Friday, January 9, 2009

This is my personal story with trying to get comcast internet at my new condo

So I have been trying to get comcast internet for the past week at my new condo. last night I sent a letter to Ron Germano the VP of customer service at comcast, I got a call from comcast today telling me they would like to resolve all of my problems getting service at my new condo and are willing to give me a 3 dollar a month discount. Here is the message I sent them;

I just recently purchased a condo and moved in this past Friday January 2, 2009. I have unpacked most of my belongings in the kitchen and living room, my office and my bedroom. Everything feels lovely and homey but there is one thing missing from my beloved xbox 360 equipped living room and gaming pc equipped office, intertubes! Having internets in my new home would be fantastic, that’s why I attempted to be Comcastic!

So while using friends internets, I go onto and attempt to order a self installation kit consisting of a Comcast cable modem so that I can have high speed internet. Assuming that I’m not a completely retarded fuck face, installing a cable modem myself sounded so easy, my new home would be rocking in no time! After having attempted to place my order on their website experienced an issue so I assumed that my order for the self installation kit did not go through. I was never called or emailed any confirmation on my order, which is further evidence to support my assumption that the order did not go through.

So the next few days I attempted to call 1-800-COMCAST around 10 times, each time I was presenting with a few options like press 2 for Spanish or to press 1 if you are already a current Comcast customer or 2 if you aren’t a current customer. Every series of options I attempted on the phone with their archaic message system ended in a voice telling me to “please wait” and then to call the exact same number I just called to get a hold of customer service at which time the message ends and they hang up on me. I was dreadfully pissed about this, but the plot thickens…

So after my anger calmed down a little bit after about 5 days, I was informed about a good deal for 66$ a month to get digital cable and cable internet from Comcast for 6 months from (1-866-371-1751). So I gave them a call in hopes of getting this great deal.

When I called Comcastoffers I told them I wanted the double play plan for 66$ a month (digitial cable and cable internet) and gave them my phone number, a secondary phone number to reach me at, my address, my first and last name, and my email address. After all that time on the phone with comcastoffers they ended the conversation by telling me that my request for a self installation kit was pending and that they could not order my cable internet and digital cable until it was removed from my account. They told me to call Comcast customer service at 1-888-823-4281 and tell them to clear my request for a self installation kit so that I may be able to order the double play plan I wanted.

So I called the Comcast customer service number and asked the representative to clear my account of my previous request for the self installation kit. The representative said she was not able to clear my account information, so I pleaded with her and told her of my situation at which time she put me on hold and attempted to clear the request from my account. After roughly 45 seconds she returned to inform me that she was unable to clear my account from the request and that I should call back and change my address slightly when I’m prompted to give my information again. She told me to place a “-0” at the end of my address, or to place an “a” at the end of the suite number on my condo to trick Comcast’s system into thinking that my altered address is different from the address I originally attempted to get the self installation kit with. I was appalled and asked her if there was any other alternative, she said no. So despite my best judgment I called comcastoffers back and again gave them my phone number, a secondary phone number to reach me at, my address altered with an “a” at the end of my condo’s suite number, my first and last name, and my email address. After going through all the motions once again the representative told me that my bastardized home address still had a pending request for a self installation kit on it and I would be unable to order digital cable and cable internet until that request is removed from my account. The representative told me to call Comcast customer service and to ask them to clear the request from my account, AGAIN. So I told the representative that this was the 2nd time that I have been told to do so and that the first time was not successful and the previous Comcast customer service representative told me to bastardize my home address in order to settle conflicts in the system with my address being connected with the request for a self installation kit.

At this point I was beyond angry, but was very polite to the representative and ended up calling Comcast customer service again in attempts to clear my account from the request of a self installation kit. The Comcast representative AGAIN said that they were unable to clear my account and reminded me that signing up with is actually a third party vendor of their services and that they would be unable to clear my account request for the self installation kit. I then asked if I was able to visit a Comcast store if I would be able to have them clear my account of the self installation kit, they said no and reminded me again that is a third party vendor of Comcast and that they would be unable to complete my request in person either. So at this point I was speechless, so I asked the representative “what should I do, I don’t understand”, she reassured me that in 30 days the self installation kit would be wiped from my record and at that point I would be able to sign up for the Comcast services of my choice. I then asked very abruptly “are you telling me I need to wait a whole month until I can get internet and tv cable?”, she said yes that is true. At this point I was nearly unable to control my anger, but very nicely I asked “can you please give me the number to quest and Verizon so I might be able to get internet and cable this month”, she said “I cannot give you those numbers but I’m sure you can find them in a phone book”. I then said “goodbye”.

Now in retrospect I hate ATNT for selling their online/cable/phone business to the likes of Comcast, actually Comcast upped the prices on online/cable/phone as soon as they acquired ATNT’s former business. Now Comcast continues to maintain their fixed internet cable prices by offering up to X speeds with the speeds ranging from 6 all the way to 50 mbps. It’s basically like ordering a whore under the contractual agreement that she might have all her limbs, teeth, and a vagina if you are lucky.

Dealing with Comcast has left me confused, almost too frustrated to get angry, to laugh, or to even cry. I want Comcast to burn like the dirt bag whores they are.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Karl was so fed up with comcast he sent them a "feces soaked check"!

8 years, and I'm still getting billed...

In 2000 I was finally able to get cable, it was a blessing! or was it...

I started with Time Warner and purchased the router from their physical store thinking I'll save money over the long run. Two years later Time Warner starts to break out their equipment rental and monthly rates to make it appear they charge less, I find out I've been paying for the router monthly for two years...

Fast forward to Comcast taking over Time Warner. I pay with them for 3 years until they break out their equipment rental and find I'm now paying THEM for the rental of this router, now Time Warner refunded me the rental I paid for two years but Comcast never did. So I call and tell them everything and they tell me I'll need to provide a receipt for that box to prove I purchased it. I tell them to produce paperwork that says I rented it from them, silence. I assume this issue is over, I move and order the tripple play (new qequipment new address) they bill me for disconnection at old address I keep them for another year, after which they want to jack my bill up over 50% to keep a 'sometimes working, mostly not' phone line and crappy cable. I decide nope, I'm heading over to qwest who can finally compete with comcast in speed and FAR superior in customer support (course that's not saying much).

So here we are 2008 and I've dumped Comcast paid their disconnect fees and returned their equipment and I get a letter from an old neighbor from my previous address from Comcast saying I owe them $40 for the modem I never returned to them.

I do not want to sound bitter but seriously? not only do they send the bill to an address I no longer live, report me to the credit bureaus for equipment they do not own but they have the nuts to tell me I need to return the modem I purchased 8 years ago and rented on top of that for 5 years back to them.

I've made numerous calls and each time I get the same thing... effectively "were sorry but your nobody, were Comcast, and we will do whatever the hell we want and you will bend over and take it and like it".

Well Comcast, I hope you enjoy the $40 feces soaked check as much as I enjoyed your service.

a rather less than happy fealing towards comcast Jimmy has!

I hate Comcast with a passion.... Why? Becuase for the fifth time since August 2007, Comcast has mistakenly disconnected the cable to my unit. I say mistakenly but I'm now beginning to feel like this has to be TOTAL incompetence. To make matters worse during my last outage, I was told by a Comcast technician that it appeared as though another of their technicians had cut the cable leading to my unit and routed the cable line to the unit just above mine. Of course their was no of my proving this, so I instead had to bite the bullet and wait for my office to have an electrician to come out and repair my line. In the mean time, the technician that informed me of what happened, did a temporary fix to route cable to my unit by splitting the signal off of the unit above me and routing it to my unit; this happened back in April. So as you can imagine, I'm way beyond frustrated with Comcast and this entire situation they've created.

John T took a dump in Comcast's flower pot!

I also Hate Comcast... They have the dumbest people working there... Can someone Please get me a name of a Manager for the Fort Lauderdale area... with a Phone Number... I went to their Local Store and tried to find him but I had no luck, its so sooo Frustrating... I had to go Number 2 though and being Pissed Off with nowhere to go... shit man I took a Dump in their Flower Pot on the way out to my car... anybody have that damn Assholes Phone Number?

George thinks comcast customer support are "fucking idiots"!

just got off the phone with those idiots. they are trying to bill me for a service call when the tech did absolutly nothing. after voicing my displeasure very loudly to the rum head on the line he acctually tried to talk me into in my opinion is the perfect example of what corporate fucks are all about MONEY MONEY MONEY

John says it took well over a week to get his outgoing number blocked that he requested

I got comcast 2 weeks ago. I cant stand them at all. I wanted my outgoing number blocked it took them a week and a half to get it right! NOW after the jakoffs call me to make sure it's right, now the *82 feature wont work so I cant unblock my number to call my mom in another state. It worked fine until the ding bat called me. TOday I call about it and the dumb sob told me that it would be fixed in an hour. 8 hours later not fixed called again and was told it takes 24 hours and if not fixed I should call again and they will put another ticket in to fix the problem. I told the supervisor that they had incompitent A** holes there and they should not be in business. he agreed and told me about the "I hate comcast" websites out there. I told him I wasnt suprised. then I told him if things were not fixed by tomorrow then they could come and get all their crap and shove it.

Andy says direct TV is 40% cheaper than comcastic cable tv!

My wife and I recently moved from the west coast to the east coast and were looking forward to being free from the shackles of comcast and getting a new TV/Internet provider. We set up with Direct TV and bundled our internet service through Verizon and were excited for our instillation. Unfortunately, our apartment managers then told us they do not allow any type of Satellite dishes on the premises. We were very unhappy as the package with DirecTv was less than comcast including promotions and after the promotions expired DirecTV was still about 40% cheaper. Comcast has a monopoly in our area being the one and only cable provider to our zip code. We are already looking forward to moving to a new location once our lease is up and finding a non-comcast provider. Oh happy day!

well Mike isn't too pleased with comcast customer service

I have been dealing with Comcast for 8 weeks ...called 10 times and had 4 techs come out. And the problem is actually the same as another blogger...around 7pm my service goes out, but only on certain channels. They even had the audacity to charge us for a service call because they said it was our lines in our home. BTW- our home is brand new!
I am starting to send letters to their CEO and Customer Service Ops Exec to see what they have to say about such poor service and the rudeness of their employees.

it seems Bob had to wait a little while for comcastic support to show up, what a shame!

As I am sitting here waiting for the tech that was suppossed to be here between 8 and 10, I am getting really pissed. I think when he gets here I am going to have him just take their stupid modem and cancel my services. If I hadn't called an hour ago no one would of even showed up because he didn't know about the job but yet he called yesterday to confirm it. Go figure. They need to send all their customer service reps to a training course on how to be polite over the phone. I love how they just hang up on you or just dismiss what you are saying to them like it isn't important that the service you are paying for sucks!!! I miss Time Warner.

check out Folkswitches dealings with comcast phone support!

I am on hold with Comcast right now. They recently took over my smaller, local cable company. Two weeks ago, we had our service 'upgraded' to include DVR. Since then, the box has been spontaneously shutting itself off and turning itself on for about 30 minutes at a time, several times a day.
The first time I called, the guy told me that this was normal, the box was resetting itself. Of course, that made no sense.
Fortunately, in the interim, we went on vacation. Now, I have spent 45 minutes on the phone dealing with this problem and it is nowhere nearer being fixed. They are setting us up for the next available appointment to fix it (replace the box, probably), because we have all day to sit at home AGAIN, waiting for something to be done properly that should have been easy to do right the first time.
Incompetent doesn't even come close.

heres a note from Sally "(an Atlanta customer of this shitty company Comcast)"

I am planning to sue Comcast. Anybody interested in joining me, please forward your info to

After going through one month of hell wiht this company, on July 7 I was promised a one month's credit by their reps but later they said they knew nothing about it. I spent hours correcting their mistakes which led me to one month of hell trying to get my internet up (they had the address wrong, followed by a series of customer service errors).
I am planning to sue this company for the problems it has caused me and the hours I wasted, (including a legal research paper that was delayed because of their failure ot have the internet working in time) trying to resolve this. The customer service reps hung up on me four times. This is absolutely positively the worst customer service I have seen in my life.
Shamina (an Atlanta customer of this shitty company)

check out Tim's email to Rick Germano the head of comcastic customer support! This is priceless!

The emails I've sent to R. Germano

Mr. Germano,

I have been an official customer of Comcast for the past four days but my family has happily patronized your company for years. I recently switched from Verizon to Comcast because I missed the high quality of service. It is surprising to me and all that I speak with the level of service that I have received for the past four days; to say the least it is shameful. I am thoroughly disgusted with the level of service I have received from your staff; technicians and the like.

I placed my order on late Wednesday, June 18, 2008. I was told that I would receive a confirmation email, it never arrived. I thought that when the technician arrived he/she would install the 1 HD/DVR, router to link two desktop computers and 4 digital boxes. My window was set for 8-11am, the technician called at 9:30 to say he would be there by 10:30; he arrived at 11:30. There were no additional calls from 9:30-11:30. After looking through all the rooms he installed one modem for one desktop pc, one hd/dvr box and the telephone line. He said he could only install what was shown on the order form. If I had received the order confirmation maybe I could have called on Thursday, the day before my appointment, to increase my order.

Upon arriving home from work around 7pm, I called Comcast to inquire as to why I only received one box, etc. By the end of the conversation I was told that I would need to schedule a new appointment, it was set for Monday, June 23rd. The agent scheduled the time for 5-8pm but I informed them that I couldn't take additional time off. She said that's fine, the tech will arrive after 6pm, but the window will be between the hours of 5-8pm. I was also told that I would need to increase my order to include 4 digital boxes and a wireless modem to link two desktop pc's. Later that evening I sat down to watch and record a series on Showtime only to find some time later that the MYDVR function "is not available or currently disabled". I called again and we went through a series of tests and phone calls that never seemed to solve the problem. I was told that the technician on Monday would bring a new HD/DVR box.

On Saturday, June 22nd, I awoke to find that I had no telephone or internet service. It wasn't until Saturday that I learned that I have it appears as though I have a low signal and the following need to occur:

A telephone tech would need to diagnose the problem on Monday
If cables needed to be replaced then miss utility would have to authorize the dig and then the cable would be replaced. This could take 30 days.

I have a 2 year old son and God forbid Murphy law rules and my cell phone conks out while I'm waiting on a cable to be replaced.

Later in the day a woman name Marcia or Maria called to tell me that my telephone and internet service is back up. She also confirmed that someone would be out on Monday. I requested that I receive a confirmation email and was told that I would receive one before my appointment. The email never arrived, not to my yahoo or Comcast account.

Because I was told that a tech would be at my house after 6pm I asked my sister to sit for your technician. She arrived at 5:45pm. I received a call at 5:37pm from 301.731.3710. The rep asked if I was home and I said no I'm picking up my son. The rep said "The technician" and then put me on hold, never to return. I arrived at 6:15pm to find no technician; no missed you card on my door and no additional calls.

I called at 5:57 and decided to hang up because I still had time on my window. At 7:30 there was no sign of a technician. I called Comcast and was told that "You requested 6pm but your window was 5-8". I told Taj #7387 that yes I requested after 6pm and your agent told me that the tech would arrive after 6. She never said before 6, she said they would arrive after 6. I said do whatever you have to do, but I need that tech to come to my house. No one showed up to my house. Does my business mean anything to Comcast? I understand that I am but one customer but I was a customer that looked highly on comcast. My husband switched to Verizon when we moved because he heard a new techno term and got excited. Am I being punished for my husband's addiction to new technology or is this just a bad instance of customer service?

I've been out of a phone and internet for two days, my only cable box isn't functioning properly and now I have to reschedule my appointment because representatives from Comcast have not followed through or have out and out lied to me about what service I would receive.

I didn't return the equipment on Saturday because I've always received quality service. I didn't return the equipment on Sunday because I've always received quality service. Now I'm out $187 for the installation fee and God only knows what additional fees I'll incur for cancelling my service with Comcast.

What will happen now? Will I receive a refund, an apology or someone at my doorstep tomorrow at 6pm?

An immediate response and action is requested.

Mr. Germano,

I contacted you last evening due to the unsatisfactory service I have received thus far. After chatting with a representative online I scheduled a new appointment for this evening, 5-8pm. At 5:30 I hadn't been contacted by a technician or CSR so I called and spoke with a man to ensure my appointment was on file. He informed me that it was and that I was number 11 and the tech was on 9. At 7:00 I called again and had the pleasure to speak with Eugenia, ext 7352. She was the only CSR to give me her extension to follow up in case a tech hadn't called. At 8pm I called again and she said she would notate my account that the tech was officially late. She asked that I call again if no one called me or showed up. No one showed up! Eugenia said that my ticket was closed out but there weren't any notes added. I asked to speak to a supervisor who will hopefully escalate these issues directly to you or at least to someone close to you.

I just want my service installed, it's that simple. Signing my check and giving it directly to your tech should indicate this. Me calling and emailing constantly should also tell your staff something. How could your staff not show? How could your staff not contact their customer to say there is an emergency, etc?

This situation has gone from bad to worse and I'm really at the point where I would rather deal with Verizon's nonsense than this.

So what is going to happen now? We're way past apologies.

heres some words from Daniel Alexander

Don’t worry, it gets worse. Comcast is geared to collecting personal information about their clients such that they can force more and more ads upon you. They monitor your usage of both your TV watching and your web usage. When I was paying for their service they also installed spyware on your computer to search your hard drives and report back to their servers. I had to reinstall my system to get rid of it. Never install any software they give you. There is no reason that you need to install anything on your computer. You can set up a connection to their service without installing anything (even if they tell you that you must install it, IT’S A LIE—they just want to dump a bunch of spyware on your computer).

Eventually, as you start to use bandwidth Comcast will threaten you. It won’t be their tech support or customer service that threatens you (they will be clueless as usual). Rather, Comcast has this branch of “Secrete police” that monitor your usage and if you use” too much” bandwidth they will start threatening you and will cancel your service. However, since Comcast sells their service by claiming to be an unlimited usage service (which is exactly what the person told me when signed up) it gets you interested in arguing the point with them. Don’t do it!!! Just cancel their service and save yourself the headache (they will boot you anyways so save yourself the frustration). Here, I can tell you how that conversation would go. “You are using too much bandwidth, but since we have no limit on bandwidth usage we can’t tell you how much is too much, but you are still using too much, and we can’t even tell you how much you are using since that would imply that we have a some limit on usage which we do not, so you either use less or we will cancel your service, but we can’t tell you how much less to use because we don’t have any such limit on usage, but you are still using too much…and 1+1=5 and snails can fly and the moon is made of cheese and the Earth is flat and is at the center of the Universe…etc”. There, now you know what you are in for. Save yourself the frustration and cancel their service if you ever get this group of idiot “Secrete Police” on your case.

You know it is unbelievably stupid of them to do this. What they are doing is targeting the top 10% (or so) of their power user clients. But that group is the group that most people go to when they want computer advice. And that group is the group that knows how to get the word out how much they hate Comcast. I have gotten over 30 people to dump Comcast directly, and I take every effort to post informed messages about how bad a company they are on the web and elsewhere. And I’m just one of the many power users that they got mad. So, it just doesn’t make any sense for them to be such jerks about this. Even if you completely ignore the sheer idiocy of their reasoning (“We have no usage limit, but don’t go over our usage limit or we will cancel you”).

As far as the quality of their service is concerned I was quite disappointed. Because they are so geared to pushing advertisements upon their clients they intrude upon you by monitor your usage of their service (for advertisement reasons). Ok, I figured I could live with that, but what irked me was that they put up ads every time I changed channels and that slowed down my channel changing to about 2-3 seconds per channel. It was crazy. It would take me an hour to surf around to find something good to watch and by the time I decided what I wanted to watch, it was over. It was so painful that I disconnected my cable box and just watched the analog signal (and I don’t even know if you can do that anymore). I didn’t get all the channels, but at least it didn’t take me all day to find something to watch. Plus the picture was never clear. It was a bit grainy, but more importantly you would get these blocks popping up frequently and sometimes the picture would freeze though the sound was still coming through.

Oh, and what started me ranting again was that I sent an email to a friend that still has Comcast (FIOS not available in his area yet) and I got it bounced back saying that it is spam. But when I went to their website (as the bounce told me) to try to get my IP off the block list they asked me for all sorts of personal information that they could not possible need. Now if it was any other company I would suspect that they are just trying to resolve the problem, but since it is Comcast I suspect that they are trying to compile information about the clients of other providers (like FIOS). You get a bounced email and you go to the Comcast site and you give them all your personal information so they can then target you for their advertisements. I have to hand it to them they know how to squeeze every bit of information out of not only their clients, but also the clients of other providers. Still, I took the opportunity to send them a message thanking them for alerting me to a friend of mine that I have not yet gotten to dump Comcast. Of course that particular friend has no other choice as of yet, but it reminds me to check to see if any new choices exist. So, in a sense this bounce of my email is helpful to me. It’s just one more person that I might directly help out by getting them to dump Comcast.

I could go on about their service and billing problems, but you all seem to know about those. I’m just giving you the additional problems that you might not know about (like the idiot “Secrete Police”). Luckily for me FIOS became available in my area just as the Comcast “Secrete Police” were cutting off my service. I don’t like Verizon much as a company, but so far FIOS has be pretty great. I get a constant download speed of 19.7mbps where I would be lucky to get a fluctuating 5mbps from Comcast, my FIOS upload speeds are better than that (and Comcast’s upload speeds were less then 700kbps—very slow). My TV looks like I bought a new one. The picture is so much better then Comcast and I have no problems with it at all. My phone is about the same, but I had a different phone company that charged me a lot so I saved a lot switching mainly due to the phone (I save over $130 a month switching to the FIOS package). There are probably cheaper and better phone providers, but not by much so I am happy about that. I get unlimited calling throughout the U.S. (so no more long distance carrier like I used to have, thus the savings).

I have some other horror stories related to the initial installation (drilling holes in my house other then the spot I told them too, I had to drill my own hole after they left and run the wire into my basement where I already had all the cable wires connected up, instead they drilled holes around my house and ran wires up the outside site walls, it was ugly, but more importantly I told them not to do it and they did it anyways) and related to billing when I cancelled their service (they billed me for stuff I never had and didn’t cancel the service when I asked them too and a mess of other things that made me quite angry). Still, I will leave that for another day.

a former comcast employee speaks the truth

As a former employee, I know everything being said is true. I was a door-to-door sales rep, the hardest kind of sale there is. I could have sold 50 subscriptions per week but not make quota because the blasted installers screwed up and the customer cancelled the deal. Additionally, everything was about sell, sell, sell. Nothing was ever service, service, service. After one of their subcontractors raped and murdered a woman here in Illinois, selling got even tougher. Would you open your door to someone after that? I posed this question at a sales meeting and management blew me off. Comcast is the biggest bugger in any handkerchief.

guess what? Bill hates comcast

We had to switch to Comcast two months ago as this is the only company that provides cable, internet and phone in our new building. When we signed up we were promised a triple play deal (phone+tv+internet), but they told us that a guy has to come to install the cable in a week and in two weeks they'll come to install the phone. The first week when we were waiting for the cable to be installed was the happiest week of my life as I didn't have to deal with Comcast. They std us up multiple times for the appointments. We were constatantly calling them to have the phone installed and finally three weeks after we signed up for the service (and PAYING for it) we had the phone service. But only for 1 (ONE) week. Then it stopped working for some reason. We were calling the customer service almost every day and they were telling us that they're looking into it. When we asked to have a technician sent, they said that they could fix it remotely. After a month (!!) of tyring to fix it remotely, they finally agreed to send a technician out. On the day of the appointment, the technician didn't show up in the time slot, although every time I would call them to find out when the guy is coming I was told that I was the next one on the line. Then finally after almost 6 hours of waiting they told me that he got rescheduled (!!!) and will not be able to come at all and they had to reschedule it for the next day. Two hours after I rescheduled my appointment for the next day a technician showed up who was just told to come to our place (and he told me that he was in our building one floor up in the morning, but NOONE told him about my appointment!!!!). When he finally got to the phoneit turned out that our number was cut out of service b/c they forgot to register it somewhere and it was disconnected!!!! I HATE COMCAST and I wish we had another company in our building that we could switch to. I'm ready to go out in the streets with protests againts Comcast -- this company is juts unbelievable!!!

Polly has issues with Comcast too

Oh my god, I am having almost the same problem. Basically no access during peak hours (say 7 or 8pm until 11pm) and now my phone is acting up during those hours, too. And the same thing with having to repeat my problem EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I call. They are an internet company, do they not have electronic files or a company intranet???

I just got the comcast cable-internet-phone package in June, it worked fine until the end of July, now I'm having problems. I think I need to talk to the customer retention department, because I'm having a hard time thinking I should stay with this candy-ass company.

Here is a letter from Mike

This is my letter to comcast, unfortunately I'm still tuck with them, DSL is looking better and better!!!!

Dear Mr. XXXX,

I hope you remember me from the couple of times we spoke. I think we spoke in the beginning of this nightmare back in June. It’s just gotten worse. If Version Fios was available in my area I would have been gone already. I’m currently on a search for any other ISP that can service my residence with similar speeds and some form of reliability that seems to elude Comcast. As soon as I find one I’m gone!

Till then I’m stuck with the lamest service ever to be offered with the rudest most condescending and incompetent technical support on planet earth! I am speaking of the tech support in Arizona and Missouri.

I have the following employee id’s that I have collected and I have found to be extremely rude and or completely incompetent at what they do.

72930 Rude and incompetent supervisor
100203761 Openly Rude supervisor
72214 (Lahalina?) Openly Rude
Trinsetta (your office) openly rude and incompetent

These are just a few, you can find more in the notes on my account and I have others written down but I can’t find them right now. There are many many more that would not give up there employee id, or who would just hang up the phone or transfer me to someone else without addressing the issue. I’ve never been treated so poorly by tech support in my life.

The staff in the retention office have been very nice to me with a couple of exceptions. They are the only reason I haven’t gone to DSL yet. Now if you could train the tech support staff to be as nice as the staff in the retention department you’d really be doing a good thing for Comcast.

Now the problem: (Please read the notes on my account, there are a lot of them)

I’m still getting intermittent signals at my house. I loose signal about 5 times a day. Usually after 8:00pm but I’ve also noticed that when I get up at around noon I’m down. Usually shutting down and restarting the modem and router solves the problem. But as of late it’s been taking longer and your tech support has been unable to get me reconnected.

I’m starting to think it’s a “time” issue. IE form 8:15 to 9:34 I’m not going to have Internet no matter what I do. I feel this way because I spent 4 hours on the phone with you guys to “magically” come back up while I was on hold being transferred to another tech. Hence the tech support guys did NOTHING to get me back up.

Idea’s of what might be going on range from “The new Admin’s (Comcast instead of Time Warner) might be messing with the system a night, hence I go down while they dick with the system” to “The modems are not turned all the way up (signal strength) like they were with Time Warner. O’ did I mention this problem didn’t exist with Time Warner. Or even that the guys coming out to my house are just looking at the system and not actually doing anything. Another idea is that they turn my signal strength up for a couple of days to make me happy and then turn it back down. At any rate the service I’ve been getting is completely unacceptable!

Now I have my 5th guy coming out to my house to “work” on the issue. I’m getting SICK and TIRED of the issue. How about just fixing the issue. I know for a fact that not everything has been done to FIX the problem. What I’d like is for the problem to be terminatedly handled and for you guys to stop wasting my time and cell phone bill. I spent 4 HOURS on the phone today trying to get some movement on the problem. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Every time I call in I have to start from square one. The tech support guy starts in with “It must be your modem/router” This was fine at first, but after the 58 million’th time it got ridiculous! Now it just pisses me off!

Ever single stupid time I call in, because my internet goes down, I have to humor the idiot you guys put on the phone and start with the most basic trouble shooting and go through a half-hour process just to have him say “well I don’t know what’s wrong, you modem looks great.” Or “We’ll have to send someone out.” How about they actually READ the notes and start the conversation with “Mr. XXXXX, are you till having that problem? How about we do this ____ to fix it this time”. My cell phone bill and patience would greatly appreciate it.

I would like to know what’s going to be done to fix my problems and improve the service. I’m not interested with general fixes of any other patronizing response. Please give me something real and help to instill a little confidence here.

Thank you for your time and patience on this matter.



Here is Lisa's story

For the past 3 days, a coax cable has been duct taped across the walkway to my house. On top of that, Comcast workers dug up a 5 foot by 6 inch section of my grass and didn't bother to put the grass back. I understand that they may need to do something like that as a temporary quick fix, but 3 days is my limit--especially when I'm trying to sell my house. Curb appeal down the drain.

I called Comcast this evening. They apparently have absolutely no record of any such work having occurred on my street in the past week! The customer service rep I spoke to said that someone will be out to bury the cable and replace my grass tomorrow morning. I certainly hope they show up and actually bury the cable this time.

Here is a post from Robert, I feal his pain

i hate comcast as well. first they told me i would get cable, internet and phone for $100 a month. i have paid $123 every month since service started. then a construction worker in the area accidentaly cut the cable line on a friday afternoon. every single person who subscribes to comcast in my building (which is everyone, since comcast has a monopoly on my building) was not able to access any of its services. i had to use my cell phone minutes to call customer service at comcast -- which confirmed a line was cut. i called saturday, i called sunday. both times comcast said someone was looking into it. i also know i was not the only one in my building that called comcast. comcast only restores the service on monday and has the gall to say " we did not get the request to repair the cable until monday." that is such bull shit. the next month, i get my bill -- i expect to see a some kind of credit for all three of my services being down for 3 days -- instead my bill is HIGHER. i just tried to call their customer service line and it is BUSY.

My first post about how comcast sucks balls

Here are many stories from comcast customers, some of these stories are quite laughable but shity.