Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here is a letter from Mike

This is my letter to comcast, unfortunately I'm still tuck with them, DSL is looking better and better!!!!

Dear Mr. XXXX,

I hope you remember me from the couple of times we spoke. I think we spoke in the beginning of this nightmare back in June. It’s just gotten worse. If Version Fios was available in my area I would have been gone already. I’m currently on a search for any other ISP that can service my residence with similar speeds and some form of reliability that seems to elude Comcast. As soon as I find one I’m gone!

Till then I’m stuck with the lamest service ever to be offered with the rudest most condescending and incompetent technical support on planet earth! I am speaking of the tech support in Arizona and Missouri.

I have the following employee id’s that I have collected and I have found to be extremely rude and or completely incompetent at what they do.

72930 Rude and incompetent supervisor
100203761 Openly Rude supervisor
72214 (Lahalina?) Openly Rude
Trinsetta (your office) openly rude and incompetent

These are just a few, you can find more in the notes on my account and I have others written down but I can’t find them right now. There are many many more that would not give up there employee id, or who would just hang up the phone or transfer me to someone else without addressing the issue. I’ve never been treated so poorly by tech support in my life.

The staff in the retention office have been very nice to me with a couple of exceptions. They are the only reason I haven’t gone to DSL yet. Now if you could train the tech support staff to be as nice as the staff in the retention department you’d really be doing a good thing for Comcast.

Now the problem: (Please read the notes on my account, there are a lot of them)

I’m still getting intermittent signals at my house. I loose signal about 5 times a day. Usually after 8:00pm but I’ve also noticed that when I get up at around noon I’m down. Usually shutting down and restarting the modem and router solves the problem. But as of late it’s been taking longer and your tech support has been unable to get me reconnected.

I’m starting to think it’s a “time” issue. IE form 8:15 to 9:34 I’m not going to have Internet no matter what I do. I feel this way because I spent 4 hours on the phone with you guys to “magically” come back up while I was on hold being transferred to another tech. Hence the tech support guys did NOTHING to get me back up.

Idea’s of what might be going on range from “The new Admin’s (Comcast instead of Time Warner) might be messing with the system a night, hence I go down while they dick with the system” to “The modems are not turned all the way up (signal strength) like they were with Time Warner. O’ did I mention this problem didn’t exist with Time Warner. Or even that the guys coming out to my house are just looking at the system and not actually doing anything. Another idea is that they turn my signal strength up for a couple of days to make me happy and then turn it back down. At any rate the service I’ve been getting is completely unacceptable!

Now I have my 5th guy coming out to my house to “work” on the issue. I’m getting SICK and TIRED of the issue. How about just fixing the issue. I know for a fact that not everything has been done to FIX the problem. What I’d like is for the problem to be terminatedly handled and for you guys to stop wasting my time and cell phone bill. I spent 4 HOURS on the phone today trying to get some movement on the problem. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Every time I call in I have to start from square one. The tech support guy starts in with “It must be your modem/router” This was fine at first, but after the 58 million’th time it got ridiculous! Now it just pisses me off!

Ever single stupid time I call in, because my internet goes down, I have to humor the idiot you guys put on the phone and start with the most basic trouble shooting and go through a half-hour process just to have him say “well I don’t know what’s wrong, you modem looks great.” Or “We’ll have to send someone out.” How about they actually READ the notes and start the conversation with “Mr. XXXXX, are you till having that problem? How about we do this ____ to fix it this time”. My cell phone bill and patience would greatly appreciate it.

I would like to know what’s going to be done to fix my problems and improve the service. I’m not interested with general fixes of any other patronizing response. Please give me something real and help to instill a little confidence here.

Thank you for your time and patience on this matter.



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