Wednesday, July 7, 2010

my comcast modem died, fuckers

So the past month or so my internet has been so slow I have been dreaming of the good old days of 56k modems and aol. Its been a big ol bunch of horse cock, so comcast gives me a new modem that actually works, actually I had to drive there to get a replacement so they wouldn't charge me to come bring me a replacement for the faulty piece of shit they gave me in the first place. So after getting home and installing my new modem I find that it won't connect, I end up having to be on the phone with a comcast technician for over an hour before he was able to get rid of the "security locks" placed on the modem. Nice of the people at the comcast store to not tell me anything about this "lock" or even to possibly remove it before handing me the new modem, thats pretty shitty on their part. How stupid is that.

Basically my internet has not worked for a whole month and I get nothing in return for it. Thanks comcast you dirt bag bastards.


  1. I work at Comcast. The modem has to be added on your account and on when you can be active for internet. The reason you saw a security page is because companies don't want people to steal internet. Whenever you swap a modem you will see that and you always have to call into Comcast to get online. Yes I do agree customer service should have told you this. Taking a hour well that usually doesn't happen unless some weird glitch in the system occurs. It happens since technology isn't 100% perfect. Verizon and cable vision are the same way. I really hope that's the reason why it took so long. Then again you might have had an outsourcer who didn't know what they were doing.

    1. You service sucks, you suck, and the only reason people use your shitty service is cause you have a monopoly on internet service in many areas. I hope google fiber optics puts your company out of business and your waiting in a bread line smelling of bum piss you fucking douche.

  2. So basically what you are saying is that technology isn't 100% perfect, lol, that's a great excuse in my book. It’s like me visiting your house, using your bathroom and pissing on your wall that happens to contain your wife's favorite painting, well my aim isn't 100% perfect either, but I'm a monopoly so you can't invite anyone else over who might not have a tendency to piss on your walls!

    So you say it might have been an outsourcer that I spoke to on the phone after calling comcast's customer support line? So you are honestly telling me that by calling comcast's customer support line I can end up talking to someone in a third world country that barely understands english, lives in a hut, and doesn't even understand that comcast sucks balls? Wow, that's inspiring! Comfuckingcastic!

    You know my friend just had to replace his modem too cause another comcast modem bit the dust, he says it’s not his first comcast modem to die yet, but he did say it will be his last, buying a 3rd party modem and sticking it to you. We are tired of paying you ass monkeys 5$ a month to rent your shoddy POS equipment.

    My friend also told me that you guys don't offer your slower cheaper speed cable internet when people sign up for comcast, you only offer it after a customer complains about your ass rapingly high price and wants to cancel! Great service comes from monopolies doesn’t it? You are like a government worker who can’t get fired even though he’s busy taking a dump for 4 hours every day of the work week.

    Invite me over to your house comcast representative, I'd love to ingest a bunch of vitamin B and take a neon yellow piss on your bathroom wall, and you can't help it either, I'm a fucking monopoly!

  3. Comcast had an American speaking channel for a few days recently-the THIS Network.Then the hordes bitched for another foreign language channel.Off went the AMERICAN speaking channel.

  4. I just got a new modem from comcast after my Xfinity package was working to get over .5 Mbps (it boasts speeds of up to 15 mbps) now it's running at a whopping .89 Mbps! I feel like I've died and gone to internet heaven. On the brighter side, I just received a bill for over $200 from them, so at least they're making money.

  5. comcast blows dick derrrrrrrrr

  6. Wow, it is crazy that you have had to replace their modems so many times. You would think that after switching out the modem for a customer, that has had previous issues with the same type of modem.. maybe its the modem model!? As a DISH employee, I tend to think outside the box to see what we can do to fix issues for our customers. Considering we are rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction, it is no wonder why.

  7. I have been working(?) with comcast for over one month to rectify my internet issue. That includes 3 days off from work, over 20 phone calls totaling in excess of over 4 hours. All of this to add phone to our double play. Tech who installed phone with new modem/router did not check internet connection before he left. It drops connection sometimes every 5 seconds for an hour or more at a time.

    Each call to comcast has brought a different and contrasting story every instance. My call last night of over 1 hour was never noted when I called back this morning in hopes of solving this problem.

    A HUGE problem for me and comcast is their new SMC router, which is horrible. I finally received a new to me netgear router which is piggybacking onto my SMC modem. I don't have time to write of each and every idiotic communication with comcast. I may, however, buy a bottle of single malt scotch and settle in front of this computer and let lose with a rant one evening for your viewing enjoyment.

  8. Wow... a bunch of wild claims here. 1st off you don't HAVE to rent a modem from Comcast to get their internet service. You can go BUY your own modem and when it dies you can go BUY another one. Comcast does not manufacture modems. Arris, Ambit, Motorola etc do. The modem you rent from Comcast is not a brand spanking new modem (Although I have had some new ones from time to time). It has typically gone from customer to customer until it dies which happens to all electronic equipment. And I can tell you some of the houses those modems end up in are NASTY. Food, ashes, cat urine... are just some of the hazards those modems go through.

    To the Dish employee 2 postings above. DISH #1 in customer satisfaction? Verizon FIOS, AT&T U-verse and DirectTV all scored higher in Customer Satisfaction by the ACSI in May of 2011 than DISH Network.

    @ the last Admin post on this page: 1st off is it Comcasts fault that there are not other providers in you area? Nope. If a company wants to build a cable plant in the area there is nothing Comcast can do to stop them. Are DirectTV, Verizon, Quest, Dish Network etc available to you in your area? I bet they are. So how can you claim monopoly? Apparently you don't know the meaning of the word and are just spewing stuff out.

    Your friend did the right thing in his situation and bought his own modem. Saved you the monthly rental fee didn't it.

    If you think that other companies do not outsource their call centers your on crack. So to hang that over their heads is down right misleading.

    Funny. I had no problem finding the economy speed tier which is the speed tier your referring to (1meg). The channel line-up and rate card also show the economy speed tier.

    And just so you know I have worked for both Dish Network and Comcast. I have heard the stories from both sides. Simply do a web search on these different companies. You will see that they ALL have complaints. To claim one is really worse than another is really stretching the truth of the matter.

    I will NEVER tell someone one service is better than another as I have seen both sides and know better.

  9. Above post....what a tool...why don't you grow a pair?

  10. He works for comcast. Nuff said douche ....

  11. When you see Comcast service trucks / vans at a store or McDolalds --- Slashing their tyres --- Is it justified

  12. I have worked for Dish, Direct, and Comcast, above poster is full of shit. ACSI is obviously not what the American consumer goes buy for customer satisfaction. It is J.D. Power. Comcast is #1 on the list for worst customer service in the country. As far as buying your own modem, we all have our own modem and Comcast kills them, easy to do. Set up a fake "outage" then shortly after your speeds are done for. Monopolies apply to competing services. Dish, Direct, and whoever don't over broadband cable internet last I heard so your stupid rebuttal is moot. Comcast is in fact a monopoly in most towns and they know it. It is up to us and the shitty FCC to make it right now.