Friday, May 1, 2015

Mark explanins - without service for over one-month‏


Thanks for offering to publish these stories. Dealing with Comcast has been the most primitive experience I have ever had with any company ever. 

We have been with out service for over one month and have been lied to about appointments that they have not come to although we have stayed home and have had our phones next to us constantly. My partner has kept a detailed log of every single contact with these clowns:

6/12-Internet out

6/14-Called com-cast, arranged for check-out service

6/14-tech arrived-explained wire stripped-told repair would be completed 7/3-specifically asked if any permission needed to be obtained from complex-advised nothing needed to be obtained to complete the needed repair

6/28-called to see if earlier appointment was available and if we needed to do anything for repairs to be completed-advised no earlier appointment available and no action required by us.

7/3 4pm-called to confirm appointment and to ask if anything was needed from us-advised appointment on track and advised nothing needed

7/3 7pm-technician arrives and explains that a "Letter of Permission" needs to be obtained and no repair can be completed. No one ever told us we needed to obtain this although we asked multiple times. Leasing office closed. Called comcast placed on hold for 55 minutes then spoke to LELA (operator ID given U7-) LELA promises that this is rescheduled for July 5th

7/5-8am-called to confirm appointment scheduled for 7/5. Told by AURORA (operator ID given R+P) that the appointment is scheduled for July 30th. After pressing that this was unacceptable and that we where just promised 7/5 she hung up the call

7/5-8.45am-called back and spoke to JUSTIN (operator ID given 94232). Told that appointment was for 7/5 and we would receive a call from a technician by 9.30am and a supervisor would call about complaint. Call never received

7/5 -9.40am one of us drive down to the XFINITY store in Voss and Westheimer in Houston while the other stayed at home waiting and told by person in store that the appointment was indeed for July 5th and they would be there that day. We stayed home all day on July 5th and no one ever called or came.

7/7 wrote detailed e-mail and received call from ASHLEY at corporate office who told us they would come that Monday or Tuesday. Provided both of our phone numbers and she promised we would get a 45 minute advance call. 

7/8 and 7/9--no technician called, came or otherwise manifested himself. Called ASHLEY back at corporate office and told that the Monday or Tuesday appointment was probably canceled because "we did not answer the phone and they do not leave voicemails" No one ever called either one of us. ASHLEY then told us the appointment scheduled for 7/12. Both my partner and I change our voicemails to say ""if this is COMCAST please leave a message of when you will be arriving and do not cancel our appointment"", and also tape a sign to our door that say "COMCAST : please knock we are here" plus both of our numbers. 

This company and the people that work for it are the most wretched we have come across. The people in their foreign call center clearly not only make up fake English-sounding names, but they also make up fictitious operator id's and appointments that will never happen. The corporate office people, instead of prioritizing us due to their gross incompetence and lack of communication instead implied that because we failed to answer out phone on the first or second ring we are responsible for the an appointment being canceled.
How hard if it to send a standard notice by mail or phone or e mail to all clients that say "if you live in an apartment you must obtain a letter of permission"??-instead we asked and asked and where told we needed to do nothing, and then given false appointments repeatedly. 

Thanks for taking this e-mail


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