Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Comcast Data Caps!

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Comcast has data caps at 1tb for even gigabit users, while centurylink, spectrum, and loads of other isp's do not! Why have really fast internet when you can barely use it? Comcast counters by saying "you can use mobile hotspots with unlimited data though", well that's cool, but why not at people's houses where they actually USE LOTS of DATA! This is such a joke comcast!

The customer service guy even mentioned that "other companies" are going to remove their unlimited data soon, but had no evidence. He mentioned only 3% of all customers go over their data cap, well a lot of customers have such cheap internet plans they would struggle to EVER go over their cap He cited net neutrality, which comcast helped kill! What a wonderful company!

Good times comcast!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Comcast should be Burning again! Minnesota Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Comcast

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Minnesota's attorney general is suing Comcast/Xfinity, alleging the company has overcharged thousands of consumers for cable TV packages, charged them for unordered equipment and services, and failed to deliver on promised Visa gift cards.

Attorney General Lori Swanson says the lawsuit follows more than two years of investigation.

The lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County District Court in Minneapolis on Friday, alleges consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices. It seeks a court order to stop Comcast's allegedly deceptive business practices, and for unspecified amounts of restitution, civil penalties and legal fees.

Swanson says a trial is underway in a similar lawsuit in Washington state, and that Comcast recently agreed to settle a similar case in Massachusetts.

Comcast spokeswoman Jill Hornbacher says the facts don't support the allegations from Attorney General Swanson. She says Comcast fully discloses all charges, fees and promotional requirements.

The spokeswoman says Comcast would "like nothing more than to work collaboratively" with the attorney general's office to address the complaints it has raised. But she says Swanson's office has "largely ignored" the company's efforts to do so.

Original story from

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Comcast and AT&T give their employees 1k bonus' due to Net Neutrality being Shut Down!!!

So in response to net neutrality being being illegally voted against and removed, our good ole buddies comcast and AT&T are giving a large amount of their workforce 1k $ bonus' in a victory celebration! I'm I against workers getting a bonus around the holidays? Of course I'm not. I'm I a fan of comcast and the like giving bonus' in a victory statement that will Fuck Over the American internet and squeeze more money out of us? That stops competition? That halts small companies from exceeding all in the name of their personal profit? Fuck I'm angry.

Not only does the ajit pai parade around like he's worth breathing air, making absolutely henious jokes at his little FCC party and posting bullshit youtube videos about how the internet will not be affected, but now the ISP's have to shove their bonus' in our face. Its like halliburton throwing the party of the century after charging the us tax powers 17 million a pop to move 200 refrigerators to the middle east. Its like all the exon mobile ceos collectively taking a dump in our mouths while celebrating how much they have financially benefited from war over oil.

Fuck you Comcast, oh this site will be blocked soon eh? Fuck you comcastcares1 or whatever the fuck your pathetic internet presence is, that tries to smooth over people like me, good luck fuckers.

Fuck Comcast, Fuck all you ISP's in America. Fuck you ajit, who is a slimy animal creature in Elderscrolls. Fuck you Trump!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuck you FCC, Fuck you Trump, Fuck you Comcast, Fuck you Verizon

FYI better read this blog now before comcast blocks it!

You know, before net neutrality became a thing under Obama, class act ISP's like verizon and comcast were throttling your connection. Sure you felt ashamed watching the kardashian show, but you payed so it would actually work on your internet connection you were paying hard earned money for, and the same for netflix. Now without Obama, in Trump's version of America where hate and puke inducing Tweets by the "sober" president at 3 f'ing am in the morning are common place. Where the president is affecting our love of sports. Where Elephant heads and tusks can be imported to America. Where we are investing in fossil fuels rather than renewable energy. Where education, social security, medicare, and not getting even more fucked on taxes are no longer even in the conversation. But now? Our internet freedoms are going bye bye. Fuck an entire country over for a few people, that's the golden way Trump. I miss, respect, and revere you Obama.

Under the assumption that net neutrality is dead, as it will be on thursday, what will be the first move to F you over tax paying americans? Will the isp rates go up? Will your netfilx subscription go up because they have to pay a billion dollars a year to isp's for "fast lanes", so the high speed internet you are already paying for will actually stream fast enough to to be able to watch something? Will your xbox and playstation network yearly subscriptions go up because they have to do the same? Pass on the Unsavings! Unsavings for all of us who are already paying!

Will you have to pay your isp 9 bucks more a month to view reddit? Will you be able to see this comcast blog, do you think comcast won't black list this shit? Enjoy it now and leave some comments please. Will you be able to create a new website you hosted yourself? No. Will small competitors be able to pay the huge fees ips's will charge just to be "available" on your network? No. Will this hurt the economy? Yes.

Does net neutrality harm the disabled and elderly you ask as the head of the FCC has suggested? No. Emergencies currently already get fast lanes, why because its fucking god damn life and DEATH INVOLVED. Nobody is hurting because of net neutrality other than ISP's making not double, triple, quadruple their money! You, him, her, and all of the regular people are the ones getting FUCKED.

Please pour out a little liquor as we mourn freedom on the internet. And never forget this BS, there will be more fights to come and we need to band together!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Data Caps? Want a big slice of ISP Anal Rape? Comcast says take 2! Take the whole Goddamn pie they say!

Comcast loves to stick it to you, they do it 359 million times more than their entire work force fornicate with their spouses. They have a lot of workers and even though they don't give 1 fuck, that's a lot of fucks they dish out, fucking you over!

I would love you guys to take a look at this article, and the link to the original is here comcast wants you to suffer. So here's the content friends;

The Wall Street Journal has a great report about broadband data caps this week, revealing something everyone already knows: people really don't like the bullshit that huge broadband companies put them through. Through a Freedom Of Information Act request, WSJ found that consumer complaints to the FCC skyrocketed in 2015 as Comcast in particular started ramping up data cap experiments across the country. Complaints about data caps reportedly rose from 863 in the first half of the 2015, to 7,904 in the second half — and continued into 2016 with 1,463 complaints made as of mid-April. Of course people aren't happy about cable company shenanigans, but only a few companies can get away with it like Comcast can, which is one of the biggest reasons the United States' monopolistic broadband market is a huge failure.

The Journal points out what we've been saying all along: data caps, beyond being a flagrant money grab, are a threat to video competitors like Netflix that exist completely in the "over-the-top" network. It's probably the biggest and most obvious conflict of interest in the communications industry; Comcast, as a company that makes a lot of money off selling cable television to people, has huge incentives to make it harder for customers to enjoy pure internet services like Netflix. So schemes like data caps, which have already been used extensively in the wireless industry to reap as much money as possible from customers, exist solely to frustrate those customers — which is really an incredible situation in a country that ostensibly cares so much about the virtue of competition.


"We everyday contribute to the use and growth of the internet," Comcast executive Marcien Jenckes told the Journal. "There is absolutely no anticompetitive belief or objective." That's such an obvious lie it hurts; Comcast's own Stream TV internet television service doesn't count against data caps. If data caps weren't anti-competitive, why would Comcast give its own internet service a privileged position? The answer is the same as it's always been: Comcast really hates actually competing with anyone.

The conversation about "net neutrality" can often quickly become a nightmare of semantics and pedantry — and ironically I suspect the cable companies have benefitted from it becoming a huge buzzword. That's what happens when you get caught up in drawing the boundaries around words and rules: you can forget what the point of the whole thing was in the first place, or struggle to think about the bigger picture. The big picture is still this: only a few huge companies control both the wireline and wireless networks that everyone depends on. They want to extract as much money as possible from those networks while suffering as little competition as possible. Again, for instance, that's why Comcast chose to try to dominate Time Warner Cable by buying it instead of competing with it.

Comcast told The Wall Street Journal it's "now actively considering substantially increasing" its data caps. Comcast created those data caps in the first place, likely knowing they would frustrate customers. It's no wonder Comcast and its peers want to grind the FCC into dust — it's the only way they can keep playing games with a critical public utility.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Comcast does dirty business like no other!

Gizmodo wrote a great article on how big of scumfuck's comcast is and I want you to enjoy It. Link to the original is here, BAM.

Comcast is notorious for being a bunch of raging dickholes that we’d like cleave from our lives. But the company is also, you know, the largest internet service provider in the United States, one that has strong stranglehold on a big chunk of us and that loves to cap the crap out of the one service you need every day. Comcast is also super, duper scared of any and all competition.

Years after attempting to prevent a small city at the edge of the Cumberland Plateau from building its own gigabit network, Atlanta has become a particular source of terror for Comcast. That’s where the company is freaking out because Google Fiber will be infiltrating homes in just a few months.

First, there was Comcast’s announcement of healthy competition. Just some truly spectacular internet speeds that were heretofore unknown from Comcast. Oh—but the gigabit speeds are only available in markets where cheaper, better services were already providing gigabit data speeds or planning to provide them shortly. Atlanta is one of those markets.

Then Comcast blanketed the home of Coca-Cola in fliers that advertised how its fast new internet services are waaaaay better than that lame Google Fiber crap everyone is praising.

All the Fucked Up Things Comcast Is Doing to Compete With Google Fiber least two of those claims are probably true. Source: Imgur
If you’ll notice way down at the bottom of the flyer there’s a note about Comcast’s claim of having faster wi-fi than Google Fiber. The test to determine speeds was performed two years ago, in 2014, by a lab that Comcast has done business with for years. Yeah, that’s probably accurate and unbiased.

Now, Comcast is finally deploying its gigabit service for $70 a month. That’s a fantastic price! That’s on par with Google Fiber! If you’re down with regularly dealing with the boil on the taint of America, it’s a fricking deal!

There is one hiccup. You have to sign a three-year contract to get the deal. Otherwise you’ll be paying $140 a month and facing a 300GB data cap—which you should smash rather quickly with your new firehose of an internet connection. You can pay to have the data cap removed, of course. Because capitalism is great. That will, however, bring your month bill up to $175 a month. And regardless, Comcast will probably hike up the price when the promo period ends, because that’s what Comcast does.

In a sense, though, this shit show is worth something. At the end of the day, Comcast is showing how healthy competition is for capitalism. It’s even playing a role in getting the government to intervene by creating rules to protect net neutrality and help end the age-old American tradition of telecom monopolies. So thanks for being a raging bunch of dickholes, Comcast. You’re making everyone else look like saints.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

75 year old woman arrested for smashing up Comcast waiting room with a Hammer!

Check out this incredible story of an angry older lady smashing up a comcast waiting room!
You can find the original story here - Woman Smashes up Comcast with a Hammer;

Mona "The Hammer" Shaw doesn't have any regrets about laying waste to her local Comcast office with said construction tool, bucko, don't you worry.
Once she got out of the handcuffs that August 2007 afternoon, and a story in The Washington Post made the 70-something retired nurse from Bristow a folk hero for fed-up customers everywhere, life has been sweet.\
She's lost 45 pounds. She and her husband of nearly half a century, Don, work out at the gym and she's got some buff biceps. They still take in dogs from the local shelter and are active in their Unitarian church.
And, oh, people still call her "The Hammer Lady."

Her celebrity began when Comcast couldn't provide her steady service of its Triple Play option, which combined phone, cable and Internet service. After the Shaws' many complaints, Comcast cut off service entirely. She went to the office to speak to a manager, Comcast had her wait two hours and the manager left for the day. The next Monday morning, it was hammer time. Shaw demolished the customer service rep's monitor, keyboard and telephone. While people ducked under desks and called the cops, Shaw bellowed: "Have I got your attention now?"\
Sure, she got tossed into the squad car, but what of it? After the story about her exploits ran, the charges were dropped. There were hundreds of calls and letters, endless pats on the back from friends and neighbors, and complete strangers sent her money to pay legal bills (she donated it all to the local animal shelter).

Dr. Phil flew her out to Los Angeles, limos and airfare and hotels included, for a show on vigilante justice. "I was the vigilante," she says proudly. Three years later, people still cite her as the image of fed-up consumers -- CBS News came down in November for another piece.
Meanwhile, Don gave her a golden brooch of ... a hammer. She wears it everywhere. They had T-shirts made up, a picture of her and her red-and-black steel hammer on the front. On the back, her do-we-still-have-a-problem-here-missy question of the customer service rep.
"I have had so much fun with this," she says.
The only real downsides were that her 95-year-old mother-in-law "thought I'd lost my marbles," and she had to pay her lawyer $2,500 for services that she thought were somewhat less than exemplary. (No hammer was involved in the billable hours discussion, however.)
On a recent sunny afternoon, she and Don received a visitor in their modest ranch-style house.
After an hour of catching up, there is only one question left. Who is your cable and Internet service provider these days?
A pause. She clears her throat.
She has Verizon for the telephone service and Comcast for the Internet. "To tell you the truth, I have fewer problems with Comcast than I do with Verizon."

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jason has a good story, take a moment

Hi, I think this may be worthy of adding to your blog.  Thank you for doing this!

It is good to communicate with like-minded people who have been getting shafted by Comcast’s evil business practices. The sad part is that their technology is good.  Their Engineers are probably even good people.

But their business practices are so bad that I refuse to be Comcast customer any longer.  When you don’t want to pay for the fastest data available because a company's leadership is swine that really makes a statement, doesn't it? It *is* time for the government to step in, their business practices are simply CRIMINAL.   What a shame that an organization with good technical people is being destroyed by malicious marketing and (I think illegal) business practices.

I would like to listen in on one of their strategic meetings where they discuss how they are going to fleece the public.  It would go something like this:

"We are already raking in millions of dollars by over charging customers, how can we make even more money ?"

"Let’s force the general public to pay for our voice over IP service by forcing them to upgrade their cable modems and then brake their ability to use their own routers!  Then, when they call us to say their internet does not work we will ADD triple play to their service WITHOUT PERMISSION, and send them our own cable modem and router.  So now the customer will pay more money for a service they don't want, AND we have infinite revenue because we are forcing the customer to 'rent' our equipment.  What is the return on investment for that?  Oh, the rent will pay off the equipment in a few months and the customer will be left with that extra monthly cost forever!"

"You know the best part of that?  There was nothing wrong with the equipment we forced the customer to dispose! Haahaa! What idiots these ‘customers’ are."

"Great idea, but why should we stop here?  Next, we should force the customer to purchase more, ahhhh, what shall we call it….  'quadruple play!'  We will force them to add security to their home, otherwise we won't offer them data any more.  Or we could break their TV service until they pay for all the service we want to shove down their throat.  Remember when television was free because it was broadcast over the air?  And the broadcasters still made money due to advertisements? LOL we are making all that money and then some."

“Great ideas, everyone!  How else can we screw over our customers?  Providing  terrible out-of-country customer service over the phone and unprofessional installation service!”

Fuck you, Comcast.

Friday, February 12, 2016

C. Gann is pissed, and why wouldn't you expect that?

I saw your page, and read through a few of the posts. After doing so I have decided to send you a copy of the email I sent today regarding a billing issue that has not yet been resolved, so it might be added to your page!

 I might mention that part of the billing error was a result of the installation technicians reporting that they installed jacks in my house (a cost of $35.00), when they did not, as my house is completely pre-wired with outlets in every room.

A second part of the billing error was due to being billed ($99.00) for a failed self install, however while the technicians were here they informed me that they must electronically activate each jack separately and must be within a few feet of the jack to do so! This confirmed that I would not have been successful in a self install whether service at my house was active or not!

The rep that I first dealt with credited me  the $35.00 without question, when I explained there were no new jacks installed. Then after hearing what I was told about the self install she said the best she could do was to credit me for 1/2 of the $99.00.  So I was told to deduct $85.00 from the amount due on my current bill, as the adjustment.

For the following 2 months the bill failed to credit me for the full amount, this generated past due reminders, and threats of late fees and/or interruption of services,  which in turn prompted follow-up chats with the reps. Each rep referenced the notes made to my account by the previous one, as well as the chat transcripts.

Each consequently assured me the adjustment had again been made,my account was up to date,and I had a -0- balance owed!  They each repeated the instruction that I should deduct the amount from the printed bill accordingly.

 I had assumed that this would eventually work itself out, but then I read a story similar to mine where the customer was actually turned over to collections, which of course negatively effects a credit report!  So in attempt to be pro-active in protecting my credit and my uninterrupted cable and internet service, I collected all the possible email addresses I could find for Rick Germano and decided to send out the email below.

Please feel free to post all or part of this communication for others to see!

C Gann


RE: ACCOUNT NUMBER: ******************

Mr. Germano,

I don't know if this email is monitored or not, but assuming it is....

I would like to convey my complete disgust with the current incompetence of your billing department!!

The issue of this "past due amount" has been resolved on three separate occasions over the past 6 weeks!!!!

Yet  I am still receiving these warnings of my account being over due!!

I will not waste more time contacting the chat representatives, as it is not them making this ridiculous mistake!!

 It is the billing department that continues to produce and send out these messages!

I suggest the billing staff be instructed to adopt a practice of first researching the notes made to one's account before taking any further action, under the assumption that I owe Comcast anything at this time!!!!!  

Considering each time I have had to address this issue it takes at least an hour of my time, besides causing me extreme and undue stress, anxiety, and fear of losing my cable and internet service,

I believe it is Comcast that owes me for wasting my time!!!

I would appreciate an immediate response from the Mr. Germano, and/or a senior manager of the BILLING department, acknowledging  the error, confirmation that immediate adjustments have been made to my on line account activity page, and confirming I will not be charged undue late fees, or the tax and fees that are based on the assumption a larger balance amount is owed (as I have been the past 2 months).

In an attempt to locate a valid email address for Mr. Germano I did an internet search, and what I found was astonishing!  I found this exact same issue written about on numerous web pages, many of them more then five years old!!  I guess I can take some comfort in the knowledge that I am not being singled out with this recurring billing issue, yet I have much concern that after so many years of this happening to numerous customers a standard practice for resolving this problem is not in effect!

I submit that incorrect billing be included in the 'Customer Satisfaction Guarantee' that is publicly promoted by Comcast! Only then will the standard of excellence be raised to a satisfactory level!

If this is not resolved immediately, I may have to reach out to my internet community for advice from some of those folks that have already been through this, on how to get the billing department to do the jobs that my ever increasing Comcast bill pays them to do!!

Sincerely a very dissatisfied Consumer!!
C. Gann

Friday, January 22, 2016

Julie doubts Comcast's integrity

I am guessing this tale is par for the course.  We recently renovated our basement, including the television and entertainment center.  I went to our local Comcast service center to exchange our cable box for a DVR box.  The wait was two hours, which I did not have.  Instead I had the DVR shipped.

The DVR box was installed but never worked properly.  A lemon.  My contractor said at least one in three that he sees is.  We spent time trying to figure out whether it could be fixed and ultimately had Comcast send another box.

The second box was installed but Comcast said they were having a problem in my area and could not send an activation signal.  My contractor called them back later in the day and still they were unable to send the signal.  I called the following day and told the automated prompt I did not want to do a survey.  A woman in the Philipines took me through the usual protocol then concluded she needed to send me to the "Activation Department."  I was forwarded to an automated system then placed on hold for a representative.  While on hold, a disembodied voice announced it could not process my call and I would have to call back.  I had been on the phone for over 20 minutes before getting disconnected.

I called back.  This time I elected to do the survey.  I was put through to Chris in Voohees, New Jersey who had a much better understanding of the problem we were experiencing.  He said the box had never been entered into the system and therefore could not be activated.  He would contact the appropriate department and get back to me.  He called me back and said the department had done what it needed to do.  But we still did not have a signal.  He would look into it further and get back to me.

That evening I retried his voicemail that he had figured out the issue, it should be resolved, and call him back (he gave me an extension number) if it was not.

Still no cable.  I called Comcast but could not find any prompt which would enable me to input Chris's extension.  Instead, it sent me back to the Philippines (again, I had pressed "2" because I did not want to participate in their survey).  Another 20 minute phone call that led nowhere.  The same insulting protocol I had already heard numerous times and obviously had tried.  And no one could locate Chris.  I hung up and called back, this time pressing "1" to participate in the survey.  This time I was transferred to a call center in Newark, Delaware and the gentleman was able to locate Chris and send him an email.

Chris called me back within the hour.  This time I would need a service call.  We set it up for the following day between 11 am and 1 pm.  My daughter was home to let the technician in the house.  I pulled in as he was about to leave.  He said the problem was another bad box.  He had installed a third one and was able to receive the signal.  I should not have trusted his words, I should have made him show me the entire system was in fact working.

That evening I turned on the television and the familiar "no signal" appeared.  The problem was in fact NOT fixed by the service visit.  I call Comcast immediately and ask for a supervisor.  This gentleman was the most belligerent of any of the numerous Comcast employees to whom I spoke.  He could not explain the issue, was unapologetic for wasting my time and set up another service call for Monday between 1 and 3 pm.

I tempted fate and placed another call, hoping to be directed to a local call center.  Instead, I was back in the Philippines.  I asked Robin if she would confirm my Monday appointment and try sending a signal to the box.  Not only did my appointment not exist, the Monday 1-3 time was no longer available.  I set up an appointment for Tuesday between 7-8 am.

On Monday I received an automated message asking me to call "Advanced" Technical Support at a number I had never seen.  This time I was routed to India.  After 10 minutes, the call was disconnected (not by me).  I called back and a gentleman took me through another routine protocol that took over 20 minutes and did nothing to resolve the problem.  I still need a service call.

Tomorrow Comcast will come between 7 am and 8 am.  If this technician cannot get a signal to my television, I will have him take the box and leave.  We will adjust to not having cable television in our basement.  My installer spent about four hours trying to get this problem resolved (at $125 an hour) and I've spent about three hours just this week trying.  Comcast is not worth it.  Their monopoly and shabby customer service ought to be better regulated.  I hope anyone who has alternatives takes them.

Good luck.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mark just switched cause comcast's a Bitch!

I have been on comcast internet/email service for over 20 years and cable for about 15 years.  My wife and daughter, son, etc. have been nagging me about the $250+ bill for a couple of years.  Even with gradually increasing bills over the past few years, I was somewhat satisfied with the service.

But, with an offer from DirectTV at about 1/3 of the cable bill, I called to ask for a new deal.  A very unqualified service rep took my call and offered me a very good package. That was the start of the problem.  No call back.  No call for the service update.  Interrupted service. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I was hung up on multiple time.  Every time I called back I had to answer the same questions.  I told them I was going to record the conversation and the person said that they would not allow it.

Comcast should go out of business.  I will take a lower level of internet or TV service rather than deal with that crap.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Andrew says Comcast ain't too cool for school

I love to play video games and the best part is that I get to play online. So that means I have to have a pretty good internet connection to play all the time. Well Comcast doesn't think so, they think that try can control when I play and what I play by throttling the hell outa me! I swear I went over the limit once and I couldn't even connect to the Internet! I have to do homework in my computer and I can't do it without an Internet connection. I had streamed so many movies played so many games that Comcast deemed me thottleable and left me for dead! I failed my math class and had to take a god damn math lab next semester and be put in a class with a bunch of loud and rude idiots!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Barbi lives through a Comcastic Nightmare

Comcast has been a nightmare since before my services started. First, I signed up online and my appointment kept getting canceled and nobody could tell me why. Finally it was determined that the previous tenant had a past due balance and I had to bring my lease and drivers licence to the local office to receive services. They also refused to honor the bundle I was offered online so at this time I decided to just sign up for internet.

After living a month without TV I decided to add cable.  Once again my install appointment was canceled and then rescheduled for two weeks out. I was so mad I opted for a self install kit.

It took four trips to my local Comcast office before I actually had all the pieces of my kit.

My bill comes in October and I am charged $10 to install cable as well as $20 to install phone that I didn't have send $10 to install internet that I already had installed in August. I called and the agent told me with taxes and fees I had a $68 credit coming.

Come December I still hadn't seen the credit so I call again. The agent I spoke with told me not only would my credit be applied but he had an amazing package to offer me to reduce my rates, add phone for free and as a special introductory rate offer me the month of January free.

January comes and I have a bill for $573!!! I call and am told the previous agent actually UPGRADED my package from $89.99 per month to $250 per month!!! There is no such offer as 30 days free but the agent credited my account $150 for the upgraded services that I never requested and told me he could see a $168 credit pending on my account. I informed Comcast I will not pay anything until I have an accurate bill in writing.

In February I start receiving collection calls before I even receive my bill, which was now $543. After an hour on the phone with them, they say the $168 credit I was told I had does not exist and I got my $68 in November. I never saw the $68 credit reflected on my bill.

I am now cancelling all my Comcast services and making a complaint with the BBB. I will be disputing all charges when they take me to collections.

Thank you for listening.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where there's no competition, there is no choice, and no F'ing deals, here's my voice

Greetings my readers, I'm sorry I left you so long since my last post. I know I say that often but I always want to fill this blog with fresh ideas and words. The word of the day? Competition. Competition is where you have to give your all in order to win, just ask wild animals who don't have welfare checks, they battle like motherfuckers. Humans, we don't have competition, and we shit on this planet like comcast is shitting on most of us.

Now where am I going with this? Well I live in an area that is dominated by comcast, yet in only select neighborhoods there are options for Century Link 1000mbs service and a few others at the same speed, giga bits, not mega, giga. So in the areas where you can only get comcast the top speeds available are between 50 and 100mbs for 70 to 100 bucks. In the select neighborhoods that have Centruy Link or another alternative GIGABIT service available for around 100 a month, comcast also offers GIGABIT service. So if you are in the area's around here without competition you get internet at basically a 10 to 20x speed limitation at the same price?  Hmmmm.

So comcast (notice I mention them in lowercase each time, yep FUCK YOU comcast, or should I say comcast, (I'd type it even smaller but the pixels on my screen aren't fucking small enough) will offer you what the competitors will if there is competition in that neighborhood, but otherwise they ram it home in your ass with such a sub par offering buying triple a batteries at the fucking local quickie mart looks like a steal. 6 bucks for 4 triple a's, fuck, but anyways...

If you are stuck with no Competition in your area, than comcast jerks you off with a sandpaper glove and I wish the Government would do something about this nonsense. Check out the united states of monopolistic internet;

I love you readers, 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Worst Customer Service in America!!!

2015 worst customer service polls are now out, and guess who's number 1? Is it taco bell? Nope, they might give customers a 92% chance of the shits, but they deliver the beefy melty cheesy goodness, every time. You obviously don't need to guess, its.... Comcast!

Yeeehaaaaah! 28.3% of Comcast customers consider their customer service poor, while 54.4% consider their customer service experiences negative. That's pretty awesome! Does this come as a surprise to me, the author of this blog? To you, the consumers of the blog that share the same feelings, or to you comcast cares1, who no longer try to save face on this site and don't leave comments like you used to? I miss you comcast cares1, cmon, comment again like the old days please?

So now we can safely say in 2015;


You can read the original story from yahoo right here, its a good read, so check it out;

But hey Comcast, at least you can claim you are only roughly 7% shittier than the second shittiest right! That's the moto of a monopoly, they have no other options, so "fuck em"!

It's been a pleasure as usual =)

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Cough" or "Sneeze" blamed for comcast driver smashing through a mailbox and into his house

So this dude in Ross Township of Pennsylvania is watching jeopardy on tv, likely on comcast's network when a comcast van plows through his neighbors mailbox and then into his house. In other news Alex Trebek immediately switches to Fios.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Comcast getting down in Phily

This fall, here in downtown Philadelphia, I was out for a leisurely Bourgeoise stroll through the city with my girlfriend. Walking along a central, upscale street by the park we turned the corner to see countless police and emergency vehicles blocking the street. This was a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful  late summer day. Hordes of people were out at this particular shopping district. Parked at the intersection of the wealthiest neighborhood in the city was the absolutely largest crane I have ever seen. This crane is of the scale where a meager "normal" crane is on-site to construct the "Mamma" crane. It's big, big.  Dozens of people are scattered around staring up at the sky. Dozens of police and emergency peoples were scattered around. Workers galore. Hard hats and the works for a construction project of the commercial kind.

When we asked a cop what the hell this thing was doing at this location, in the middle of the streets, on a beautiful Saturday, the answer was that windows were being replaced in a penthouse condo. We watched crates of glass windows being raised into the sky.

Further inquiry revealed that this was the residence of the billionaire CEO of Comcast and he did not like the views afforded in the standard Penthouse.

This crane window thing went on for the afternoon with one crane operator confiding to us that this whole scenario was costing $1,000,000. A million bucks with staff, insurance, install, etc,etc.

Penthouse windows aside, because a billionaire can spend his bucks however he/she chooses, down here in serf land I write this as my girlfriend is back on the phone for the fifth time wondering why our service continues being cut off -even though we have a nearly $300 credit!!!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

comcast asks for your last 4 social security digits on a page without ssl

Only the last 4?
Well sure, they say some can predict them anyways. But who really wants to increase their chances of identity theft? I don't. It seems comcast did oopsies and doesn't mind if your social is compromised, until they do. This should be encrypted.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Comcast Seeks Mentally Handicapped status‏

This fall, here in downtown Philadelphia, I was out for a leisurely Bourgeoise stroll through the city with my girlfriend. Walking along a central, upscale street by the park we turned the corner to see countless police and emergency vehicles blocking the street. This was a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful  late summer day. Hordes of people were out at this particular shopping district. Parked at the intersection of the wealthiest neighborhood in the city was the absolutely largest crane I have ever seen. This crane is of the scale where a meager "normal" crane is on-site to construct the "Mamma" crane. It's big, big.  Dozens of people are scattered around staring up at the sky. Dozens of police and emergency peoples were scattered around. Workers galore. Hard hats and the Here's my CumCrust horror story.

Background: I've been a faithful CumCrust internet subscriber for over 15 years. I've had Blast 105 for the last 5 or so, so I'm not just buying the cheapest service they offer.

I moved at the start of last month to a brand new apartment in which I was the first tenant. This is really, really simple stuff; they need to take the old address' network node ID and dis-associate it with my modem and replace it with the node ID of my new address. A toddler could do it.

Three weeks before my move date, I used the XfuckMeUp service relocation web page to set up the move. I was very careful to specify both my old and new addresses. I completed all the steps and the next day, someone called me to set up the installation appointment. So far so good, right?

The day I move in, one of the first things I do is plug in my modem and router. Lo and behold, I'm connected! Yeah! Same IP address as I had at my last address, not that it really mattered. Speed test showed I was getting good bandwidth. So when the tech called to say he was about to arrive, I thought I'd do the decent thing and tell him that everything was working great and there was nothing for him to do. This was a mistake that would prove impossible to un-fuck.

Nine days later, no service. Nothing. I can get an IP address and ping internet hosts, but no traffic of any sort will go through. So I call, and I'm told that there are no services set up at my new address, and my old account has been closed. What? For fuck's sake, I'm trying to continue to give you money, and you arbitrarily dump me by the side of the road? I explain over and over that I've been connected for the last 9 days, and the little sales twit replies every time with "No you weren't." Clearly they have no handle at all on their physical infrastructure. He wants to charge me a $250 installation fee because they need to "verify that the line can deliver your guaranteed speed." I remind him that they don't guarantee speeds, so you'll have to try that bullshit excuse on somebody else; and I've already tested the bandwidth and it's working fine. Just flip the fucking switch back on, okay? Nope, the little nitwit says he can't do that. He tries to sell me some other package that he claims won't need an installation visit. I tell him to cram it and just give me what I had at my previous address. He insists that they have to set up an installation, and that I can plead my case with the billing department as to the installation fee.

So I say fine, I'm the biggest chump in the history of the human race and I love nothing more than sucking rich corporate monopolist dick so please set up another installation appointment several decades from now, and whatever you do please bill the fuck out of me in the meantime while I sit here with no service. So when the second appointment time rolls around...nothing. Nobody shows, nobody calls. Three days later, someone leaves me a voicemail stating that "You cancelled an appointment, would you like to re-schedule?" I'd rather eat the assholes out of a thousand dead skunks than give CumCrust another dime. Case closed.for a construction project of the commercial kind.

When we asked a cop what the hell this thing was doing at this location, in the middle of the streets, on a beautiful Saturday, the answer was that windows were being replaced in a penthouse condo. We watched crates of glass windows being raised into the sky.

Further inquiry revealed that this was the residence of the billionaire CEO of Comcast and he did not like the views afforded in the standard Penthouse.

This crane window thing went on for the afternoon with one crane operator confiding to us that this whole scenario was costing $1,000,000. A million bucks with staff, insurance, install, etc,etc.

Penthouse windows aside, because a billionaire can spend his bucks however he/she chooses, down here in serf land I write this as my girlfriend is back on the phone for the fifth time wondering why our service continues being cut off -even though we have a nearly $300 credit!!!

Over 'n Out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fuck you comcast‏

Okay so for about 6 months i had comcast and comcast internet so for the first about 4 months was me calling customer support tying to get the cable box to work which they continuosly said should be working but never did. My internet did the same but then i finnaly got someone who helped me with my internet turned out i mearly had a few cables wrong on my modem. So i keep calling customer support getting no help then i find out that the "technician" never installed the right card in the system since the nearest comcast store i could find was about 2 hours away they wanted to charge me to send a technician to give me the right card. I said no mail it to me. When i finnaly got the damn thing to work after about 2 months my bill jumped from 50$ to 109$. So i called them and asked them why it was so high they told me the promotion i had ended even though i couldnt even use the cable box after going back and forth with this call which lasted about a hour and a half he said "have a nice day" and hung up. I called back ironicaly got the same guy told him to go fuck off if he wants to HANG UP on me and then asked him to cancel my cable box with comcast which he finnaly did. Being without tv i went to my local store and bought a 30$ tv antenne and to this day the only thing i have to worry about with my tv service is if my antenne is pointed right


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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Philippines comcast customer service - James has had Enough

So, now I have cooled down a bit! called Comcast at 1:00 pm, lady in the Philapine's asked for phone number and last four of SS# and the problem after about 15 mins she could not help me, lady 2 asked phone number and last four of SS#, THIS HAPPENED 5 TIMES SO AT 2:30 I had had enough and hung up on them. I went to the Comcast office it was packed I saw they were on number 37 I took my number F--ck 62 so I waited for over an hour. The guy also could not help me and told me to call Tech Services I told him I am not calling the Philapines AGAIN!!! and asked him for the Tech services in Lynwood he gave the number to me Yay!!. Came home and called the number and guess what I was back in the Philapine's AGAIN I just hung up, so that is how I spent a wasted afternoon