Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Heavens have spoken...

And they have spoken directly to you comcast!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read the story that Chris M sent my way

After checking out your website I had to tell you about my ongoing problem with Comcast.  For the past two days I have been trying to get a cablecard in my TiVo box properly activated.  There are some channels that say I am not authorized to view them even though they worked perfectly fine with my HD DVR from Comcast.  After speaking and live chatting with at least 15 different people the issue is still not resolved.  I keep getting different stories on what the issue is from there is something that needs to be changed on my account to numerous refresh signals that don't ever work to the most asinine question ever "Are you sure you installed it properly?" ( No, actually it is not installed properly that's why all my other channels work but just the handful decided I did something wrong and revolted)  On top of all that they want $30 to send a technician to my place to see if he can correct the problem.  When I explain to them I should not have to pay since it is an issue on their end not properly activating my cablecard since evrything was fine minutes before I hooked up my TiVo, they got nasty and starting yelling at me.  If it wasn't for the fact I can't get DIRECTV where I live Comcast would have lost a customer today.  I'm glad I had an outlet to vent.  Thank You COMCASTSUCKSBALL!



Chris M.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Check out the story Wes Sent me!

Love your website. After searching the net (not really searching)  I came across 100's of pages and posts about the shitty customer service, poor cable and internet service, and price fixing/hidden fees etc...

I am not sure where to start. I run a property management firm with over 80 Comcast accounts, my own personal accounts and a business account to boot. You would think Comcast would treat such a valuable customer better. I have a monthly battle with Comcast over equipment, digital  upgrades, unjustifiable fees, service etc... They have promised me several times for perks and adjusted fees but I have yet to receive any. 3 weeks with no internet for my business because some "tech" disconnected a line. I had to pay for those weeks and they didn't  deliver the free hbo etc...

I moved my personal residence and it took them a week to find it on the computer systems...after several calls and hours of being routed to different people they finally found a spelling mistake in their computer system and got it connected. Again, I had to pay for the week of no service. I've had many service issues for my management firm and when I call to resolve the issue the damn 1-800 number hangs up. It was like for several days, you can imagine a vacation rental that advertises internet with angry tenants that have no internet and I can't even talk to any one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Here is the story Jamie sent me...

Comcast Sucks Balls. Really. Big fat sweaty bull balls.‏

We live in an apartment where the Home Owner's Association has a contract with Comcast. We never used the HOA provided, and instead signed up for our own Comcast contract, as the only other provider here is AT&T, and we all know how good they are . . .

So in January of this year, the HOA cancelled their contract with Comcast. Comcast proceeded to make a very large error, which is expected of a company run by monkeys and hyenas. They made the mistake of cancelling our contract as well. After a few days of wondering why we had no internet or television, we finally called the Comcrap Customer Headache Service. They told us the HOA cancelled our contract, so we told them we were not part of the HOA contract. They politely, but in a somewhat confusing way, that they will fix it, and we will have our Comcrapola service back within a half hour. 

Here is where Comcast scores their single point, we got the service back in about 10 minutes. But when we got our bill, we had 4 "Change of Service" and cancellation charges, with two of them being refunded. So our bill was drastically high, despite us having anything to do with the HOA contract and anything else getting cancelled. Tried calling, after several operators that barely understand English, even though you could tell they were Americans, I gave up on contacting them. We had no choice but to fork over the money to this company that makes Bernie Madoff look like a saint.

So the next month comes, and our bill is $50 more than we should be paying. Finally, and this came as a surprise and even a bit of relief, I got hold of a literate customer service rep. Explained the situation, and asked why the bill is so much. They politely told me that when we cancelled our contract, and then reinstated it, it voided our promotion price, and we must pay the normal, Day to Day price. The politeness ended after I reinformed them that we never in fact cancelled, and they made the mistake. After a few minutes of a sermon from the no-longer-polite customer service rep, I proceeded to use a very bad word, for only the second time this year, and ask her if she knew when FIOS is coming to the area, and hung up. Ended up paying the bill today.
So on to next month, and another phone call to the Comcast Hyenas when the bill comes in.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Email me your stories!

Greetings! To all my fellow comcast hating friends, please email me your stories! If they are good, they will get posted on this blog!

Send them over!