Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where there's no competition, there is no choice, and no F'ing deals, here's my voice

Greetings my readers, I'm sorry I left you so long since my last post. I know I say that often but I always want to fill this blog with fresh ideas and words. The word of the day? Competition. Competition is where you have to give your all in order to win, just ask wild animals who don't have welfare checks, they battle like motherfuckers. Humans, we don't have competition, and we shit on this planet like comcast is shitting on most of us.

Now where am I going with this? Well I live in an area that is dominated by comcast, yet in only select neighborhoods there are options for Century Link 1000mbs service and a few others at the same speed, giga bits, not mega, giga. So in the areas where you can only get comcast the top speeds available are between 50 and 100mbs for 70 to 100 bucks. In the select neighborhoods that have Centruy Link or another alternative GIGABIT service available for around 100 a month, comcast also offers GIGABIT service. So if you are in the area's around here without competition you get internet at basically a 10 to 20x speed limitation at the same price?  Hmmmm.

So comcast (notice I mention them in lowercase each time, yep FUCK YOU comcast, or should I say comcast, (I'd type it even smaller but the pixels on my screen aren't fucking small enough) will offer you what the competitors will if there is competition in that neighborhood, but otherwise they ram it home in your ass with such a sub par offering buying triple a batteries at the fucking local quickie mart looks like a steal. 6 bucks for 4 triple a's, fuck, but anyways...

If you are stuck with no Competition in your area, than comcast jerks you off with a sandpaper glove and I wish the Government would do something about this nonsense. Check out the united states of monopolistic internet;

I love you readers, 


  1. I do not understand this MONOPOLY . WE need to get together as citizens as file suit against these THIEVES. I must USE cable due to being stuck between big buildings the signals are bad .I have BASIC service and internet . They both cost almost 70 bucks a month . THEY DO NOT OFFER ANY SERVICE FOR LOW INCOME and DISABLED VETERANS at a better discount .I have researched other cable companies policies and find COMCAST to be the greediest . I feel they NEED to provide 25 dollar service for basic cable and INTERNET for the poverty stricken and low income seniors . COMCAST would receive 50 bucks for both and leave a little food money in the struggling customers pocket . COMCAST may respond to shame .

  2. You are lucky that you at least have more bandwidth and a higher connection then I do. Where I live, I don't have access to cable, DSL or anything outside of wireless, satellite or dial-up. Can't use satellite because I type faster then the ping rate. Wireless at this time, is my only option. Since I work out of my home I pay 300+ a month. Which pays for the (60GB) of bandwidth I use. I wish I had your connection issues. Damn I wish.

  3. Your ranting is hysterical and warranted. Thanks for keeping it realer than Real Deal Holyfield.

  4. Holy shit I agree with you 100%. Comcast is the worst internet service in the USA, and its fkin 2015 c'mon, wtf is wrong with this internet, I swear even China has better internet, than whatever this fkin company provides.

  5. GRRR! I fucking hate comcast!!! They gave me a special deal on Blast (should call it more like customer rape), $60 a month, for 6 months (and I have my own modem), they started charging me $80 after the 4th month with no explanation and I never got close to 50mbs. After about 8 months I called and complained and got the old run around for about 45 minutes (exact reason I didn't call them sooner, I just don't have time to call and deal with their bullshit every month), now they are giving me package at 25mbs for $49 that includes HBO GO. Funny thing is I always had 25mbs speed but I got charged for 50mbs, I guess the joke is on me, because you think they will give me a bill credit? lolololol! I would go with another company immediately but I am in a comcast monopoly zone (I would even do century link if I could, that's how much I hate comcast). This stupid monopoly needs to die, this company is un-American, a scam and a ripoff. I am pretty sure my $49 internet deal will turn into an $80 deal in 3 months. I cut the cord and cancelled cable over a year ago and it was the best thing I did, but I still have to deal with this annoying sorry excuse of a company just for internet!! Every time they jack up my bill I have to call and they alwayyys try to sell me cable - I don't want fucking cable TV!!!! I don't watch it!!! Get a clue comcast!!! you dumbfucks!! And now they are putting caps on data?? Because people like me can't stand their ponzi scheme billing practices and cut the cord?? Ludicrous! Just give me one good company with clear, honest billing practices and I would move over to them, even if it cost more. Buuut our Government turns a blind eye while millions of people continue to get ripped off by this monopoly!! I also want to thank you for this blog, I feel much better now getting this off my chest!