Thursday, January 8, 2009

George thinks comcast customer support are "fucking idiots"!

just got off the phone with those idiots. they are trying to bill me for a service call when the tech did absolutly nothing. after voicing my displeasure very loudly to the rum head on the line he acctually tried to talk me into in my opinion is the perfect example of what corporate fucks are all about MONEY MONEY MONEY

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  1. I work for comcast and we are forced to "upsell" on every call. Good, bad or indifferent. In fact I've been told that failure to upsell is grounds for dismissal. Just thought maybe you'd like to know that before you call somebody you don't even know a rumhead. Oh and btw try speaking to pissed off customers who can't even figure out that $20 - $20 does indeed equal $0 all day