Monday, August 6, 2012

Yo Comcast, William just wants some service!

My wife and I have been trying to get service for over a month and a half. We have called the new customer number where the reps stated that our house was unserviceable. I talked to two different reps who said they would put in a case to look into it. Never heard back. My wife called twice and got the same response. She finally got the local number and went down to that office last Tuesday (talked with Beulah). Turns out the house, which is 6 years old, never had service. So she got a setup time for today (Tuesday) to get the service installed between 1 and 3. On Friday she got an email stating she needed to call the installation office which she did. She talked with Mary who again confirmed the install for today.

Today between 1 and 3, no one shows up. She called Comcast and talked with Stephanie who said we were supposed to do a self install. After explaining that we did not have cable running from the box in our lawn to our house, she passed us on to J. R. Turney (regional sales supervisor). My wife went through the whole story again and he apologized for the problem. He said he would take care of it and to call him back in an hour if she did not hear from him. So an hour later she calls and leaves a message. It is now 2.5 hours later and nothing.

She did get a call back today from one of the other reps she spoke to 3 weeks ago (Tanisha) who said our house was now serviceable. She also said that our install is set for July 15 (which is a Sunday?).

I work in the electric utility business and I would get fired for this type of performance. Frankly, the only reason we are going to Comcast is because our AT&T service is pitiful. It is extremely sad and disappointing that a person has to through all of this hassle just to become a customer.


  1. We apologize for the trouble. Please contact us and provide your account information as well as your best contact number. We would like to assist and ensure that your concerns are addressed.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    1. I am sorry that our service reps were doing exactly what we trained them to do with troublemakers like you. Please contact me so I can ignore you and put you on hold instead. I am bored and need more people to torture with my monopolistic lack of regard for any of my obligations as a company that sends you a bill every month.


  2. ComcastCares my fucking asshole. It took me 15:23 just to load this page and I've been having internet troubles for the whole week. I called 10 customers reps and all of them said that it was either my fault that the connection is faulty and they always tried to sell out something to me which was unrelated to my issue. Fuck you Comcast whenever I get the chance I'm switching to Fios you fat pieces of shit. I would be critiquing you too highly if I called you fat because you're really scrawny ass fucking pussies (mostly indian or hispanic) that are either high-school dropouts or immigrants. Stop trying to sell out Comcast because it's not even a internet service provider, all you try to do is steal money from your customers. I already pay way too much to deal with this shit and I have the right as an American to take action! You steal my money and I'll prevent as many customers as I possibly can. I would like to assist and ensure that your nostalgia is reclaimed.

    The Comcast Fucker
    FC HQ
    National Fucking Comcast Operations

  3. Comcast has horrible customer service. I ordered service in June & when I received my first bill it had the incorrect amount for bundle services. When I called I was told that the special promotion was not noted on my account. There was also $85 of installation charges for 1 TV & Internet. My On Demand never worked so I called after 2 months of trying to get it fixed & trying to get bill corrected. I did not receive a corrected bill do I did not return the cable box. They actually sent a technician to my house on a Sunday afternoon unbounded to pick it up. Comcast cares??

  4. Just,..Fuck Comcast. Anyone reading this knows what I mean. It'd be easier to walk 7 miles to the library or an apartment complex to siphon wireless internet. -__-

  5. I love calling comcast for "help" and having to listen to a commercial for some piece of shit pay-per-view that I would never watch, only to be disconnected after going thru several prompts. Of course when I call back, I GET TO HEAR THE SAME FUCKING COMMERCIAL AGAIN! Took me over 45 minutes to actually talk to a HUMAN BEING!!! Comcast, you truely suck. Looking into Verizon Wireless for service now - I can get everything through a little phone I can carry around with me, and when I want to, I can plug it into my TV to watch movies/TV shows, or plug it into my computer for internet service. How bad can it be? Can't be worse than Comcast.

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  7. Comcast advwertises they have helpful people to help us easily move our Comcast service.They lie. We moved and called for help. No help. No service in our new area.They want us to pay. a cancellation penalty because they don't have service here

  8. I lost internet on May 1st. I called the "customer service" number and they said they couldn't come out until Monday! So I tried contacting someone through the web chat. I got the same answer, Monday. At the point I'm very upset. So I proceed to tell this "customer service" representative that this was not acceptable he/she ended the chat! So now I'm livid. I get on Google and search and I come upon this website As I'm reading I see this email So I figured what the hell I'll email them and tell them what's going on. Within 2-3 hours I get a call from a nice woman who said she's looking into the problem and she will try to get a tech out today. Within the next hour or so a tech arrives and we have internet! The woman who called was very nice and not foreign. I would recommend emailing them if you have any issues!

  9. I'm going through the same crap right now. I decided to trench myself because of the lousy service.


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