Thursday, April 30, 2015 purposefully throttle sports streaming, Net Neutrality anyone?

So this week I had my friend over who is a customer of comcast xfinity tv, meaning that he is able to stream some of the content available to him through an internet connection,  which includes some sports. When I say "some", I mean that a fraction of the sports he can watch at his house via a coaxial cable are available to him via the magnificence of the intertubes we call the internet.  We hung out at my place and to our surprise, an nba playoff game was available to us after we logged in using his account. Glorious indeed.

After the buffering completed,  we were treated to something in the range of 480p resolution (realize I have greater than 50mb down and 25mb up on average). This was not great but hey, we could watch some bball this way, and it's the playoffs right! A few minutes later, granted this is just slightly after the second half began, the quality began to drop. Worse than 480p? LOL.

So now it's a few minutes into the 3rd quarter and the quality turns into what I described as a postage stamp resolution. It looked like a 2009 ipod playing a movie the size of a thumb stamp on a 40+ inch 1080p screen. What happens next you'd never expect right , HA.

Next thing we know it just freezes and won't play the game at all, complete garbage. Must be my internet right? Shucks. Oh wait the commercials are displaying in perfect 720p, isn't that weird? It's almost like comcast xfinity tv doesn't want me to watch the game in quality, but fuck yeah they want me to enjoy fast food commercials in their full resolution and glory.

This is called throttling my friends, it's called bull shit. Net Neutrality, it's really a thing. Does comcast abide? No. Do they have politicians in their hands? Yes. Will things get worse before they get better? I don't know. Let's keep the knowledge coming, sharing our stories, and informing the masses. I thank you for an audience, we are all of us.

Please keep sending me stories and I will post them.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

Here's Byron's story from Salt Lake City

I have a new found appreciation for Direct TV after spending the last week trying to augment Direct TV with Comcast Internet.
First off the late installers on July 3rd decide after spending 5 minutes at my house that it was not convenient for them to run one line from the box to my wall so they simply took off when I was not looking and left.

The second appointment on July 5th didn’t call or show at all. Incredible! Then trying to figure out how to cancel is also a joke. The customer reps either are from India or Alabama which is basically the same level of capabaility.

I feel like I am stepping out of a minefield early with all limbs attached while I can. What a JOKE of a company. Byron in Salt Lake City.