Thursday, January 8, 2009

check out Tim's email to Rick Germano the head of comcastic customer support! This is priceless!

The emails I've sent to R. Germano

Mr. Germano,

I have been an official customer of Comcast for the past four days but my family has happily patronized your company for years. I recently switched from Verizon to Comcast because I missed the high quality of service. It is surprising to me and all that I speak with the level of service that I have received for the past four days; to say the least it is shameful. I am thoroughly disgusted with the level of service I have received from your staff; technicians and the like.

I placed my order on late Wednesday, June 18, 2008. I was told that I would receive a confirmation email, it never arrived. I thought that when the technician arrived he/she would install the 1 HD/DVR, router to link two desktop computers and 4 digital boxes. My window was set for 8-11am, the technician called at 9:30 to say he would be there by 10:30; he arrived at 11:30. There were no additional calls from 9:30-11:30. After looking through all the rooms he installed one modem for one desktop pc, one hd/dvr box and the telephone line. He said he could only install what was shown on the order form. If I had received the order confirmation maybe I could have called on Thursday, the day before my appointment, to increase my order.

Upon arriving home from work around 7pm, I called Comcast to inquire as to why I only received one box, etc. By the end of the conversation I was told that I would need to schedule a new appointment, it was set for Monday, June 23rd. The agent scheduled the time for 5-8pm but I informed them that I couldn't take additional time off. She said that's fine, the tech will arrive after 6pm, but the window will be between the hours of 5-8pm. I was also told that I would need to increase my order to include 4 digital boxes and a wireless modem to link two desktop pc's. Later that evening I sat down to watch and record a series on Showtime only to find some time later that the MYDVR function "is not available or currently disabled". I called again and we went through a series of tests and phone calls that never seemed to solve the problem. I was told that the technician on Monday would bring a new HD/DVR box.

On Saturday, June 22nd, I awoke to find that I had no telephone or internet service. It wasn't until Saturday that I learned that I have it appears as though I have a low signal and the following need to occur:

A telephone tech would need to diagnose the problem on Monday
If cables needed to be replaced then miss utility would have to authorize the dig and then the cable would be replaced. This could take 30 days.

I have a 2 year old son and God forbid Murphy law rules and my cell phone conks out while I'm waiting on a cable to be replaced.

Later in the day a woman name Marcia or Maria called to tell me that my telephone and internet service is back up. She also confirmed that someone would be out on Monday. I requested that I receive a confirmation email and was told that I would receive one before my appointment. The email never arrived, not to my yahoo or Comcast account.

Because I was told that a tech would be at my house after 6pm I asked my sister to sit for your technician. She arrived at 5:45pm. I received a call at 5:37pm from 301.731.3710. The rep asked if I was home and I said no I'm picking up my son. The rep said "The technician" and then put me on hold, never to return. I arrived at 6:15pm to find no technician; no missed you card on my door and no additional calls.

I called at 5:57 and decided to hang up because I still had time on my window. At 7:30 there was no sign of a technician. I called Comcast and was told that "You requested 6pm but your window was 5-8". I told Taj #7387 that yes I requested after 6pm and your agent told me that the tech would arrive after 6. She never said before 6, she said they would arrive after 6. I said do whatever you have to do, but I need that tech to come to my house. No one showed up to my house. Does my business mean anything to Comcast? I understand that I am but one customer but I was a customer that looked highly on comcast. My husband switched to Verizon when we moved because he heard a new techno term and got excited. Am I being punished for my husband's addiction to new technology or is this just a bad instance of customer service?

I've been out of a phone and internet for two days, my only cable box isn't functioning properly and now I have to reschedule my appointment because representatives from Comcast have not followed through or have out and out lied to me about what service I would receive.

I didn't return the equipment on Saturday because I've always received quality service. I didn't return the equipment on Sunday because I've always received quality service. Now I'm out $187 for the installation fee and God only knows what additional fees I'll incur for cancelling my service with Comcast.

What will happen now? Will I receive a refund, an apology or someone at my doorstep tomorrow at 6pm?

An immediate response and action is requested.

Mr. Germano,

I contacted you last evening due to the unsatisfactory service I have received thus far. After chatting with a representative online I scheduled a new appointment for this evening, 5-8pm. At 5:30 I hadn't been contacted by a technician or CSR so I called and spoke with a man to ensure my appointment was on file. He informed me that it was and that I was number 11 and the tech was on 9. At 7:00 I called again and had the pleasure to speak with Eugenia, ext 7352. She was the only CSR to give me her extension to follow up in case a tech hadn't called. At 8pm I called again and she said she would notate my account that the tech was officially late. She asked that I call again if no one called me or showed up. No one showed up! Eugenia said that my ticket was closed out but there weren't any notes added. I asked to speak to a supervisor who will hopefully escalate these issues directly to you or at least to someone close to you.

I just want my service installed, it's that simple. Signing my check and giving it directly to your tech should indicate this. Me calling and emailing constantly should also tell your staff something. How could your staff not show? How could your staff not contact their customer to say there is an emergency, etc?

This situation has gone from bad to worse and I'm really at the point where I would rather deal with Verizon's nonsense than this.

So what is going to happen now? We're way past apologies.


  1. The Comcast Saga
    I started an account with Comcast cable for cable and internet in around December of 2007. Read my story... and AVOID Comcast like the plague.

    Part One - Taken to Collections
    First, when I opened my account, for some unknown reason Comcast did it TWICE. Unknown to me, I had TWO accounts. Apparently and also unknown to me, I got billed for installation twice. I paid the installation on the only account I knew of. I have paid EVERY statement since within a day of receipt. I have not been late once, nor missed any payments whatsoever.

    Within the first month of signing up, I began getting threats via USPS from Comcast about unpaid balances. Each time, I called Comcast and they verified that I was current. Within a few months, after numerous calls to Comcast to deal with this, I began receiving COLLECTION notices. I continued to call Comcast, who found I was current.

    Shortly later, I began getting mail from a COLLECTION AGENCY. At this point, I scoured the internet and came across an email address for a Comcast Vice-President. I emailed him, telling him the complete saga. He said he would resolve it. Within a couple days, I received a call from Comcast stating that they found the issue... it was a duplicated account. THEIR fault. So, Comcast took a good-paying customer who had never been late or missed one payment, to collections over a mistake that THEY made.

  2. The Comcast Saga - Cont'd

    Part Two - Telemarketer Hell
    At the end of my 1 year agreement, I discontinued Comcast cable. I had purchased HD, and Comcast's HD was pathetic compared to the other choices available. Additionally, I was about tired of Comcast's nonstop marketing (the turtle commercials). Some time after I discontinued my service, I began getting phone calls from (719)546-6354. When the very first call came in, I did a Google on it versus answering it. I found that the number traced to Comcast in Pueblo, Colorado. I found that hundreds of people were complaining about getting "spam" telemarketing phone calls. I saw many who told of their attempts to get the calls to stop. Some said Comcast denied involvement. Some said that Comcast refused to do anything.

    After receiving MANY of these calls, most of which came at inopportune times, I decided to bring it to an end. I began a log, to log the calls and my attempts to get it to end. Initially, I began placing calls to their 800-Comcast number. On some instances, the representatives would deny involvement in the spam calls. At other times, they would admit that it was Comcast.

    I received about 3 promises that my number had been removed from their telemarketing list. Each time, I would continue to receive calls. Each time, I would immediately call Comcast to complain... where I would receive more promises that it would end, and that my name was now off the list. This time for sure, to quote Bullwinkle. Each time, the calls continued.

    Eventually, I asked to speak to a manager. I had reached the end of tolerance and sought to get a manager to help me. The representative asked for my account information, in order to get a manager for me. After I gave it to her, she put me on hold to find a manager. My call was then transferred to Tech Support... to avoid getting a manager. In Tech Support, the call was answered by Joseph Everett. Again, I had to provide my account information in order to speak to a manager. I provided it. Everett then told me that he would not transfer me to a manager. Period.

    I then contacted Comcast via email, and via their chat link on their website. In both instances, I was told that they had just removed my number, and that I would receive no additional calls. Also, I was promised that a manager would be calling me.

    Days later, no phone calls from Comcast management. I DID get a phone call from Comcast; Another TELEMARKETING call. I was in the car when the call came in and I answered it via my bluetooth headset, so I did not see caller ID. The caller identified themselves as a representative from Comcast, calling to see if there was anything they could do for me, as far as television service and phone service. I mustered the loudest, foulest voice possible, cursed at her at maximum volume until she hung-up the phone. I checked the call log and, you guessed it, the same number in Pueblo Colorado.

    I immediately called Comcast and got to "Mar" in their Billing Department. She asked for my account info. I gave it. She said she would put me through to management. As I drove to my local Comcast office, "Mar" came back on the line and said she could do nothing further for me, and she was not going to put me through to a supervisor. I then mustered the same loud, foul mouth and described in detail how she could copulate with herself a'la Dick Cheney.

    I went to the Comcast office. I explained the issue to the representative. She admitted it was Comcast placing the harassing calls.

    So, I am terminating Comcast

  3. I have not received the assistance I have been requesting related to this issue/activity and need immediate attention. I have repeated my need numerous times only to be given incomplete information and then DUMPED OFF to someone/anyone else instead someone/anyone at COMCAST taking ownership as a single-point-of -contact in assisting to complete this effort.

    My escalation requests appears to have fallen upon deaf ears or is being inhibited ("stone-walled").

    Again, immediate attention has been and IS STILL being requested because I am completely unsatisfied with the assistance to date.

  4. What is Rick Germano's Email?

  5. I believe that will work. doesn't work.

  6. Try

  7. With millions of Americans out of work Comcast is outsourcing jobs that we can and want to do. WTF is with that? It's just another smack in the face when a unemployed American has to deal with representatives that are, as they say "offshore", when asking where the representative located. They have given away jobs and only added to the frustration of their customers!!! If you have a company that is American based than YOU SHOULD EMPLOY AMERICANS!!!!!

  8. I have had a horrible week, Comcast has been going in & out, and this week, when needed most, I had no 911 service, and had a miscarriage, I could not call the hospital, my Dr. or anyone, not even 911.
    Put yourself in my place for a second, panic, Blood, 1 yr old baby screaming... and NO dialtone.
    it took a LOT of convincing to get someone out here within a couple days. They wanted to wait for 5 or 6 days!!!!
    once the tech finally got here, it was fixed in 5 minutes, the problem? A comcast employee disconnected MY cable on accident when doing some service for the apt. building.
    this was the second time this month, 1st time, I was given a 30$ credit, THANK YOU.
    HOWEVER, this most recent 4 day mess-up, I was told by a retention CS person, & right after by he supervisor (Mike Hitt) from the White Marsh center in Baltimore that all they could do, for this EXTREME inconveinence, was the basic minimum of crediting my account for the days it was not working. This is expected, as I AM NOT paying for days I have no service. NOW, let's talk about RETENTION, that is in no way helping me in wanting to keep comcast as a service provider when they care not about the difficulties I had this week due to their mistake.
    WHO will make this better for us? This makes no sense. $30 to keep me, but 2 weeks later when comcast messes up 10x worse, we get $15?? and it was for more days this time.
    OK, i understand there is not a lot that can be done, but I made iot a point to ask for SOMETHING to be done, and Mr Hitt had nothing he could do per his words. Even when i stated I would be blogging & spreading the word about this incident, he didn't seem to mind. No real attempt to keep us as a customer, just the least.
    I even requested if a free service like the Disney channel could be comp'd and it would help go a long way to show comcast is truly trying to make up for the situation they were to blame for, as well as an apology for all the trouble we had to go thru with comcast over this, not to mention the problem with no phone to call 911, doctors, or anything that came from this. I haven't even gotten into the loss of income from the on-line work my husband was not able to do because of no internet connection.
    In asking the supervisor about the account info, I have also come to find out that the numerous times I relayed the information to people, it was NOT relayed well and in some cases NOT AT ALL into the account file information. I am appalled at the manager of your 'RETENTION' dept in Baltimore. He only convinced me I was right in shopping for new service providers.
    NOW, I am wondering, is there anything that CAN be done, or should I just sign-up with DISH and convince my neighbors it's the way to go. My husband has already started passing the story to the 600 friends he's got on Facebook, and the end of the story is up for grabs, as he says, depending upon their timely response& action. Thank you for your time
    Steve & Jennifer P

  9. We all know that Comcast is great at internet, that's where it ends. Comcast don't just be great at one thing, be good at everything... Just good.

  10. I don't even think they can get the Internet right! I am so disgusted with them right now I could scream. Of course, I am on this site trying to find the email address for Rick Germano. Placed an order last week and have been trying to get them to set it up right for 5 days now. I can't wait to see what my bill is going to look like. So far they have screwed up on chat, the phone, and emails from 3 different representatives, all telling me either I don't have what I ordered or I need to get a more expensive package for what I ordered. Absolutely disgusting! I'm taking the box back tomorrow and canceling the TV.

  11. I hate Comcast. I really, really hate Comcast. So hate it. So much.

  12. They have the worst customer service ever!

  13. Comcast not only has service issues, this company discriminates openly against the hearing impaired/deaf communities by establishing a policy that requires a person to communicate on a telephone. Has anyone else waited hours for a "no show" simply because they do not hear the telephone? And how many folks with mobility problems were told to "pull out the box" or how many people with vision impairments have been instructed to "read the serial number". Perhaps, on a state or Justice Department level, a letter of merit could be issued for a class action suit.

    1. Hell yeah I got skipped by a technician to install service 3 times when promised and i finally grabbed a technician who ws coming off another call. Comcast is the new Nazi Party, I hope they are broken up by the FCC and the Federal government as a criminally negligent organization. Fuck you and your shit service Scumcast

  14. Rick Germano your name should be DICK because that's what you are and that's what Comcast is as a company...greedy dicks who could give a shit about service. Fuck you

  15. We just got comcast cable upgraded from the bare minimum. Reception was so terrible with the box compared to the cable straight into the TV we thought something was wrong. Nope. That's how it is. Tech was great, gave me a bunch of advice how to improve it. His boss shows up, cuts the cable to the guestroom (we had no idea there was an additional fee, would have been happy to pay the additional few bucks) without talking to us, put his metal tools on our gas connection, and when I offered him a drink, asked for alcohol. Scrrreeeech. Cancel Comcast. AT&T here we come.

  16. Comcast Sucks. They have not Done anything right for me. Hope someone would sue them.
    I have business account so, every time i need something i contact my business account rep and they say i will be out of office for so many day and i am moving this week and so on and never help so, govt need to jump into this issue and take some action. its not only my i have so many friends they all have business account and same problem.

  17. comast does suck a big one! tech came out to replace my dvr which has hdmi hook up, he wants to replace it with a componet hook up after i had paid extra for the hdmi cable, tells me he cant bring me what i need only what they put on his truck! who gives a shit what the costumer needs or wants?? not comcast for sure!

  18. ComCast Home Security is a JOKE. I have been charged 2 months for service yet I am unable to use the service do to it setting off false alarms and the touch screen cutting on and off when it wants. They have managed to screw my router up so bad that I can't get wireless anymore from it. I have called and spent 3 hours on the phone got hung up on 7 times (on purpose, anytime I asked to speak to a supervisor). It has been lie after lie and I am tired of it. At this point I want the Home Security taken out of my home and I REFUSE to pay an Early Termination Fee seeing as how it isn't MY fault that your company can't get a service technician out to my home to fix it. I want my 2 months refunded back to me since I have been unable to use it. I would like some compensation for the 3 hours I sat here waiting for him on the 7th and he never called never showed, I want some compensation for the 3 hours I spent on the phone on the 12th and I was hung up on 7 times (after asking to speak to a supervisor), and I would also like compensation for today I have waited since 8 am for him to show up because he was scheduled from 8 am to 10 am it is 12 pm and again no call no show and dispatch cannot find him. This is RIDICULOUS!!!

  19. Found him on FaceBook?

  20. I Just cancelled my 3 bundles with Comcast on 1/29/2013. They raised the price from $156+ to
    $185+ and I have been a customer since 2008. I was told that the previous price was a promotional since Jan.,2012. The best answer to them is to switch services since they do NOT appreciate a loyal customer for over 4 years.
    I am saving over $60/M after searching for the same package with different providers.

  21. help...I have been a Comcast for 20years...I have a bundle works off and on daily 3 modems and 4 tech later for the last month I have no phone or internet for approx. 15days. Tech come and go..some are terrible but some are at least trying to help.
    I am considering changing and I hate to do that, but this seems like everyone is having major problems and no one get the proper response..where do I go next? Paula Carroll

    1. wondering if you were able to get someone to help.. I am having a hell of a time

  22. comcast cutomer service sucks!!! They are not educated on how to handle problems. I have been without phone services for days. They mess my total service up from the beginning. They need to close down, I would never recommend anyone to use comcast.