Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jason has a good story, take a moment

Hi, I think this may be worthy of adding to your blog.  Thank you for doing this!

It is good to communicate with like-minded people who have been getting shafted by Comcast’s evil business practices. The sad part is that their technology is good.  Their Engineers are probably even good people.

But their business practices are so bad that I refuse to be Comcast customer any longer.  When you don’t want to pay for the fastest data available because a company's leadership is swine that really makes a statement, doesn't it? It *is* time for the government to step in, their business practices are simply CRIMINAL.   What a shame that an organization with good technical people is being destroyed by malicious marketing and (I think illegal) business practices.

I would like to listen in on one of their strategic meetings where they discuss how they are going to fleece the public.  It would go something like this:

"We are already raking in millions of dollars by over charging customers, how can we make even more money ?"

"Let’s force the general public to pay for our voice over IP service by forcing them to upgrade their cable modems and then brake their ability to use their own routers!  Then, when they call us to say their internet does not work we will ADD triple play to their service WITHOUT PERMISSION, and send them our own cable modem and router.  So now the customer will pay more money for a service they don't want, AND we have infinite revenue because we are forcing the customer to 'rent' our equipment.  What is the return on investment for that?  Oh, the rent will pay off the equipment in a few months and the customer will be left with that extra monthly cost forever!"

"You know the best part of that?  There was nothing wrong with the equipment we forced the customer to dispose! Haahaa! What idiots these ‘customers’ are."

"Great idea, but why should we stop here?  Next, we should force the customer to purchase more, ahhhh, what shall we call it….  'quadruple play!'  We will force them to add security to their home, otherwise we won't offer them data any more.  Or we could break their TV service until they pay for all the service we want to shove down their throat.  Remember when television was free because it was broadcast over the air?  And the broadcasters still made money due to advertisements? LOL we are making all that money and then some."

“Great ideas, everyone!  How else can we screw over our customers?  Providing  terrible out-of-country customer service over the phone and unprofessional installation service!”

Fuck you, Comcast.


  1. I agree, fuck comcast. Had it nearly 2 months and the Internet has worked maybe all but 2 weeks. They claim outages, but when my modem is plugged up, 3rd modem by the way, no lights come on, not even the power button. It just chirps. Fucking bullshit, and you call them and get a moron reading troubleshoot who has no idea wtf they are talking about. Fuck you comcast, may sue York asses.

    1. Your right. I've had to replace my modem 3 times, had 4 different reps over the house in 2 months to fix the internet or TV. By the way, I might have had service for a total of 3 weeks in two months but they still charged me $186.00 + $40.00 for a technician. I called to get refunded for all the times I've been without service and the $40.00 fee. They dropped the bill to $101.00. I never had a problem until they forced me to switch to the new set up with Xfinity. I had a tech over today because I had no internet since yesterday, he got it up and working, then shortly after he left, it went down again. Comcast is the only provider in Manchester NH. They're the worst! No help at all. We need another provider here!

  2. comcast cable dropped History2, Science Channel, CMT, and probably others, just this month. I called comcast corporate office & gave their customer relations person my opinions. He will never forget that call. I would express my disgust officially on their site but need hubby's password & have found that I can easily hack into his comcast acct and change said password...or he can just give it to me. Threat of hack has worked. I will have his password tonight. Dish dropped H2 apparently too or I would change to that. We can barely afford the cable bill as it is so am unable to pay more for them to 'add back' H2 to MY lineup. I suggest all unhappy customers look up the comcast ceo name and the corporate # is easily seen on search return page. They will probably remove number after my call. I hate comcast cable prices and their crappy line up of channels that most people probably do not even watch. We will be cancelling our cable sadly. This country has gone to hell in a hand basket, that includes cable tv. I want my country back, I want my favorite channels back without having to pay ransom prices. Thank you for letting me vent. Old people need our History Channel....Apparently young ones too.....crappy education system needs augmenting with channels like H2 and Science channel.

  3. So, Hearst Corporation is responsible for this change. They are responsible for this change along with A & E, & Disney, which are under Hearst Corp rule. I called Hearst Corporate headquarters and voiced my loud complaint about H2, Vice, to their customer service person at their headquarters.....Go thru their menu a couple of times and that choice, cust. service, will come up! I urge everyone to call & give them a piece of your mind. I told them Comcast, & other providers will be letting Hearst know, very soon, that this change has cost them to lose many customers, many cancellations of service! Too bad Hearst not publicly traded or we could appeal to the board, shareholders.

  4. PS....since most H2 viewers probably my generation???, older than 50, I accused Hearst of age discrimination. Do we have standing to file a class action lawsuit, lol ??

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  6. Lol Tim, ok sorry for my bad spelling. Realize that a lot of this is posted from you users, that's why this is a great platform for people to voice their honest opinions. Cheers yo.

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  8. I can relate how bad Comcast is im stuck paying 2 bills one mine one my parents name just cause family owns a 2 family house.
    We are not renting it or anything and family lives together but were stuck paying 400 bucks just to wire whole house on 2 seperate bills.
    Dont even get me started n basement if i had basement with Comcast they wanted me to pay a third bill.

    And they said if i wanted to have cable for one bill would need to rip down my kitchen to make 1 big kitchen instead 2 side by side kitchens. Then go to city hall and register my house as 1 family.

    Then even then i would need to have house remodeled so gas electric is one bill.

    Only after spending 2-10 grand they said after all that will have 1 bill.