Thursday, January 8, 2009

a rather less than happy fealing towards comcast Jimmy has!

I hate Comcast with a passion.... Why? Becuase for the fifth time since August 2007, Comcast has mistakenly disconnected the cable to my unit. I say mistakenly but I'm now beginning to feel like this has to be TOTAL incompetence. To make matters worse during my last outage, I was told by a Comcast technician that it appeared as though another of their technicians had cut the cable leading to my unit and routed the cable line to the unit just above mine. Of course their was no of my proving this, so I instead had to bite the bullet and wait for my office to have an electrician to come out and repair my line. In the mean time, the technician that informed me of what happened, did a temporary fix to route cable to my unit by splitting the signal off of the unit above me and routing it to my unit; this happened back in April. So as you can imagine, I'm way beyond frustrated with Comcast and this entire situation they've created.

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