Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Comcast does dirty business like no other!

Gizmodo wrote a great article on how big of scumfuck's comcast is and I want you to enjoy It. Link to the original is here, BAM.

Comcast is notorious for being a bunch of raging dickholes that we’d like cleave from our lives. But the company is also, you know, the largest internet service provider in the United States, one that has strong stranglehold on a big chunk of us and that loves to cap the crap out of the one service you need every day. Comcast is also super, duper scared of any and all competition.

Years after attempting to prevent a small city at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau from building its own gigabit network, Atlanta has become a particular source of terror for Comcast. That’s where the company is freaking out because Google Fiber will be infiltrating homes in just a few months.

First, there was Comcast’s announcement of healthy competition. Just some truly spectacular internet speeds that were heretofore unknown from Comcast. Oh—but the gigabit speeds are only available in markets where cheaper, better services were already providing gigabit data speeds or planning to provide them shortly. Atlanta is one of those markets.

Then Comcast blanketed the home of Coca-Cola in fliers that advertised how its fast new internet services are waaaaay better than that lame Google Fiber crap everyone is praising.

All the Fucked Up Things Comcast Is Doing to Compete With Google Fiber least two of those claims are probably true. Source: Imgur
If you’ll notice way down at the bottom of the flyer there’s a note about Comcast’s claim of having faster wi-fi than Google Fiber. The test to determine speeds was performed two years ago, in 2014, by a lab that Comcast has done business with for years. Yeah, that’s probably accurate and unbiased.

Now, Comcast is finally deploying its gigabit service for $70 a month. That’s a fantastic price! That’s on par with Google Fiber! If you’re down with regularly dealing with the boil on the taint of America, it’s a fricking deal!

There is one hiccup. You have to sign a three-year contract to get the deal. Otherwise you’ll be paying $140 a month and facing a 300GB data cap—which you should smash rather quickly with your new firehose of an internet connection. You can pay to have the data cap removed, of course. Because capitalism is great. That will, however, bring your month bill up to $175 a month. And regardless, Comcast will probably hike up the price when the promo period ends, because that’s what Comcast does.

In a sense, though, this shit show is worth something. At the end of the day, Comcast is showing how healthy competition is for capitalism. It’s even playing a role in getting the government to intervene by creating rules to protect net neutrality and help end the age-old American tradition of telecom monopolies. So thanks for being a raging bunch of dickholes, Comcast. You’re making everyone else look like saints.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

75 year old woman arrested for smashing up Comcast waiting room with a Hammer!

Check out this incredible story of an angry older lady smashing up a comcast waiting room!
You can find the original story here - Woman Smashes up Comcast with a Hammer;

Mona "The Hammer" Shaw doesn't have any regrets about laying waste to her local Comcast office with said construction tool, bucko, don't you worry.
Once she got out of the handcuffs that August 2007 afternoon, and a story in The Washington Post made the 70-something retired nurse from Bristow a folk hero for fed-up customers everywhere, life has been sweet.\
She's lost 45 pounds. She and her husband of nearly half a century, Don, work out at the gym and she's got some buff biceps. They still take in dogs from the local shelter and are active in their Unitarian church.
And, oh, people still call her "The Hammer Lady."

Her celebrity began when Comcast couldn't provide her steady service of its Triple Play option, which combined phone, cable and Internet service. After the Shaws' many complaints, Comcast cut off service entirely. She went to the office to speak to a manager, Comcast had her wait two hours and the manager left for the day. The next Monday morning, it was hammer time. Shaw demolished the customer service rep's monitor, keyboard and telephone. While people ducked under desks and called the cops, Shaw bellowed: "Have I got your attention now?"\
Sure, she got tossed into the squad car, but what of it? After the story about her exploits ran, the charges were dropped. There were hundreds of calls and letters, endless pats on the back from friends and neighbors, and complete strangers sent her money to pay legal bills (she donated it all to the local animal shelter).

Dr. Phil flew her out to Los Angeles, limos and airfare and hotels included, for a show on vigilante justice. "I was the vigilante," she says proudly. Three years later, people still cite her as the image of fed-up consumers -- CBS News came down in November for another piece.
Meanwhile, Don gave her a golden brooch of ... a hammer. She wears it everywhere. They had T-shirts made up, a picture of her and her red-and-black steel hammer on the front. On the back, her do-we-still-have-a-problem-here-missy question of the customer service rep.
"I have had so much fun with this," she says.
The only real downsides were that her 95-year-old mother-in-law "thought I'd lost my marbles," and she had to pay her lawyer $2,500 for services that she thought were somewhat less than exemplary. (No hammer was involved in the billable hours discussion, however.)
On a recent sunny afternoon, she and Don received a visitor in their modest ranch-style house.
After an hour of catching up, there is only one question left. Who is your cable and Internet service provider these days?
A pause. She clears her throat.
She has Verizon for the telephone service and Comcast for the Internet. "To tell you the truth, I have fewer problems with Comcast than I do with Verizon."