Thursday, January 8, 2009

John T took a dump in Comcast's flower pot!

I also Hate Comcast... They have the dumbest people working there... Can someone Please get me a name of a Manager for the Fort Lauderdale area... with a Phone Number... I went to their Local Store and tried to find him but I had no luck, its so sooo Frustrating... I had to go Number 2 though and being Pissed Off with nowhere to go... shit man I took a Dump in their Flower Pot on the way out to my car... anybody have that damn Assholes Phone Number?

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  1. Oh, ouch. That’s just brutal. It’s hard to believe I used to be one of those people getting treated so badly by my TV provider just a few years ago. I finally made the switch to DISH and haven’t ever been happier as either a customer or employee (I work in one of their call centers). Comcast can’t do TV Everywhere like DISH< which allows you to watch pause and record LIVE television on your mobile device from anywhere in the world, something Comcast can’t do.