Friday, January 8, 2016

Mark just switched cause comcast's a Bitch!

I have been on comcast internet/email service for over 20 years and cable for about 15 years.  My wife and daughter, son, etc. have been nagging me about the $250+ bill for a couple of years.  Even with gradually increasing bills over the past few years, I was somewhat satisfied with the service.

But, with an offer from DirectTV at about 1/3 of the cable bill, I called to ask for a new deal.  A very unqualified service rep took my call and offered me a very good package. That was the start of the problem.  No call back.  No call for the service update.  Interrupted service. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I was hung up on multiple time.  Every time I called back I had to answer the same questions.  I told them I was going to record the conversation and the person said that they would not allow it.

Comcast should go out of business.  I will take a lower level of internet or TV service rather than deal with that crap.



  1. I could not agree more! They are all idiots..Looking for new internet/phone now!

  2. Completely agree. We were doubled charged and call 10 times and never get fixed! Never Ever use their service!!

  3. Comcast is a monopoly in my area and since I live in an apartment building, I can't switch to Dish or Fios or any other provider. The service is absolutely terrible - from the poor Internet connection to the constant TV interruptions. And to top it off, the customer service people don't give a rat's ass whether you are satisfied. All for $180/month. Pass the vaseline . . .

    1. I have the same problem. They have a monopoly where I live. It'd be nice if they'd at least provide service if they are going to soak up all the competition. However, everyday between 3pm and 9pm our cable doesn't work. Not to mention they have us a shitty router. When we asked for a better one they said they didn't have the one we wanted in stock, which wasn't true. Now, after a gut came to "fix" our router, my WiFi doesn't work at all. It's bullshit that they are the only cable company, and can barely provide cable.

  4. Today I wemt to get online. my computer said my connection was limited. I ddisconnected WiFi and reconnected. Still limited but tried to load a Page, instead a page popped up and said I had to login to xfinity. So the only internet my computer will allow is the xfinity page. Every other page says no internet connection available. I am not logging in. Instead I will call cancel my internet return their equipment, and look at options from other providers sattelite and dDSL as well as wireless, will most likely cancel cable TV service as well. What a coincidence a month ago I got my Comcast bill lowered by 75 dollars by by giving up a couple pay channels as well as lowering my connection speed and canning the pphone, this allowed me to can the triple play bundle and shop alacarte options, which I might add took 45 minutes in a very hostile and frustrating conversation with one of their ignorant customer service reps. Also just received 2 letter in the mail 1 telling me my equipment need to be uograded and the second was some quad play deal. ByComcast, am donest