Saturday, December 19, 2015

Barbi lives through a Comcastic Nightmare

Comcast has been a nightmare since before my services started. First, I signed up online and my appointment kept getting canceled and nobody could tell me why. Finally it was determined that the previous tenant had a past due balance and I had to bring my lease and drivers licence to the local office to receive services. They also refused to honor the bundle I was offered online so at this time I decided to just sign up for internet.

After living a month without TV I decided to add cable.  Once again my install appointment was canceled and then rescheduled for two weeks out. I was so mad I opted for a self install kit.

It took four trips to my local Comcast office before I actually had all the pieces of my kit.

My bill comes in October and I am charged $10 to install cable as well as $20 to install phone that I didn't have send $10 to install internet that I already had installed in August. I called and the agent told me with taxes and fees I had a $68 credit coming.

Come December I still hadn't seen the credit so I call again. The agent I spoke with told me not only would my credit be applied but he had an amazing package to offer me to reduce my rates, add phone for free and as a special introductory rate offer me the month of January free.

January comes and I have a bill for $573!!! I call and am told the previous agent actually UPGRADED my package from $89.99 per month to $250 per month!!! There is no such offer as 30 days free but the agent credited my account $150 for the upgraded services that I never requested and told me he could see a $168 credit pending on my account. I informed Comcast I will not pay anything until I have an accurate bill in writing.

In February I start receiving collection calls before I even receive my bill, which was now $543. After an hour on the phone with them, they say the $168 credit I was told I had does not exist and I got my $68 in November. I never saw the $68 credit reflected on my bill.

I am now cancelling all my Comcast services and making a complaint with the BBB. I will be disputing all charges when they take me to collections.

Thank you for listening.


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  1. Comcast called me last May of 2015 and we talked about bundling. They gave me a price of 160..00 and that included equipment. My bill has never been 160 more like 230. I called many times and contacted Tom K office. I finally calledthe FCC and when I did Comcast sent me a registered letter stating they are cutting off all services in 5 days. Idiots!!