Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here is another comcast horror story folks!!!

Here is the personal story of Adam "Monkey Business" L, you can find his original story at the following link on yelp.com -

Here's my Comcast horror story.

The last time I cancelled service with Comcast, I had a cable modem and DVR. I was moving to another state that had Comcast, so I called and asked if I could return the equipment after my move? They said sure and gave me an address to mail it to. I moved, and returned the equipment to the local Comcast office, and made sure to tell them where to send it, and got a receipt.

I got a phone call about a month later, asking me why I hadn't returned my equipment. I dug out the receipt, gave her the number, and told her I had returned it. She said fine, and I went about my business.

A few weeks later, I get a bill for the cost of the cable modem and DVR. I call, explain that I had returned it, gave them the receipt number, and informed them that I did not have these items in my possession and would not be paying the bill. Customer service "promised" to look in to it, and that I didn't have to worry about anything.

A few weeks after that, I got a letter from a Collections agency, stating that Comcast had turned my name over because I had failed to return equipment. I called the collection agency, informed them that they were misinformed, and that I would not be paying them anything. I called Comcast, bitched out the Customer Service representative, demanded to speak to a supervisor, and demanded that this issue be settled.

Over the next several weeks, I got increasingly threatening phone calls from the collections agency, which disrupted my business and social lives, to the point where I was no longer taking phone calls from anyone whose number I didn't recognize. As I was interviewing at the time, this made things a little difficult.

I finally lost it one day after I got an especially nasty phone call. I drove down to my local Comcast office, demanded to speak to a supervisor, and ended up on a conference call with him, the supervisor in Chicago, and the supervisor at the Collections agency.

As I was no longer a Comcast customer, there wasn't anything they could do to compensate me. However, I did receive a very nice letter of apology from the director of customer service in the Midwest.


  1. Former Employee about to break this all open for you...

    1) Here is the "PLAYBOOK" describing the customer service philosophy...

    dream big:
    the Comcast
    Playbook – February 2009 Executive Summary
    Executive Summary
    For more than 45 years, Comcast has delivered innovative products that have
    transformed the way people communicate, are informed and entertained.
    Comcast has been in our customers’ homes as they watched the first man land on
    the moon. We were there when they received a photo of their newest family member
    through email, and when they voted for the next American Idol. Today, more than 24
    million customers rely on us for these products and services every day. They have high
    expectations of us, and we need to have higher expectations of ourselves.
    The extraordinary success that we’ve enjoyed over the past 45 years has also brought
    challenges...increased competition…a 24/7 culture that demands what it wants, when it
    wants it…and technological cycles that get shorter by the day.
    Our dreams, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to develop innovative products and
    services have served us well. Now we must work even harder to meet the challenges
    of today. We have another opportunity to transform our company and our industry. That
    transformation centers on delivering a superior customer experience.
    This playbook will provide you with the necessary tools and support to help us in the
    transformation of our customer experience.
    The Comcast customer experience, our guide to excellence, is defined as:
    We want our customers to be amazed by the choice Comcast offers, excited by
    the innovation Comcast provides and pleased with the service and reliability of
    every interaction with Comcast.
    Successfully implementing each of the Customer experience improvements, starting
    with an evolved Credo and new Customer Guarantee, requires massive operational
    transformation and investment. To reach our goal, the entire organization has to
    align—employees, products, service, technology, operations, finance, programming
    and communications. The improvements will demonstrate to our customers and other
    important audiences, that we will do everything to give them a superior experience.
    We want them to see, hear and feel a difference in Comcast.
    Section 1
    Dream big: Transforming the
    Comcast Customer Experience
    Both employees and consumers are urging us
    to make the customer experience a priority. That
    means in every interaction, we want our customers
    to be amazed by the choice Comcast offers, excited
    by the innovation Comcast provides and pleased
    with the service and reliability of every Comcast
    employee. The customer experience is our guide to
    excellence. Dream big expresses our companywide
    commitment to delivering the most innovative and
    reliable products and services to our customers in
    order to provide them with a superior experience.
    The section includes:
    a. Defining the Customer Experience
    b. Why Are We Transforming the
    Customer Experience?
    c. What Is dream big?
    d. How Will We Talk About Transforming
    the Customer Experience?
    e. Facts About Our Company Today
    Section 2
    Evolving the Comcast Credo
    We’ve evolved our Credo to put our products and
    customer at the center of what we do. This section
    a. Comcast Credo
    b. The Credo Promise and Touchstones
    Section 3
    Operations: The Comcast
    Customer Guarantee
    A critical part of our current and future success is
    having customers who are happy they’ve chosen
    Comcast. Part of making our customers feel
    valued is our ability to deliver a superior customer
    experience every day. Operations must lead the
    charge and be prepared to successfully implement
    the changes taking place. This section includes:
    a. The Comcast Customer Guarantee
    b. The Comcast Customer Guarantee Q&A
    c. Customer Service Overview: Systems,
    Tools and Processes to Deliver a
    Superior Experience
    i. Product Superiority
    ii. Network Reliability

  2. Section 4
    Employee Experience
    We’ve built a unique culture and an exciting
    company over the past 45 years—all powered by
    our people. This section outlines the tools, training,
    opportunities and communications messages that
    are available to every person in the company as we
    move towards our next great accomplishment. This
    section includes:
    a. Internal Communications
    i. Dream big rollout
    ii. Comcast Live
    iii. Employee dream big Items
    b. Aligning Human Resources
    c. Powering the Dream
    Section 5
    Constant innovation, in our products and in our
    thinking, has been part of our DNA since we first
    began. It will continue to drive us into the future.
    Developing “can’t-live-without-it” products is what
    our customers love about us. And that is why one of
    our key transformative business strategies is product
    superiority. This section includes information on:
    a. Video Product Innovation
    b. High-Speed Internet Product Innovation
    c. Voice Service Innovation
    d. Comcast Triple Play
    e. Comcast Business Class
    f. Comcast Interactive Media (CIM)
    g. Comcast Programming Group
    Section 6
    Repositioning our brand is a key part of transforming
    the customer experience and building
    a preference for Comcast in the marketplace.
    As a result of this transformation we will launch
    a new advertising campaign, a new tagline and
    updated brand guidelines. This section includes
    dream big information on:
    a. Brand Platform
    b. Brand Guidelines
    c. Advertising overview
    d. FAQs
    e. Checklist
    Section 7
    External Communications
    Our strategy for communicating with external
    audiences about the changes at Comcast is to first
    “walk the walk.” We need to build a high degree of
    credibility by demonstrating to our customers how
    we are transforming their experience every day.
    This section includes information on:
    a. Current external communications
    b. Government affairs
    c. The positive results that our investment
    in our communities is having in Comcast
    towns across the country
    d. Our digital strategy including the
    2009 launch of Comcast Voices, our
    corporate blog
    Section 1
    Defining the Customer Experience
    We want our customers to be amazed by the choice
    Comcast offers, excited by the innovation Comcast
    provides and pleased with the service and reliability
    of every interaction with Comcast.
    Why Are We Transforming the Customer Experience?
    We have been listening to two of our most important audiences–our customers and our employees. What
    both groups have told us is that we need to build on our established heritage as an innovator and show
    customers, in many tangible ways, that we value and respect them.
    Customers continuously tell us that they love our products, but they don’t love the inconsistency with
    which our products and services are sometimes delivered. This includes everything from customer
    service, to our communication of service changes and the performance and reliability of our products.

  3. Unreal. This sounds like the playbook Tim and Eric wrote for DOBIS