Thursday, January 8, 2009

heres a note from Sally "(an Atlanta customer of this shitty company Comcast)"

I am planning to sue Comcast. Anybody interested in joining me, please forward your info to

After going through one month of hell wiht this company, on July 7 I was promised a one month's credit by their reps but later they said they knew nothing about it. I spent hours correcting their mistakes which led me to one month of hell trying to get my internet up (they had the address wrong, followed by a series of customer service errors).
I am planning to sue this company for the problems it has caused me and the hours I wasted, (including a legal research paper that was delayed because of their failure ot have the internet working in time) trying to resolve this. The customer service reps hung up on me four times. This is absolutely positively the worst customer service I have seen in my life.
Shamina (an Atlanta customer of this shitty company)

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  1. I have had a nightmare experience with Comcast! 7 weeks of no internet! Can you imagine 20 support calls, 14 hours on the phone, 7 appointments, completely stood up on 2 of the appointments (Saturday appointments), late 2 times on other appointments, and to top it all off...they want to charge me for internet (I never had) for the two months I have been with them...Do you think its time to let my money speak to AT&T?