Monday, May 11, 2009

Here is Furious Crawdad's recent comcast horror story

Here is Furious Crawdad's recent comcast horror story;

So I recently moved into my first house and found out that AT&T DSL wasn't going to work. Turns out I was now too far away from their node to get reliable service. So the only other route I can go is Comcast. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, it should be a much faster internet connection and I will get cable on top of it!

So, the install day rolls around and the tech shows up. Except he doesn't know what to do. I have to *tell him* what I ordered. So I show him where to install the cable and high speed internet and while he has no problem getting the cable going, he clearly knows *nothing* about hooking up the cable modem. He has to call up another guy who walks him through it, and basically ends up plugging in the modem and bringing up a browser window with a webpage that looks like the Tech is supposed to fill out. He tells me to go through all the steps and it should be fine. Then he leaves.

So I follow the pages, and fill in my information. It's all going fine until one page comes back with a error message about a problem submiting some XML. The website seems slow and the time between pressing "submit" and getting the next page is literally like 2 to 3 minutes. Anyways, I try going back and resubmitting the page and I get the same error.

Restarting the modem/computer doesn't change much. I still get the same page that wants me to agree to some terms, and when I click on "accept", I get the same error. (Failed to retrieve account details) Ugh.

So I call 1-800-COMCAST as the page suggests, and they proceed to spend 2.5 hours testing my modem/restarting my computer. Finally, they tell me that some other group needs to fix it and to wait 3 days. Great.

So I wait 3 days and call back. Nothing has been fixed! In fact, the trouble ticket was NEVER SUBMITTED! They tell me NOW they are going to submit the ticket and to wait another THREE DAYS. What to do bet I'll call back and it still won't work?

So here I am, completely helpless. There's no guarantee that it will be fixed. They can just keep stringing me along as much as they want and there's nothing I can do about it. No one will take responsibility. No one can let me talk to anyone who knows what the actual solution is or who can give me a real timeframe in which it will be fixed.

How in the world can a company be so screwed up and still continue to exist?

Account #8770350420573669

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here is another comcast horror story folks!!!

Here is the personal story of Adam "Monkey Business" L, you can find his original story at the following link on -

Here's my Comcast horror story.

The last time I cancelled service with Comcast, I had a cable modem and DVR. I was moving to another state that had Comcast, so I called and asked if I could return the equipment after my move? They said sure and gave me an address to mail it to. I moved, and returned the equipment to the local Comcast office, and made sure to tell them where to send it, and got a receipt.

I got a phone call about a month later, asking me why I hadn't returned my equipment. I dug out the receipt, gave her the number, and told her I had returned it. She said fine, and I went about my business.

A few weeks later, I get a bill for the cost of the cable modem and DVR. I call, explain that I had returned it, gave them the receipt number, and informed them that I did not have these items in my possession and would not be paying the bill. Customer service "promised" to look in to it, and that I didn't have to worry about anything.

A few weeks after that, I got a letter from a Collections agency, stating that Comcast had turned my name over because I had failed to return equipment. I called the collection agency, informed them that they were misinformed, and that I would not be paying them anything. I called Comcast, bitched out the Customer Service representative, demanded to speak to a supervisor, and demanded that this issue be settled.

Over the next several weeks, I got increasingly threatening phone calls from the collections agency, which disrupted my business and social lives, to the point where I was no longer taking phone calls from anyone whose number I didn't recognize. As I was interviewing at the time, this made things a little difficult.

I finally lost it one day after I got an especially nasty phone call. I drove down to my local Comcast office, demanded to speak to a supervisor, and ended up on a conference call with him, the supervisor in Chicago, and the supervisor at the Collections agency.

As I was no longer a Comcast customer, there wasn't anything they could do to compensate me. However, I did receive a very nice letter of apology from the director of customer service in the Midwest.