Friday, June 29, 2012

Matt moved, Comcast botched it again

Here's the story Matt sent in, he tells it well;

"XFINITY Mover's Edge" my ass‏

For a company with a fucking COPYWRITE on a phrase that implies transferring servicesis easy, Comcast goes above and beyond to ensure ineptitude at every turn.

Like many people, my wife and I moved on the first of this month. Two weeks before, we called Comcast to set up a transfer of services. We also downgraded our services a little; however, the basic package was the same. Since I've been a "loyal" (read: obedient) Comcast for 6 years in the Atlanta area, I know the drill... even though it makes NO sense whatsoever, I've gotten a new account number every time I've moved. Not surprisingly, this happened again, but everything was generally smooth, and our first bill was half as much as we were paying previously.

I have automatic payments set up (note: never again), and when I checked the "Recent Activity" on my credit card statement, I noticed that I was charged the old monthly bill from my old account. I go online to check my old statements (I use EcoBill), and to my surprise, there's NO FUCKING WAY TO ACCESS THEM. So now when I call Comcast and slog through the requisite 45 minutes with someone who has no idea what I'm talking about, I have no data to help counter their bullshit. They literally erased my ability to figure out how much they're screwing me over. The little dude on the phone was talking about
"creating a ticket" so that the "investigation team" can figure out what's going on and and that they'll "give me a call" when they've got everything sorted out... but in the meantime, he wants me to fax over
my credit card statements showing the erroneous charge. Fuck. That. And what's his advice when I say I don't feel like faxing a credit card statement to literally the least ethical company on the planet?
"Oh, well you can go to one of our customer service centers." Sorry guy, I'd rather be punched in the face and balls simultaneously than deal with that hell hole you call a customer service center.

Here's how simple this whole process needs to be:
- Pull up my account
- Change my address (don't change my account number, you ass)
- Hit "delete" on about 5 of my services
- Say thank you and hang up

Done. God, Comcast sucks some huge balls.


  1. That would be to easy for them to understand.

  2. FYI your account number is tied to you address not your name. If you move next person moves in your old house gets same account number.

  3. You are a fucking idiot. The account number is tied with every single home in the country where Comcast is available. It's not a simple as hitting "delete" and moving on you stupid prick. You're setting yourself up to look like an absolute fucking moron. Stop bitching and moaning.

  4. June 2009, I moved to an apartment and my only option was Comcast. I had heard the horror stories via an aunt and uncle, but what are my options ? I called to set up basic cable and a router for my laptop. Customer service said it was going to take 2 weeks for the installation. I told them to cancel my order. I went to the local office to see if I could speed up the process. I was able to lease all the equipment needed. I go home and follow the directions on how to install. Nothing. No TV. No internet. I call 1-800-Comcast. I am informed that it will still take two weeks to get a technician out. About 4-5 days later, I happened to see a technician in the complex and ask him if he'll take a look. Really nice guy, got it fixed in 10 minutes. He told me that Comcast doesn't monitor customer service ratings. I called 1-800-comcast to let them know the problem was resolved. They told me they were going to charge my account. I was fine with that. Ten days later, another technician shows up. I let him know that he wasn't needed. He seemed happy. I get my first bill. TWO TECHNICIAN CHARGES. I called 1-800-Comcast only to be told that even though I got the problem fixed, I was being charged because the technician actually showed up. I told them that had canceled the order. They refused to take off the charge. Then the spotty internet. It'd be fine for 2 weeks, then randomly shut off for 3 days, then start back up ??? Fearful of being charged double again, I didn't call customer service. Twice the cable was turned off due to "lack of payment". I payed online and had the confirmation #s. Twice I had to call to get it turned back on. Never got the reason why. My lease ended in June 2010 and I decided to move. Brought back all equipment. Payed the last bill. Got a confirmation if a ZERO balance. It's now July 2012, and guess what comes in the mail ?? A letter, from Comcast, saying I still owe almost $150 for past charges and missing equipment. I called 1-800-comcast. I let them know that I have the confirmation of a zero balance and if they want to sue me, I'm all for it. I let them know that they will not be sending me anymore collection letters. They hung up on me. SUE ME MOTHERFUCKERS. I WILL DESTROY YOUR INCOMPETENT MONKEY ASSES IN COURT. I have ALL paperwork and confirmation #s.

  5. They have no choice on changing the account number, and that is not the fault of the "ass" that works there. I will admit, this company makes some huge errors, and can be frustrating. I can speak from personal experience as I have worked for the company. Try to consider this when you deal with the people on the phone, they are just paid to work there, not make the policies.

  6. Just moved two days ago. Person on phone told me they checked that my new place had cable connection ..said it did and i just needed to bring old boxes and plug in. Did so. No tv. Called again they said get new boxes at tv. Called again people on phone have no idea why i have no tv. I kno there's cable because friends live here and just had direct tv last week. Now have to wait 5-10 days for technician. Had comcast three years ago and cancelled for how terrible and incompetent their customer service was. Going back to direct tv never had 1 problem with them or their service and its cheaper. Comcast you can suck my balls and stop directing customer service to ppl in india i cant understand them

  7. Justin, I do not understand how you can claim that an account number is tied to a specific address. I moved about a year ago. I foolishly set up the transfer of my services using Xfinity's Movers Edge. My troubles begin as soon as the Comcast tech arrived. I had service and billing problems. Comcast sent bills to my new address for my new service and for the Comcast service that new owners had installed at my former residence. The bill for the new service at my former house had an account number that was not the same as the account number I had (how can this happen Justin if the account number is based upon the address?). Somehow Comcast had created the new account for the new owners of my former residence but had my new address on the bill, It took 6 months to get this problem resolved. During this period, Comcast had the audacity to turn the charges for the erroneous account, that I had nothing to do with, over to a collection agency. Charges for service that was not mine! All of this trouble and hours upon hours of my time because stupid Comcast had put my name on the account for another person. While all of the billing problems were happening, I also experienced terrible service. The boxes that Xfinity's Movers Edge reps told me to take from my old residence to my new residence were periodically being inactivated. This happened about 7 or 8 times. Every time I had to spend between 1 and 2 hours on the phone being transferred many times to get to someone who could reactivate the boxes. The last time that this happened, the Comcast rep I was speaking with said," I can't activate the equipment because you didn't turn it in to Comcast." I thought I must have misunderstood and said, "I moved. I set up the move online and in a chat session and was told by the Comcast movers edge rep to take my boxes to my new residence. I did that. Your Comcast tech installed them. How can I turn in something and use it at the same time?" The rep repeated saying, "but you didn't turn in the equipment." Obviously, logic is not taught to Comcast reps. This Comcast rep went on to claim that it was impossible to activate equipment that was shown as not having been returned. Weird, somehow, the equipment had been activated by the Comcast tech that first set up service for me at my new house and it had subsequently been reactivated 5 or 6 times. The Comcast rep had no solution for me, I was stuck in a Catch 22 situation that the rep had no idea how to fix. On my own, I decided to take my Comcast equipment to the closest customer service center and swap it, After waiting 80 minutes inline, when my turn came, the service center rep asked what I needed, I told him, that I needed all the equipment swapped for new, When asked if anything was wrong with the boxes and DTAs, I said," not that I know of but no one will activate them." While processing the swap of equipment, the customer service rep said,"I've never seen this before." Being somewhat intrigued, I asked what he meant, It turns out that in one file, my equipment was shown as belonging on my account while, at the same time, it was shown in another file, as having not been returned. Well, duh, if I was using it how could it be returned? Something is seriously,wrong with Comcast record keeping. I pity anyone who was given any of the equipment I returned for exchange that day. I can hear the Comcast rep saying, "I can't activate it because you never turned it in." It is reminds me of a Abbott and Costello routine minus the laughs.

  8. where can I vote? Called today for problems with internet dropouts. Had my modem reset and the cust. service rep said she will call back in an hour or within an hour to make sure everything is satisfactory. No call. Not surprising. Its about time to change your name again.

  9. Never had a problem with comcast