Friday, December 25, 2015

Andrew says Comcast ain't too cool for school

I love to play video games and the best part is that I get to play online. So that means I have to have a pretty good internet connection to play all the time. Well Comcast doesn't think so, they think that try can control when I play and what I play by throttling the hell outa me! I swear I went over the limit once and I couldn't even connect to the Internet! I have to do homework in my computer and I can't do it without an Internet connection. I had streamed so many movies played so many games that Comcast deemed me thottleable and left me for dead! I failed my math class and had to take a god damn math lab next semester and be put in a class with a bunch of loud and rude idiots!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Barbi lives through a Comcastic Nightmare

Comcast has been a nightmare since before my services started. First, I signed up online and my appointment kept getting canceled and nobody could tell me why. Finally it was determined that the previous tenant had a past due balance and I had to bring my lease and drivers licence to the local office to receive services. They also refused to honor the bundle I was offered online so at this time I decided to just sign up for internet.

After living a month without TV I decided to add cable.  Once again my install appointment was canceled and then rescheduled for two weeks out. I was so mad I opted for a self install kit.

It took four trips to my local Comcast office before I actually had all the pieces of my kit.

My bill comes in October and I am charged $10 to install cable as well as $20 to install phone that I didn't have send $10 to install internet that I already had installed in August. I called and the agent told me with taxes and fees I had a $68 credit coming.

Come December I still hadn't seen the credit so I call again. The agent I spoke with told me not only would my credit be applied but he had an amazing package to offer me to reduce my rates, add phone for free and as a special introductory rate offer me the month of January free.

January comes and I have a bill for $573!!! I call and am told the previous agent actually UPGRADED my package from $89.99 per month to $250 per month!!! There is no such offer as 30 days free but the agent credited my account $150 for the upgraded services that I never requested and told me he could see a $168 credit pending on my account. I informed Comcast I will not pay anything until I have an accurate bill in writing.

In February I start receiving collection calls before I even receive my bill, which was now $543. After an hour on the phone with them, they say the $168 credit I was told I had does not exist and I got my $68 in November. I never saw the $68 credit reflected on my bill.

I am now cancelling all my Comcast services and making a complaint with the BBB. I will be disputing all charges when they take me to collections.

Thank you for listening.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Where there's no competition, there is no choice, and no F'ing deals, here's my voice

Greetings my readers, I'm sorry I left you so long since my last post. I know I say that often but I always want to fill this blog with fresh ideas and words. The word of the day? Competition. Competition is where you have to give your all in order to win, just ask wild animals who don't have welfare checks, they battle like motherfuckers. Humans, we don't have competition, and we shit on this planet like comcast is shitting on most of us.

Now where am I going with this? Well I live in an area that is dominated by comcast, yet in only select neighborhoods there are options for Century Link 1000mbs service and a few others at the same speed, giga bits, not mega, giga. So in the areas where you can only get comcast the top speeds available are between 50 and 100mbs for 70 to 100 bucks. In the select neighborhoods that have Centruy Link or another alternative GIGABIT service available for around 100 a month, comcast also offers GIGABIT service. So if you are in the area's around here without competition you get internet at basically a 10 to 20x speed limitation at the same price?  Hmmmm.

So comcast (notice I mention them in lowercase each time, yep FUCK YOU comcast, or should I say comcast, (I'd type it even smaller but the pixels on my screen aren't fucking small enough) will offer you what the competitors will if there is competition in that neighborhood, but otherwise they ram it home in your ass with such a sub par offering buying triple a batteries at the fucking local quickie mart looks like a steal. 6 bucks for 4 triple a's, fuck, but anyways...

If you are stuck with no Competition in your area, than comcast jerks you off with a sandpaper glove and I wish the Government would do something about this nonsense. Check out the united states of monopolistic internet;

I love you readers,