

I've saved every chat transcript with this company and just let me say that by "excellent customer service" Comcast means that they train their agents to utter phrases like "I'll do everything in my power to provide you the best service today!" or "I understand that you're having trouble with your services, I myself would feel the same way. I will get on it and I can assure you that it will be resolved right away" but apparently lies and cheating are acceptable.

June 25 - yes, 12 days later - my equipment arrives. Keep in mind that I've been billed since the day they claim the equipment shipped - nearly two weeks prior. (Class action suit anyone?) Despite being told that I would receive a cable router, they only send a modem because, you know, this is 2000 and no one really uses wireless, right? Fortunately, I have a spare. The set up process takes an hour and my TV still doesn't work. I call and they send me a signal, which doesn't work. I call Comcast yet again and this time I manage to speak to a person. This time the signal works.

I have a TIVO Premiere and can use it as a tuner (saving $7 a month in equipment fees). I call about getting a cable card and am told that I need a technician to install it and they will, of course, charge a fee. I tell them that I am perfectly capable of sliding a card into a slot and to just mail me the card. Guess what? Still a fee. But then the agent asks if I am willing to pick up the card. What? I thought there were no Comcast stores in my area, at least that's what I was told at setup. Oh no, there are four! Yes, I waited 12 days and was charged $35 for equipment I could have picked up after I arrived in my new city.

By this time, needless to say, I hate Comcast. But it's not over yet.

After browsing through my channels, I notice that I don't have Showtime. Not that I really want it, but the promotion I signed up under offered it free for 6 months. Another phone call. They fill out a form and tell me to call back if I don't have it in 24 hours. Guess what? I don't have it 24 hours later. I try Comcast's online chat this time. After more wonderful flourishes of how much they want to help me and value me as a customer, they offer me 3 months of Showtime for free. Uh, no! I was supposed to get 6 months! The agent says that offer is unavailable. Well, it sure was available two weeks ago when I ordered this service (every moment of which I now regret) and I have the screen shot to prove it.

As of right now I am seriously considering cancelling the service prior to the 30 days. I can't believe that a company that is run so poorly is still in business.

Finally, I resolve to try one more phone call before mailing Comcast all of its equipment. I would rather have DSL than deal with this company any longer. I call and get a live person fairly quickly. She is unable to resolve the problem, no surprise there. But, unlike all of my other interactions, she sends me to customer retention. I speak with a person there who sets up Showtime for me in about 5 seconds. Unbelievable! If it was so easy, why wasn’t it done in my first two interactions for this issue?

Let me say that every time I actually spoke to a real person at Comcast, they were pleasant and tried to help but were unable to resolve my problem. Also, every interaction, with the exception of the last one, took a minimum of 30 minutes – far too long.

I’m still considering mailing the equipment back, mainly because my promotion requires a 2-year contract and the idea of dealing with Comcast for two years makes me physically ill.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nick's experience wasn't so comcastic!

What’s up? Nick here

So my cable goes out Monday and I call and wait til Tuesday. Guy comes and talks to my wife and he’s yelling at the operator because they scheduled him during a meeting. So he says there’s no connection coming in the house and says he’ll be back after work. He comes back at 2pm and says it’s the main box and he has to call maintenance for them to fix the box. So I call Comcast support and they guarantee it’s fixed by 8pm.

7:30pm rolls around and I call 8 different numbers and get referred to tons of departments and I proceed to tell them “It’s now 7:45 and I was promised internet, so where is it?” And they say they want to schedule someone to come out quickly, so I’m pissed now and I say let me talk to a supervisor because this is tiring and here’s the best part.

I wait 20 minutes for someone to get on the line and lol, he says “We can get someone out on Friday ( Today is Wednesday ).” I say “ You have got to be kidding me, I want someone out tomorrow” and he says, it’s laughable he thinks this is reasoning with me “ It’s like if you ordered a pest control and the next day you find a bug, so you start all over. So let’s get them to come Friday”. So I call at&t and they’re coming Friday, but they want 249 for install and router. Not sure what I’m going to do, but the nerve of the supervisor to think he’s intelligent. I think that analogy made me more angry that calm.

So yeah ComCast sucks, but at&t is worse. Have no clue who now.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Matt moved, Comcast botched it again

Here's the story Matt sent in, he tells it well;

"XFINITY Mover's Edge" my ass‏

For a company with a fucking COPYWRITE on a phrase that implies transferring servicesis easy, Comcast goes above and beyond to ensure ineptitude at every turn.

Like many people, my wife and I moved on the first of this month. Two weeks before, we called Comcast to set up a transfer of services. We also downgraded our services a little; however, the basic package was the same. Since I've been a "loyal" (read: obedient) Comcast for 6 years in the Atlanta area, I know the drill... even though it makes NO sense whatsoever, I've gotten a new account number every time I've moved. Not surprisingly, this happened again, but everything was generally smooth, and our first bill was half as much as we were paying previously.

I have automatic payments set up (note: never again), and when I checked the "Recent Activity" on my credit card statement, I noticed that I was charged the old monthly bill from my old account. I go online to check my old statements (I use EcoBill), and to my surprise, there's NO FUCKING WAY TO ACCESS THEM. So now when I call Comcast and slog through the requisite 45 minutes with someone who has no idea what I'm talking about, I have no data to help counter their bullshit. They literally erased my ability to figure out how much they're screwing me over. The little dude on the phone was talking about
"creating a ticket" so that the "investigation team" can figure out what's going on and and that they'll "give me a call" when they've got everything sorted out... but in the meantime, he wants me to fax over
my credit card statements showing the erroneous charge. Fuck. That. And what's his advice when I say I don't feel like faxing a credit card statement to literally the least ethical company on the planet?
"Oh, well you can go to one of our customer service centers." Sorry guy, I'd rather be punched in the face and balls simultaneously than deal with that hell hole you call a customer service center.

Here's how simple this whole process needs to be:
- Pull up my account
- Change my address (don't change my account number, you ass)
- Hit "delete" on about 5 of my services
- Say thank you and hang up

Done. God, Comcast sucks some huge balls.