Sunday, May 31, 2015

Paying Comcast to return equipment Erich doesn't even want

Comcast, agh, gotta love'm ! …..  I experience an internet outage last spring. I call customer support. Instead of sending a reset signal, they send me a modem/router I didn't ask for and don't want and they charge me $9.95 for the privilege. Meanwhile my old equipment resets and is working fine, so I put the new equipment on the shelf and decide to deal with it later. A few months on they send a letter telling me they are going to charge me more if I keep the new equipment I never asked for.... but—and this is the really fun part— I have to pay THEM to return it ... or drive half way across town... even though I have been paying them a monthly modem rental fee.

I then spent an hour and half on the phone with Customer Service trying to get this straightened out, and they can't seem to get this straight with no luck. They just seem to be extracting the maximum advantage from their monopoly position. And now they want to merge with Time-Warner and form an even bigger monopoly? If you consider how much we all spend per month, these guys make Standard Oil look like child's play. What happened to our anti-trust laws? I am all for free markets, but since when did free markets mean only freedom for corporate extraction? I am about ready to unplug and find a new way to connect to the internet.  These guys are making AT&
T look good.


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