Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Read the story that Chris M sent my way

After checking out your website I had to tell you about my ongoing problem with Comcast.  For the past two days I have been trying to get a cablecard in my TiVo box properly activated.  There are some channels that say I am not authorized to view them even though they worked perfectly fine with my HD DVR from Comcast.  After speaking and live chatting with at least 15 different people the issue is still not resolved.  I keep getting different stories on what the issue is from there is something that needs to be changed on my account to numerous refresh signals that don't ever work to the most asinine question ever "Are you sure you installed it properly?" ( No, actually it is not installed properly that's why all my other channels work but just the handful decided I did something wrong and revolted)  On top of all that they want $30 to send a technician to my place to see if he can correct the problem.  When I explain to them I should not have to pay since it is an issue on their end not properly activating my cablecard since evrything was fine minutes before I hooked up my TiVo, they got nasty and starting yelling at me.  If it wasn't for the fact I can't get DIRECTV where I live Comcast would have lost a customer today.  I'm glad I had an outlet to vent.  Thank You COMCASTSUCKSBALL!



Chris M.


  1. I am sorry for the frustrating experience. I work for Comcast and I'd like to help.

    Please feel free to contact me, provide your account info and a link to this page (for reference) at the email provided below.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    1. Well if you really do work for Comcast have you actually helped anyone ? Or do you get.the same results we all do, nothing good ?
      Our service has been completely down for 4 days so far and Comcast won't even schedule an appointment for 2 more days we have no phone, no internet. No TV.No one has made any effort to even diagnose the problem. I was told no one would come until enough people had reported a problem .
      They told me to reboot the 'cable box'.
      That's the big green box in my back yard, right ?
      Siomebody said that this is the main cable box for the entire neighborhood but who knows since it's in smy backyard. I do have some spare time on my hands due to having no TV, internet or phone to distract me, I think now may be a great time to dig that trench in my back garden I've been meaning to get around to. It would sure be an awful shame if I accidentally ran into some cables with my ditch witch that I didn't know were there, wouldn't it ? I've called Comcast several times to ask where the cables are but, like the rest of your so-called customer service., they can't be bothered to actually do any work. And Comcast did tell me to cut off power to the cable box. Gee, I hope your phone service rep knows what they're talking about. If not maybe the neighbors will be calling then and maybe one of your technicians will magically have some of his time free up all of a sudden.
      Thankfully the electric company told me exactly where their cables are after only asking once.
      Well, gotta go gas up the ditch machine and let 're rip

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