Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Worst Customer Service in America!!!

2015 worst customer service polls are now out, and guess who's number 1? Is it taco bell? Nope, they might give customers a 92% chance of the shits, but they deliver the beefy melty cheesy goodness, every time. You obviously don't need to guess, its.... Comcast!

Yeeehaaaaah! 28.3% of Comcast customers consider their customer service poor, while 54.4% consider their customer service experiences negative. That's pretty awesome! Does this come as a surprise to me, the author of this blog? To you, the consumers of the blog that share the same feelings, or to you comcast cares1, who no longer try to save face on this site and don't leave comments like you used to? I miss you comcast cares1, cmon, comment again like the old days please?

So now we can safely say in 2015;


You can read the original story from yahoo right here, its a good read, so check it out;

But hey Comcast, at least you can claim you are only roughly 7% shittier than the second shittiest right! That's the moto of a monopoly, they have no other options, so "fuck em"!

It's been a pleasure as usual =)

Friday, July 17, 2015

"Cough" or "Sneeze" blamed for comcast driver smashing through a mailbox and into his house

So this dude in Ross Township of Pennsylvania is watching jeopardy on tv, likely on comcast's network when a comcast van plows through his neighbors mailbox and then into his house. In other news Alex Trebek immediately switches to Fios.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Comcast getting down in Phily

This fall, here in downtown Philadelphia, I was out for a leisurely Bourgeoise stroll through the city with my girlfriend. Walking along a central, upscale street by the park we turned the corner to see countless police and emergency vehicles blocking the street. This was a Saturday afternoon on a beautiful  late summer day. Hordes of people were out at this particular shopping district. Parked at the intersection of the wealthiest neighborhood in the city was the absolutely largest crane I have ever seen. This crane is of the scale where a meager "normal" crane is on-site to construct the "Mamma" crane. It's big, big.  Dozens of people are scattered around staring up at the sky. Dozens of police and emergency peoples were scattered around. Workers galore. Hard hats and the works for a construction project of the commercial kind.

When we asked a cop what the hell this thing was doing at this location, in the middle of the streets, on a beautiful Saturday, the answer was that windows were being replaced in a penthouse condo. We watched crates of glass windows being raised into the sky.

Further inquiry revealed that this was the residence of the billionaire CEO of Comcast and he did not like the views afforded in the standard Penthouse.

This crane window thing went on for the afternoon with one crane operator confiding to us that this whole scenario was costing $1,000,000. A million bucks with staff, insurance, install, etc,etc.

Penthouse windows aside, because a billionaire can spend his bucks however he/she chooses, down here in serf land I write this as my girlfriend is back on the phone for the fifth time wondering why our service continues being cut off -even though we have a nearly $300 credit!!!

Over 'n Out!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

comcast asks for your last 4 social security digits on a page without ssl

Only the last 4?
Well sure, they say some can predict them anyways. But who really wants to increase their chances of identity theft? I don't. It seems comcast did oopsies and doesn't mind if your social is compromised, until they do. This should be encrypted.