Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Xfinity is a dirty piece of shit!

Xfinity sounds like a xxx porn streaming service brought to you by comcast, the company that accidentally broadcast porn to thousands of people during the superbowl. What a crappy product name, what a shity company, what a mockery.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Magic 8 ball don't lie

Ball don't lie.

Fuck YOU comcast, Fuck YOU!!!

So for the past week at my condo my internet has been slow as dick in molasses in the winter time (yeah I know that makes no sense). When I go to call comcast to complain, they instantly spit some prerecorded bullshit about there being an outage in my area? Wait a second, I just called from my cell phone that has a different area code than where my house is, how can they instantly make a deterministic confirmation of which "area" I live in (do all of comcast's "area's" have outages?). What a cop out, its like starting off a conversation with "I'm so sorry". So I had the bastards restart my modem and sure enough its still 56k modem-ish. How the fuck am I supposed to stream porn with a connection that takes 20 seconds to check my email. Fucking blasphemy.

Comcast fuck you, and fuck all the politicians who have assisted you in being such an ass raping monopoly. I know I have pretty much no other options for internet because you and the government are fuck buddies, I feel like a woman in a 1920's marriage who gets beaten and mistreated and shat on, but can't get a divorce cause she can't find work as a woman! Fuck this shit.

Fuck YOU comcast, Fuck YOU!!!