Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here is a post from Robert, I feal his pain

i hate comcast as well. first they told me i would get cable, internet and phone for $100 a month. i have paid $123 every month since service started. then a construction worker in the area accidentaly cut the cable line on a friday afternoon. every single person who subscribes to comcast in my building (which is everyone, since comcast has a monopoly on my building) was not able to access any of its services. i had to use my cell phone minutes to call customer service at comcast -- which confirmed a line was cut. i called saturday, i called sunday. both times comcast said someone was looking into it. i also know i was not the only one in my building that called comcast. comcast only restores the service on monday and has the gall to say " we did not get the request to repair the cable until monday." that is such bull shit. the next month, i get my bill -- i expect to see a some kind of credit for all three of my services being down for 3 days -- instead my bill is HIGHER. i just tried to call their customer service line and it is BUSY.

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