Thursday, January 8, 2009

a former comcast employee speaks the truth

As a former employee, I know everything being said is true. I was a door-to-door sales rep, the hardest kind of sale there is. I could have sold 50 subscriptions per week but not make quota because the blasted installers screwed up and the customer cancelled the deal. Additionally, everything was about sell, sell, sell. Nothing was ever service, service, service. After one of their subcontractors raped and murdered a woman here in Illinois, selling got even tougher. Would you open your door to someone after that? I posed this question at a sales meeting and management blew me off. Comcast is the biggest bugger in any handkerchief.

1 comment:

  1. If the sales weazels were not selling deals that were too good the be real, the installer would have enough time to install the service. But when comcast gives the installer 15 minutes to do the job, the sales weazel should not offer 249730973290752903752 free additional outlets, free highspeed, washing the customers car, cooking their meal and what ever else the sales weazel dreams up to make that sale. If the weazel sold what comcast offered at the going sale rate, the job would get done. Besides, when the weazel gives so much unavailable BS to make the sale, it should be pretty easy to sell someone.