Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my comcast modem died, fuckers

So the past month or so my internet has been so slow I have been dreaming of the good old days of 56k modems and aol. Its been a big ol bunch of horse cock, so comcast gives me a new modem that actually works, actually I had to drive there to get a replacement so they wouldn't charge me to come bring me a replacement for the faulty piece of shit they gave me in the first place. So after getting home and installing my new modem I find that it won't connect, I end up having to be on the phone with a comcast technician for over an hour before he was able to get rid of the "security locks" placed on the modem. Nice of the people at the comcast store to not tell me anything about this "lock" or even to possibly remove it before handing me the new modem, thats pretty shitty on their part. How stupid is that.

Basically my internet has not worked for a whole month and I get nothing in return for it. Thanks comcast you dirt bag bastards.