Thursday, January 8, 2009

guess what? Bill hates comcast

We had to switch to Comcast two months ago as this is the only company that provides cable, internet and phone in our new building. When we signed up we were promised a triple play deal (phone+tv+internet), but they told us that a guy has to come to install the cable in a week and in two weeks they'll come to install the phone. The first week when we were waiting for the cable to be installed was the happiest week of my life as I didn't have to deal with Comcast. They std us up multiple times for the appointments. We were constatantly calling them to have the phone installed and finally three weeks after we signed up for the service (and PAYING for it) we had the phone service. But only for 1 (ONE) week. Then it stopped working for some reason. We were calling the customer service almost every day and they were telling us that they're looking into it. When we asked to have a technician sent, they said that they could fix it remotely. After a month (!!) of tyring to fix it remotely, they finally agreed to send a technician out. On the day of the appointment, the technician didn't show up in the time slot, although every time I would call them to find out when the guy is coming I was told that I was the next one on the line. Then finally after almost 6 hours of waiting they told me that he got rescheduled (!!!) and will not be able to come at all and they had to reschedule it for the next day. Two hours after I rescheduled my appointment for the next day a technician showed up who was just told to come to our place (and he told me that he was in our building one floor up in the morning, but NOONE told him about my appointment!!!!). When he finally got to the phoneit turned out that our number was cut out of service b/c they forgot to register it somewhere and it was disconnected!!!! I HATE COMCAST and I wish we had another company in our building that we could switch to. I'm ready to go out in the streets with protests againts Comcast -- this company is juts unbelievable!!!

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