Thursday, January 8, 2009

check out Folkswitches dealings with comcast phone support!

I am on hold with Comcast right now. They recently took over my smaller, local cable company. Two weeks ago, we had our service 'upgraded' to include DVR. Since then, the box has been spontaneously shutting itself off and turning itself on for about 30 minutes at a time, several times a day.
The first time I called, the guy told me that this was normal, the box was resetting itself. Of course, that made no sense.
Fortunately, in the interim, we went on vacation. Now, I have spent 45 minutes on the phone dealing with this problem and it is nowhere nearer being fixed. They are setting us up for the next available appointment to fix it (replace the box, probably), because we have all day to sit at home AGAIN, waiting for something to be done properly that should have been easy to do right the first time.
Incompetent doesn't even come close.

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