Thursday, December 21, 2017

Comcast and AT&T give their employees 1k bonus' due to Net Neutrality being Shut Down!!!

So in response to net neutrality being being illegally voted against and removed, our good ole buddies comcast and AT&T are giving a large amount of their workforce 1k $ bonus' in a victory celebration! I'm I against workers getting a bonus around the holidays? Of course I'm not. I'm I a fan of comcast and the like giving bonus' in a victory statement that will Fuck Over the American internet and squeeze more money out of us? That stops competition? That halts small companies from exceeding all in the name of their personal profit? Fuck I'm angry.

Not only does the ajit pai parade around like he's worth breathing air, making absolutely henious jokes at his little FCC party and posting bullshit youtube videos about how the internet will not be affected, but now the ISP's have to shove their bonus' in our face. Its like halliburton throwing the party of the century after charging the us tax powers 17 million a pop to move 200 refrigerators to the middle east. Its like all the exon mobile ceos collectively taking a dump in our mouths while celebrating how much they have financially benefited from war over oil.

Fuck you Comcast, oh this site will be blocked soon eh? Fuck you comcastcares1 or whatever the fuck your pathetic internet presence is, that tries to smooth over people like me, good luck fuckers.

Fuck Comcast, Fuck all you ISP's in America. Fuck you ajit, who is a slimy animal creature in Elderscrolls. Fuck you Trump!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Fuck you FCC, Fuck you Trump, Fuck you Comcast, Fuck you Verizon

FYI better read this blog now before comcast blocks it!

You know, before net neutrality became a thing under Obama, class act ISP's like verizon and comcast were throttling your connection. Sure you felt ashamed watching the kardashian show, but you payed so it would actually work on your internet connection you were paying hard earned money for, and the same for netflix. Now without Obama, in Trump's version of America where hate and puke inducing Tweets by the "sober" president at 3 f'ing am in the morning are common place. Where the president is affecting our love of sports. Where Elephant heads and tusks can be imported to America. Where we are investing in fossil fuels rather than renewable energy. Where education, social security, medicare, and not getting even more fucked on taxes are no longer even in the conversation. But now? Our internet freedoms are going bye bye. Fuck an entire country over for a few people, that's the golden way Trump. I miss, respect, and revere you Obama.

Under the assumption that net neutrality is dead, as it will be on thursday, what will be the first move to F you over tax paying americans? Will the isp rates go up? Will your netfilx subscription go up because they have to pay a billion dollars a year to isp's for "fast lanes", so the high speed internet you are already paying for will actually stream fast enough to to be able to watch something? Will your xbox and playstation network yearly subscriptions go up because they have to do the same? Pass on the Unsavings! Unsavings for all of us who are already paying!

Will you have to pay your isp 9 bucks more a month to view reddit? Will you be able to see this comcast blog, do you think comcast won't black list this shit? Enjoy it now and leave some comments please. Will you be able to create a new website you hosted yourself? No. Will small competitors be able to pay the huge fees ips's will charge just to be "available" on your network? No. Will this hurt the economy? Yes.

Does net neutrality harm the disabled and elderly you ask as the head of the FCC has suggested? No. Emergencies currently already get fast lanes, why because its fucking god damn life and DEATH INVOLVED. Nobody is hurting because of net neutrality other than ISP's making not double, triple, quadruple their money! You, him, her, and all of the regular people are the ones getting FUCKED.

Please pour out a little liquor as we mourn freedom on the internet. And never forget this BS, there will be more fights to come and we need to band together!