Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Comcast, check out your gift! Also read Ken D's personal story!

This is Ken D from Houston.  I am 55, own a business, and pay all legitimate bills on time.  The arrogant idiots at Comcast pushed me too far, as the attached 3+ page, single spaced, complaint letter demonstrates.  They never replied to me, or to the other hand written notes I sent them in my attempt to fix their mistakes.  The letter chronicals a remarkable series of incompetence, surpassed only by their disdain and ambivalence.  At the end of the letter, I told them I would pay only for services I received, and warned them not to annoy me further.  Myopically unable to follow my simple directions, they persistently over charged me.  I short payed the last invoice to what I calculated was the correct amount.  They have now hired a collection agency for a measly $49.  Better yet, those fools are pursuing my ex wife, who moved out 3 years ago and has nothing to do with this dispute.  True to my promise, there is a serious ethical problem at Comcast that I warned would go public, if they annoyed me further.  I think sending a credit agency after my ex qualifies (we are divorced, but remain cordial friends and parents of 2 children) as more than an annoyance.  It is a declaration of war.  So, it's time to go public.  I thank you for setting up this site and hope you find the attached letter worthy of it.


  1. Where is Ken D's complaint letter?

  2. Ken D - I apologize for the poor experience. I'd like to look into this for you. Where and when did you send you letter? Please feel free to contact us at your account info and your best contact number,


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  3. Mr. Casem,

    I checked your web credentials. It appears you are legit. After 4 months of futility in dealing with Comcast, it is a refreshing surprise to finally find a possible island of reason amidst a sea of bureaucratic mediocrity. I will contact you privately. The complaint letter follows, redacted, and split into sections to fit this website's format restrictions.

    Ken D.

  4. Two days later, around Feb 22, the cable magically started to work properly. I had done nothing. I called your office to cancel the technical service visit that was scheduled for Friday Feb 24 to fix the cable. I finally had my first day of TV service for the entire month of February. It turned out to be the only day that month.

    One day later, the cable was off again. The screen had a different error message, but the converter box was solid green, indicating it had a signal. After a day of this, I called technical support. The person answering insisted on me providing my account number or last payment amount, neither of which I had available at the time. I provided your representative with the digital box numbers and the litany of recent problems that were in your records for my account, which were details that only the proper owner of the account could reasonably have known. But your unhelpful person would not use any common sense, as she was dogmatically trained to be an unthinking robot. Disgusted by her incompetence and unwillingness to do something as simple as send a signal to my boxes to reactivate them, I hung up the phone in frustration.

    That was Friday Feb 24. A half hour later, I cancelled Comcast cable and internet. I explained to Pete, who fielded my call, that your company had been fired for chronic and often acute incompetence.

    Pete informed me he could not turn off my service, because my name was not on the account. That is when I first learned that my divorced ex wife was supposedly the account holder. I told him to cancel my service anyway, as she was divorced and moved out of the house 2.5 years earlier. I explained that I write the checks to Comcast, and it is my house. I told him that if the service was left on, it was your fault, as I would not pay, to which he said Comcast would eventually cut off my service when I had not paid for a long enough time. Suit yourself.

    Subsequently, I warned my ex wife that Comcast might try to collect from her, since she was supposedly still on my account. Congratulations. Now you have successfully annoyed two customers. My ex said that she long ago replaced her name with mine. She was right. I checked my invoice. It clearly shows my name, not hers. How did Comcast manage to get something so simple so wrong?

    Third News Flash. I am the customer. I decide what services I pay for in my house. Not my divorced ex wife. And you have no business preventing me, or putting barriers in my way, in making that decision.

    On February 27, the first day your local customer center was open following the prior week’s fiascos, I attempted to return your digital boxes. The representative initially tried to prevent me from canceling the service and returning the boxes, because my name was not on the account. I cut her off when she cited some federal privacy law that supposedly justified her to ignore my attempt to control where I spend my money for my house. I told her I heard it all before from Pete, and that Comcast records were wrong, that my ex took her name off and put my name on the account, and your invoices prove it. She went to her supervisor, talked for a while, then came back to me, took the boxes and gave me a receipt.

    Fourth News Flash. You have an ethics problem, and possibly a legal problem. Comcast insists I am not authorized to make decisions on my account. You can’t have it both ways. You cannot hide behind a federal privacy law to prevent me from reducing your revenue by canceling your service, while simultaneously ignoring the federal privacy law and trying to raise your revenue by asking me to approve a lease for a 3rd digital box. Under your perverted logic, if only my ex can cancel your service, then only my ex can add charges to that service. Period.

  5. The next day, February 28, I successfully returned the internet modem without any more crap from your company. I was told I owed $91.68. I told the representative I would not pay for cable in February, since I did not receive it for essentially the entire month. I would pay for the internet service prorated to Feb 24, and that Comcast needs to adjust the final invoice accordingly.

    I told my business partner about the absurdity that I encountered in trying to fix Comcast. Fearing that you would try to harm my credit, he called Comcast and posed as me, saying that my house was a rental property and that the tenant, who was a “family member”, had moved out and that he needed to cancel the service. Your people were much more helpful to him than they were to me, but they refused to cancel the service, even though Comcast by this time finally admitted that my name, and not the family member, was on the invoice. My business partner has many rental properties and said Comcast routinely has allowed him to cancel service when a tenant moved out. Ultimately, my business partner hung up in disgust, angered by your company.

    Fifth News Flash. In screwing up one account, you have managed to piss off three different customers: me, my ex, and my business partner. Impressive. Why don’t you just pave a path for AT&T and Dish and send them your customer list?

    To make sure I no longer have to waste any more of my valuable time or tolerate any more incompetence from Comcast, this is written confirmation that your cable and internet service has been terminated for cause, effective February 24. I will not pay for cable in February, since it was out for almost every day the entire month. And the one day it worked, it was not worth the aggravation you caused. You need to adjust your invoice and bill me only for the prorated internet services that Comcast provided.

    As for your poor ethics and possible legal problem, that goes public if you find any other way to annoy me further.



    cc: Conroe Franchisee
    Shenandoah Franchisee

  6. I have never seen a company run as poorly as Comcast. In addition to the services not working properly. I have been waiting 9 months to have my cable line buried. Also the company defaced my property by running the wires in a zig zag on the outside of my home. I have spoken to supervisors. I had them come out and I was assured that it would be fixed. I am now having to go through the process again because each time I'm given promises that someone would take care of the problem. Every customer service representative is so sorry and assures me that "this time" it will be taken care of. This situation is just a disgrace. In addition to these problems they also cant explain why my bill is massively different each month. I'm fed up and I am joining the multiple voices who believe that Comcast is poorly run, and simply unethical.

  7. Comcast stop running the cable line right across the street from me. I'm the only house on my road they wrong give access too. I can't get their service even if for some reason after seeing this guys trouble with them, I still wanted it. I used to live in richmond virginia but now live in powhatan and can only get satellite internet because comcast wanted 5k to run like 50 ft of cable across the st reet.

  8. its the habit of Comcast not particular Comcast of all companies . They always try to take out more and more money from the customers without informing them , So i will suggest you a service that i use to keep track on my bills . They negotiate whenever i am being over charged .And also keep track on my subscriptions and discounts .


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