Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 6th, its been awhile

It's been awhile since I've posted something, I haven't meant to keep people waiting, so here is my latest story. Everyone knows that comcast has 6 month promotional periods, after which you are expected to pay full price. So this past month my comcast bill has gone to a buck and change to 150$, oh that's expected with comcast. You know what we call this, premeditated anal rape.

Sign up for comcast, they'll give you 6 months for X amount! What a deal! But you know what happens after the first day of the 7th month? Its premeditated financial rape, comcast was aiming for your butt since you signed up.

How do you defend against the comcast anal rape banana of financial monopolies? You complain. You tell them that your internet has only been half as fast as they promised (for me thats the truth), that their tv pricing is F'd (another truth), and that they suck balls (check). Then they start to be reasonable.

I told my story to a comcast employee in north seattle and he told me to complain so I could get my bill lowered, he said he used to do that before he was a comcast customer. I told him thanks for solidifying the truth I already knew.

Another day, another story. Comcast sucks balls.


  1. I am sorry if you were not informed. When you signed up, the rep should have told you to call and let us know if you wanted to discontinue with the package. Otherwise, you will be charged the regular price after the promo expires. If you do not call, you will be charged for the regular price.

    In any case, I'd like to help in getting you a better pricing. you can contact me and provide your info at the email below.


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

  2. you have the dumbest blog i have ever seen of course you have to pay money to have cable etc.. and when they say 6 month promo you think the 7th month is cheaper? are you a complete fucktard?

  3. comcast does indeed suck balls--comcastcares1 is a shit eating liar!

  4. I thought this new post might interest you! it's called Comcast-Top 5 Reasons America Hates Them http://dishnetwork-dishtv.blogspot.com/2010/12/comcast-top-5-reasons-america-hates.html

  5. You notice how in the post from comcastcares1, the first thing he/she/it says is that YOU should have called, that THEY should have told you and how either way the "should" didn't happen, and it is your fault. Seeing as their agent failed to tell you that you needed to call after the promotional. I hope they refunded the difference to you. I can tell you that wont happen at DISH, and that as a long time employee- you as the customer are right. You pay your bill every month, and you know what it should be. When it's not I would expect you to notice and expect someone to fix it. Not everyone has spare change lying around to pay a $50 increase on their bill!

  6. Comcast is a bunch of fucking liars and retards. After I cancelled my shitty cable service, the dumb fuck from comcast asked me if I needed to keep the appointment later in the day for my cable. Un-fucking-believable!

  7. Everything you have heard as bad about Comcast carries over to DirectTV and Dish Network. Having been a installer for Dish Network and Comcast with a couple of buddies that work for DirectTV (we worked together for Dish Network) I have heard the riot act from Dish customers fed up with the Dish switching back to cable and from Comcast customers fed up with Comcast and going to Dish.

    It all boils down to personal experiences. If you have a bad experience with a company you are not going to like them very much. But to then create a entire web page out of spite with ill-informed information simply sucks balls.

    1st off if you don't think DirectTV or Dish Network or any other service provider has 'promotional pricing' where once your promotion expires you pay full price then you are simply a idiot and haven't done any homework on the subject.

    To Anonymous on March 1, 2011: I can tell you work for Dish Network and have no experience with the Cable Companies. 1st off why don't you tell Dish Customers that they are signing a 2 year contract and that if the Dish Service sucks you are in a 2 year contract with a $300 cancellation fee? (Which was btw a $200 cancellation fee back when I worked for them) Comcast does not stick you with a contract. You don't like it, you can cancel it. No Cancellation fee. I will clairify that there are some contracts offered now that keep your price the same during that contract period but other than that... nope.

    I worked for Dish (Not a Contractor) and I know all the trouble calls and complaints I heard over 4 years of working for them. I also remember when Dish Customers lost local channel 4 for what, nearly a year due to contract disputes and customers still paid the same price for less service.

    From DirectTV on DISH
    More than 14 million subscribers will start paying more in February, 2011 as most packages will be going up by $5 a month. The latest price increase was expected by many, as Dish Network packages did not go up in 2010 though many equipment fees did rise in price.
    The Dish price hike will be hefty in percentage terms, with the low priced packages taking the brunt of the increase. The America’s Top 120 package will increase by 12.5%, going from just under $40 a month to just under $45 per month. No word yet on if Dish Network will increase their promotional discount for new customers, which currently sits at $15 a month for the first year and allows Dish to advertise the Top 120 package for $24.99 a month.

    So keep the hate sane at least... and do a little homework. One quick note to everyone. Never believe a 'customer service rating' you hear any company spout. Most survey groups that the company is aligned with. I believe DirectTV awhile back ago

  8. if u dont like comcast then switch and quit whyning

    1. Some people don't have a choice such as myself and I fucking hate them.

  9. I just had a horrible experience with Comcast, which I just had installed two weeks ago. They didn't tell me what stations I could get with basic cable or which ones I WOULDN'T be getting. So after getting it hooked up, I decided I needed the expanded basic service in order to get the channels I want to watch. So i called them up. Got a nice young man who told me I would have to go to a Comcast store and get a digital cable box, but that expanded basic would not cost me any more money per month than I am already paying for basic. I said, How can that be? He said, I'm looking at it right here and it says "zero dollars." So, I drive all the way down to Portsmouth, NH to find the place, go in and tell the lady what I want, and she says, That will cost an extra $47 dollars a month above what you are now paying. Me: "WHAT?!?!?!" So, I said no thank you, it's not worth it. All I wanted to do was watch The Closer on TNT, and I'm not paying $47 just to watch The Closer!

    So, I get home and call Comcast to ask them why one person tells me it will cost ZERO and another person tells me it will cost $47 a month extra. The woman I talked to was not a native English speaker. She had a hard time understanding me, and did a lousy job of answering my questions. I am now so mad I am ready to switch to something else! All I could think when I hung up was.... "COMCAST SUCKS!", just for fun I googled comcast sucks, and what do you know? I feel better already, just knowing that other people have the same opinion of Comcast as I now have. Thanks for being here. :-)

  10. you're blog is amazing. I just recently realized Comcast SUCKS BALLS. They have overcharged me every bill and added services I never asked for.


  11. Indeed, Comcast does suck balls and enjoys anal raping of their customers. I recently told them to go fuck themselves and cut the cable. Amazingly, I'm doing just fine without their overpriced bullshit service and I still have internet and television only at a reasonable, non-raping price. And what Mark Casem from comcast neglected to say it that they also don't tell you there's an "early termination fee" for cancelling that package. They like to hide that in their butt cheeks while they fuck you in the ass. Mark has a tiny dick, so he doesn't actually do the fucking, he just talks about it on blogs.
    So, in summary - eat shit and die, comcast. I hope you someday experience the ass-rape you so gleefully inflict on your customers. Oh, and to those who come here and say, stop whining..etc. we know some folks like it in the ass, so you go on ahead and enjoy ;)

  12. First, let me say my name is Mark, but not the Mark with the "small" part described above. Comcast is attempting to screw me for moving from one location. They want $1,400 or another 3-year contract at $60 per month when the existing contract is only through Nov. The supervisor told me "that's just how it is, we want your loyalty." Are they insane?

  13. All people do is complain read your bills and pay them

  14. I've been trying to get a refund from comcast's Xfinity home security for 3 months now!I sent in the form to cancel services the next day and also called the same day it was installed to cancel. Comcast says they have no recolection this.I returned the equipment after they sent out the wrong guy to take it back the first time.I started calling every 2 weeks now its every 2 days! No one seems to know what is going on even though I call all the time..I've talked to 2 supervisers who promised me the $225 refund twice already...no refund..I spend almost 2 hours between being on hold and talking to the retards on the phone! Every day is another day of aggregation with comcast! I want to cancel but it makes me sick to spend over $175 in cancellation fees! At this point they should be paying me to have their services and put up with their shit!!! I just want to be able to rent a movie off my TV with my family..but I can't because they say I OWE them too much! I only owe what they are supposed to REFUND me 3 months ago!!! WTF