Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I've Determino'd the Germino

Oh Germino;


His internet always works. Do you think he's ever called 1-800-Comcast in his life? Has he ever had to call customer support with someone who speaks terrible English and can't help for a damn with his jacked up internet or non working sports package on his tv? They make sure his shit works.

Now you wonder, why does his shit always work? Well you aren't a big shot at comcast are you? By the way your promotional period just ended, so that's 60$ more a month now.

That guy above, he's the senior vice president of customer operations, he must be tired of people getting pissed about their promotional periods expiring wouldn't you think. Why is that? Maybe cause comcast has a monopoly on the cable lines and if they just raised their prices to their non promotional period prices they would alienate their entire customer base who would flee to solutions as slow as even clear wire to save cash. But instead they get you for 6 months on a cheaper deal, knowing if you are like most people, you will just accept that higher price at the time. Then they charge you full price. After this point its harder to get a promotional deal again. So comcast will make you suffer if you ever pay full price. This is their customer model, think about it please, just for a bit. The outspoken man gets the deal and the quiet one gets shafted? Do you know any other big company that does business this way? Cmon? Any? Nope?

Food for thoughts,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Comcast, check out your gift! Also read Ken D's personal story!

This is Ken D from Houston.  I am 55, own a business, and pay all legitimate bills on time.  The arrogant idiots at Comcast pushed me too far, as the attached 3+ page, single spaced, complaint letter demonstrates.  They never replied to me, or to the other hand written notes I sent them in my attempt to fix their mistakes.  The letter chronicals a remarkable series of incompetence, surpassed only by their disdain and ambivalence.  At the end of the letter, I told them I would pay only for services I received, and warned them not to annoy me further.  Myopically unable to follow my simple directions, they persistently over charged me.  I short payed the last invoice to what I calculated was the correct amount.  They have now hired a collection agency for a measly $49.  Better yet, those fools are pursuing my ex wife, who moved out 3 years ago and has nothing to do with this dispute.  True to my promise, there is a serious ethical problem at Comcast that I warned would go public, if they annoyed me further.  I think sending a credit agency after my ex qualifies (we are divorced, but remain cordial friends and parents of 2 children) as more than an annoyance.  It is a declaration of war.  So, it's time to go public.  I thank you for setting up this site and hope you find the attached letter worthy of it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comcast Moving Fiasco‏, the Story Brandy from Cali sent my way...

Here is Brandy's Story, I'm not surprised, but in pain from having read the troubles that she's had. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Mark Casem shamelessly here to help! Don Don Don!

So, I recently moved and transferred my Comcast services to my new address. Here's my list of grievances with the process:
1. The tech called me two hours before our scheduled appointment and asked if he could come then. He was grouchy because we weren't available to move our appointment to make it more convenient for him.
2. After he set everything up in our bedroom, because apparently he couldn't get the right signal in the living room?, he showed us a paper to confirm our account and phone number. The number was wrong. He laughed and said, "Well, this is your number now."
3. When the tech tested the phone though, our old phone number did work. So, we assumed someone just put the wrong number on the order . .
4. After he left, we tried to access the internet and couldn't. We just got this error message that said "SOS - call Comcast".
5. After 3 calls, 5 transfers and 2 wasted hours of my life, someone figured out how to make it work.
6. A few days later the phone stopped working. We couldn't call out and when we dialed our number we got the number is no longer in service message.
7. I contacted customer support via chat to inquire . . . Surprise! When I logged into my account, my bill had a weird line item: Balance Transferred To: XXXXXXXXXX (some acct # I had never seen).
8. After a 40 minute chat, the customer service person discovered that I was given a new account number and phone number . . . Obviously! But, it still took "Tessie" ages to figure this out.
9. There was still no explanation as to why the phone wasn't working. But, Tessie said she filed the order to have our number switched back to the original one.
10. And, then she offered to transfer my old login info to my new account, as if that was going to make up for this ridiculousness.
11. We closed the chat with Tessie's apologies, and my mini tirade about poor business practices and subpar service, and I still don't have a working house phone . . . I wonder how many times I'm going to have to call or chat to get it working again. I'd go without, but cell reception in the East Bay is unbelievably spotty no matter your carrier.