Thursday, January 8, 2009

Karl was so fed up with comcast he sent them a "feces soaked check"!

8 years, and I'm still getting billed...

In 2000 I was finally able to get cable, it was a blessing! or was it...

I started with Time Warner and purchased the router from their physical store thinking I'll save money over the long run. Two years later Time Warner starts to break out their equipment rental and monthly rates to make it appear they charge less, I find out I've been paying for the router monthly for two years...

Fast forward to Comcast taking over Time Warner. I pay with them for 3 years until they break out their equipment rental and find I'm now paying THEM for the rental of this router, now Time Warner refunded me the rental I paid for two years but Comcast never did. So I call and tell them everything and they tell me I'll need to provide a receipt for that box to prove I purchased it. I tell them to produce paperwork that says I rented it from them, silence. I assume this issue is over, I move and order the tripple play (new qequipment new address) they bill me for disconnection at old address I keep them for another year, after which they want to jack my bill up over 50% to keep a 'sometimes working, mostly not' phone line and crappy cable. I decide nope, I'm heading over to qwest who can finally compete with comcast in speed and FAR superior in customer support (course that's not saying much).

So here we are 2008 and I've dumped Comcast paid their disconnect fees and returned their equipment and I get a letter from an old neighbor from my previous address from Comcast saying I owe them $40 for the modem I never returned to them.

I do not want to sound bitter but seriously? not only do they send the bill to an address I no longer live, report me to the credit bureaus for equipment they do not own but they have the nuts to tell me I need to return the modem I purchased 8 years ago and rented on top of that for 5 years back to them.

I've made numerous calls and each time I get the same thing... effectively "were sorry but your nobody, were Comcast, and we will do whatever the hell we want and you will bend over and take it and like it".

Well Comcast, I hope you enjoy the $40 feces soaked check as much as I enjoyed your service.